View Full Version : What 2.5 GHz Transmitter to get ??

2010.02.08, 08:57 PM
Hi all,

I am new to mini-z racing, I have an MA-010 with a 2.4GHz receiver.

I am wondering if I can use a Traxxas or Futaba transmitter, or do I have to use Kyosho ones only. I am new to transmitters.

What does every one use here ??

2010.02.09, 10:57 AM
the ones from traxxas won't work.

you need to use either the KT-18 (kyosho 2.4) or you can use one of the module based radios from Ko Propo Radios (Ex-10, or UR-1) with the 2.4 module. With a adapter you can use the Airtronics (M8, M11) or Futaba (3pk) with the Ko 2.4 module

Hope that helps.

2010.02.09, 03:23 PM
Thanks for your help. I'll probably go for the Kyosho KT-18, as its way cheaper over here in NZ.