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2010.02.05, 08:35 PM
A new release is available, you can download it from the site:

Changes of interest are below. In general quite a bit changed internally to help speed up the program, or at least not take as much CPU. Also this version is the first to include documentation. It is all html so for now the program will open up a web browser for you to read the documentation. The latest documentation is also posted on the website.

New Features

Check for updates option added. The program will check the website to see if a new version is available, if one is it will ask if you want to visit the website to download it. This is enabled by default
Documentation added. The program includes a manual that can be read using your web browser
Free Play race type added. This race type is for open track time, it does not store anything to the database and will automatically remove racers when they do not get a lap within the timeout time. This mode does not have a time or lap limit, you must manually end it. More info here:
Thread on Free Play mode (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33646)
When selecting a racer image it is now automatically resized if it is too large
Linux Text To Speech is now supported. You must have kttsd installed and configure it with kttsmgr
You can now create new makes and models for the edit racers screen by typing in the info on the edit racer screen and hitting enter
The database and report data xml file now includes the rank a racer was at for each lap along with the time the lap occurred

Changes, Enhancements

When in lap race mode an announcement is now made when a racer is on their last lap
The racer logo defined in the theme.xml file now displays on the main page
Many enhancements to speed up internal processing of data
Lamborghini was added to the make/model list
Buttons on the main screen were updated and now take you to the documentation by launching a web browser

Bug fixes

Controls on the statistics screen are now disabled while a race is running
Fixed bug allowing racers to be added with UID or name set to none or just a blank field
Changed the select racers screen to not use the select racers window in the background when automatically adding racers with the Kyosho IC lap counter

Please send me feedback good or bad of what you encounter. I need the feedback to know what works well and what needs improved. I have only bench tested this so far so bugs are likely.

2010.02.08, 04:40 PM
Is it me????? Version 0.40 "create new racer" Fill in the boxes... click save... saved box appears... but....nothing in data base!!!

2010.02.08, 05:32 PM
forgot to say click scan after create new racer

2010.02.08, 06:41 PM
Is it me????? Version 0.40 "create new racer" Fill in the boxes... click save... saved box appears... but....nothing in data base!!!

It is you.... And anyone else with a Core lap counter is my guess. I was able to duplicate the problem with the Core hardware but the Kyosho seems fine. Not quite sure yet where the bug is because I did not touch any of the code for the Core hardware with this past release but I will try to get it figured out tonight and post a new build.

Looks like 0.40 is going to be short lived.

2010.02.08, 07:53 PM
OK, version 0.41 is posted on the site now and fixes this bug.

Still not sure why this happened though, I did not change anything around the code that I had to fix so I did not test to make sure it still operated.

Sorry for the trouble.

You can go to Flip Side Racing (http://www.flipsideracing.org/) to download the latest version.

I made a new thread for version 0.41 here: