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2010.02.04, 07:41 AM
I've been trying to fine tune my 02m but am having the most annoying little issue/glitch.

When pressing the trigger on my transmitter (stock) the car will start forward then for a moment reverse. It only happens when the transmitter is pressed from the neutral position for the first time. So if I take off and drive around for a while without taking my finger off the trigger its ok, but the initial squeeze of the trigger will send the car into reverse for a second. Its so annoying!

Been messing around with the functions and noticed that while in the menus, for example the EPA-TH menu, the throttle trigger seems to register both forward and reverse.
Can someone please follow my steps and tell me what their transmitter is doing?
Let me explain in a little more detail...

1. Put transmitter into EPA-TH mode (End Point Adjust - Throttle)
2. Press the throttle trigger slowly from start to finish.
3 Observe the boxes labelled R.B.D and L.F.U on the LCD

What my transmitter does at the different stages of throttle press is:
a. 0% R.B.D
b. 1% to 10% - L.F.U
c. 11% to 40% - R.B.D (incorrect position reading I think)
c. 41% to 100% - L.F.U

Step (c) seems to be the culprit to me. I think that at no stage in the trigger squeeze should a L.F.U reading be registered by the transmitter.
I'm not entirely sure why it would be doing this or if this is even normal. I'm hoping someone out there with an 02m will read this post and be able to try their transmitter and tell me if they are getting the same readings.

If any of this post was too confusing please let me know and I will try to explain better.

Thanks guys!

2010.02.04, 07:45 AM
I already have one of those.

Try to turn off the ABS option (ST and TH chanels). It doesn't works like it should.

2010.02.04, 08:05 AM
Yep turned that off within 2 minutes of playing with the car for the first time lol. No luck there.

Don't suppose you can try my instructions and tell me what happens???

2010.02.04, 10:55 AM
I think you have a faulty transmitter... is that the first time you used it?

My txs (the good ones) I use in my rental will behave "normal" unlike what you are experiencing.

I have no solution to that problem you have...but other than trying out a "better brand" FM transmiter.

2010.02.04, 09:51 PM
So no one elses is doing this? How annoying iwaver!!!
Yeah this behavior doesn't seem normal at all.

Thanks for the help guys. I'll see if I can do some kind of exchange or something.

2010.02.05, 02:32 AM
Hi hi,

Mine controller has constant reading LFU: 85% RBD: 45%, figures won't jump with throttle input.

Try to create a new profile, see how you go.

Example: Go to SEL, press CH and select from 02.

Just wondering, what's the voltage reading on your controller??

2010.02.05, 06:10 AM
Starting a new profile maybe a good idea. If I rememer it well, you need to select the new memory channel, than push the + and (-) buttons at the same time, holding them until the memory stops blinking.

If it's a phisical problem, maybe the potenciometer is failing. Try to open the radio and lub the potenciometer with those "contacts restore" solutions.

2010.02.07, 09:09 PM
This one seems to definitely be a physical problem. I think the pot inside is stuffed.

Tried a new profile but am still getting the same problem.

Thanks for the help guys