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2010.01.31, 10:50 AM
I don't know where this should go. So I'll ask it here. Does anyone have a good condition I-Lap transponder they want to sell? Just let me know.

2010.01.31, 11:37 AM
Kerry, what and where are you racing now?

2010.01.31, 01:53 PM
What's up? Danny & I are waiting on outdoor asphalt season to start. We do most of our racing over at the Greensboro Hobby Town. They set the track almost every Sunday. Not sure when they're going to start it up, but I heard sometime in April/May. That's why I looking for an I-Lap transponder. They use that system.
Last year I raced a little of everything. Micro class with the Tamtech buggy. 10th scale off road class with the Evader ST. And even ran the touring class with a Tamiya F103GT.
This year I'm concentrating on the touring class. And still will run the Tamtech some. All the other cars are gone.
So what you been up to?

2010.01.31, 02:32 PM
All miniZ all the time. We have built a solid and growing group at HS and we frequently travel to Myrtle Beach to race with that group. We have been as far north as Maryland so far but are planning to go farther this summer and fall. There is a lot of exciting new technology with the Z's. They have become very sophisticated. You and Danny need to make a trip down just to watch if nothing else just to see what is going on.

I have a medium size mountain of 1/10th scale stuff that needs a new home. So does Tim.

We are starting a 3 week road trip on Tuesday that will take us from here to Ft Lauderdale and then to Pomona and back. Out I-40 and back I-10. Just to make it interesting we have picked out 32 different restaruants(sp?) that have been on Diner's Drive-In's and dive's. Hey. We have to eat.

2010.01.31, 05:17 PM

Is the site for new ones. miniz (giroz connector) are $37

Mike that sounds like a great vacation. Enjoy all that good good. We have eaten a few of the diners on the show here in atlanta and they have been great.

2010.01.31, 05:41 PM
Retirement is great. The NTA(not twenty anymore) tour rides again.

2010.01.31, 08:54 PM
just buy a new low voltage one from i lap direct they are only 37 dollars.