View Full Version : Futaba 2PL 2.4Ghz Pairing Problems to MR02

2010.02.02, 07:25 PM
Hi All,

recently bought a 2.4Ghz conversion kit for my MR02 chassis, but I cant seem to get it to pair up properly with my Futaba 2PL 2.4Ghz. I have followed the steps in the Kyosho instruction manual and I cant get it to pair.

I have come to the conclusion that:
- I'm doing something wrong
- Not compatible with the Kyosho 2.4Ghz system

I've tried to eliminate possible inference factors such as turning off the wifi, the bluetooth and other electronic devices that emit a signal, but nothing works still.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!

2010.02.02, 07:43 PM
No Futaba TX is natively compatable with the Kyosho ASF. Only the Mini-Z ASF module, or Kyosho ASF transmitters are compatable. The Mini-Z ASF module is designed for KO Propo radios, but can be used with Futaba 3PJ/K and Sanwa M8/11 radios with an adapter made by PN or Kyosho.

I didnt even know that Futaba had a 2.4ghz 2PL... I thought they only had AM/FM...

2010.02.02, 07:52 PM
Same as above, the 2.4Ghz of 2PL is not matched to the 2.4Ghz ASF of mini Z. You will have to buy the module of the Kyosho and attached it to other futaba TX ... although maybe there is a way to hot wire hack the 2PL to be able to use the Kyosho ASF module.

Alternatively you can get a Kyosho mini-Z ASF Tx...