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2010.02.04, 11:53 AM

This may be a little obscure, but I'm curious about something I've noticed with these motor cans.

Of the two Z2 motors I have, one came with a closed can and the other came in a can with two ventilations holes under the label. Are there any other differences between these two versions of the same motor?

The T2 motors I have came in a ventilated can with slits on both sides of the can. I believe ATM refers to this can as the HE can, but they make two different HE cans (not considering the one with the M1 endbell), the MO-014 HE BB Motor Case Kit (Thick) and the MO-015 HE BB Motor Case Kit. What is the difference between these two cans? How is the MO-014 thicker than the MO-015? And which one is a direct replacement for the T2 motor?

Thanks for your time to research and respond.

2010.02.07, 12:28 PM
Interestingly I had the same question and I submitted the question to ATM motor person on 2/5/10. I will keep you posted.

2010.02.07, 05:49 PM
I do not know about the thick can (014) but I have bought like 10 of the 015 cases. I know they appear to be the same as the thick cans but I don't know the difference. They are really good for the price.. sorry I couldn't help more.. if you are just looking for a replacement can the 015 should be fine. I have sold many to various people and they have loved them.

2010.02.07, 06:04 PM
Just guessing, but they could be referring to thickness of the magnets...

2010.02.10, 08:10 PM
Here are the answers:

Based on customers' requests, the new Z2 and T2 will have two ventilation holes under the label. The purpose of the motor can without holes was to prevent dust and objects from entering the motor. However, going forward the motor cans will have ventilation holes for better heat dissipitation.

The thick can results in higher torque, but it has been discontinued. T2 motor replacement can should be MO-015

2010.02.11, 07:47 AM
Sai, Thanks for the quick response. Its great that ATM is serious about being responsive to its customers. :)