View Full Version : Nine Eagles Solo micro heli

2010.01.31, 07:29 AM
Here's my first rc heli, a Nine Eagles Solo,comes in its own little carry case. It's 2.4ghz 4 channel and comes with 2 batts,charger,spare blades and a screwdriver.
It also includes 4xaa alkalines for the tx.:)

I'm very impressed with the quality and toughness of it,being my first heli i have crashed it a lot. lol I managed to bend the rear fin a little and being heavy handed, i broke it trying to straighten it :o so it has a bit of really thin styrene on there,until i get a new one ordered.
I'm starting to get the hang of flying it now. :D
Also should mention the tx can charge the batts,and the wall charger can charge 2 batts simultaneously
Oh and the front cab lights up,and flashes in flight. :) And all this for less than 80!