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2010.02.04, 11:17 AM
I was searching stores looking for the servo saver, and most people are all out, and its not available for re-order!!

Only place I see them now is Ebay. What does the future hold for our Overlands? I know the Losi Micro's are taking over, since they can catch air and be modded easily, but what is our fate?

2010.02.04, 12:15 PM
until kyohso has told it's retailers/distributors, it's mere speculation based on product unavailability after falling demand over time and smaller productions runs.

it may very well be true but i would not claim so until confirmed.

2010.02.06, 10:24 AM
NOOO!!!!! :eek:

2010.02.12, 11:47 AM
I really hope the Overland isn't discontinued.

2010.02.12, 12:45 PM
lets not get our panties in a twist over someones post. we go through this same thing every year with the f1's.

i've asked david to confirm or deny this suggestion.

2010.02.12, 02:25 PM
ok, here is the response given.

Confirmed that the series is discontinued BUT that there will be continued parts support.

looks like any readyset will be that much more worthwhile and parts will still trickle out.

2010.02.12, 02:58 PM

Why, why WHY do people insist on thread titles like this? Sensationalistic, inflamatory b.s. If you want to start a discussion, fine. BUT! If you're going to ask a question, USE a question mark.

If you're going to post (relatively big) news like Overlands being discontinued, have PROOF.

If you're trying to draw traffic to your thread (again, WHY!?) then "naked pictures of your mom." does nicely for a thread title.

This is one "toy" forum of many...that seems to have a little common sense. If I want this kind of nonsense, I'll go to the traxxas forums.

Done. Thank you.

EDIT AFTER ARCH2B's post: CRAP. bad news.

2010.02.12, 03:19 PM
note, very valid reply. it's disconcerting to see members post with titles such as discontinued with no valid information to back it up other than inability to obtain parts from stores. a simple email to a kyosho retailer or distributor would have provided the answer needed.

to be more accurate, including the ? at the end would have made this all a mute point.

again, we see this all the time and at least once a year with the f1's.

2010.02.12, 05:12 PM
that sucks ! :mad: I wish more people would have raced these. they are tons of fun and one of our most exctiting classes. We race them every race night. I guess I'll need to keep my eyes open for parts so we have them on hand.

2010.02.15, 09:35 AM
I agree. I think racing the OL/ Monsters are extremely fun to race! Kyosho should introduce new body styles to bring em back (if in fact they are gone :cool:). Here's my vote!

2010.02.15, 10:10 AM
I agree. I think racing the OL/ Monsters are extremely fun to race! Kyosho should introduce new body styles to bring em back (if in fact they are gone :cool:). Here's my vote!

That Porsche is awesome! Makes me want to do a custom OL. Too bad these are going to be discontinued.:( Even though I don't own any, I don't like to see any Mini-Z be discontinued.

2010.02.16, 08:59 AM
People here keep saying that. :( I dont think Kyosho released anything regarding the discontinuance of the OL. Is that info confirmed?

2010.02.16, 09:12 AM
People here keep saying that. :( I dont think Kyosho released anything regarding the discontinuance of the OL. Is that info confirmed?

please re the posts. in particular no. 6. this was confirmed via our kyosho representative.

please note that parts support will remain. it appears they have simply discontinued readysets. this too could mean any number of things such as they are no longer making am readysets and may make asf readysets. there were no specifics to the question or response.

2010.03.15, 05:28 PM
We'll see at RCX this weekend...

I saw a buttload of new dNano's in the toy fair threads.... and I haven't see a lot of racing support with those

maybe the Overlands are being re-tuned with 2.4ghz....

2010.03.16, 11:19 PM
Links to those toy fair pics please!! dNano is the future!

2010.03.17, 07:34 AM
Links to those toy fair pics please!! dNano is the future!

search for the japan show thread. they are all in there. i and others have also listed all the new dnano and mini-z's shown at that show. there were MANY. largest single display of new bodies i've ever seen really.

good point, it's not inconceivable that the current model be discontinued and replaced with 2.4ghz model. i would think we would have seen new autoscales at least though and we haven't. the escalade was the last new autoscale for the overland as the dodge ram was for the monster. oddly enough, the ram came after the escalade and we haven't heard about the monster being discontinued.

another thing to consider is they are still supporting the line with parts. i doubt you will find them in any qnty as it will really depend a shops willingness to order/stock parts for a discontinued line.

2010.04.23, 02:05 PM
turns out there was a good reason for the discontinuation of the am overland;
Chassis Set ASF2.4GHz Overland

Chassis Set ASF2.4GHz Overland
Limited - MA-010AWD Price 13,650 / month -
also appeared Oparando ※ 2.4GHz finally! Body-less

Ronac posted this information in another thread.

2010.04.23, 02:41 PM
Judging by the part number, they may have made an adaptation to the MA-010 racer for use with overland bodies... to give them AWD... That could be why the overland as we know it is discontinued(?) Thanks for the information, I would love to hear more about this :)

2010.04.23, 02:55 PM
yeah, i thought that very odd too. maybe it's just a typo? it would be awsome if they finally made the overland 2.4 and awd. i'll not get my hopes up until we see more information available.

2010.04.23, 09:45 PM
hmm... maybe they thought of doing something like this... i know, i know it's a buggy... but i guess you can adopt an overland body to it... (design by forum member dantep)


ocean rodeo
2010.04.24, 06:49 AM
I just hope they can keep the articulation.

2010.04.24, 01:23 PM
Thanks for the image Herman... That would be killer!!! For everything but crawling...

I hope that they can balance the car better than the racer :) Talk about double A-arm action ;)

2010.04.24, 02:04 PM
NICE! It looks like a Losi 8ight for mini z! I just installed a 03 board in my OL and the main thing I noticed right away is the overall response it has with a speedy 07. That I tested on my mini 96. I cant wait to open it up a bit at my local large track.(http://actionrcspeedway.com/)

It also looks like the 1/24 Redcat buggy:

http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://rctoyhouse.com/ebay/redcat/sumo-rc-buggy-blue.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.rctoyhouse.com/redcat/sumorc.html&usg=__pNKIn2Blq7LoUiO4QDvyeORNMvE=&h=490&w=490&sz=31&hl=en&start=7&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=pcbLXv5sQHPRhM:&tbnh=130&tbnw=130&prev=/images%3Fq%3D1/24%2Bbuggy%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26rls%3Dcom .microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox%26rlz%3D1I7GPEA_en%26tbs%3Disch:1

2010.04.27, 02:53 PM
looks like it was simply a typo. a picture (http://blog-imgs-38.fc2.com/r/a/j/rajitensanda/2010042717152036e.jpg) is now up on the blog and it's just a 2.4 conversion of the overland.

i do hope it has the mr-03 2.4 board with coreless servo motor to provide some needed umpf behind the turning with larger wheels/tires.

2010.04.27, 08:30 PM
By the looks of it, it looks like a standard ASF board (one ICS port). And the servo box looks the same as the old one. I guess the AWD part number was incorrect.

Arch, your link is not working.

ocean rodeo
2010.04.27, 09:30 PM
I hope with the release of the 2.4 they will be intoducing some new ASC's.

2010.07.12, 11:40 AM
So this thread starts really negative for the modest overland but infact the 2.4ghz is amazing new and really welcome info that parts and new stuff is still on the way, great work kyosho.

asc wise I thought some short course bodies would be fun, maybe even some lexan light weight bodies and lots of new scale wheel and tries, since some of mine are starting to crack and perish.