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2010.02.10, 08:53 PM
Results are posted for races 1 and 2 o the HFAY site.

We had a great turn out for the first go. 75 drivers in the Racer class. :)


2010.02.10, 09:29 PM
good turn out and good standings :)

2010.02.11, 02:43 AM
Chuffed to bits with my f1!
Well done to all :)

2010.02.11, 04:08 AM
well done matt on your F1 result pitty stafford have no results :confused:

2010.02.11, 05:10 AM
How come stafford has no results? Well done to all,some impressive lap counts there.Congrats on the only 3 figure F1 lapcount Matt. :)

2010.02.11, 07:02 AM
Looks like my mistake guys, I emailed them to Brian on the 28th January at 21.36hrs but...................to his hotmail.com address and I know, because he told me ages ago, he never looks at that account. I've now deleted it from my contacts. Here's how you performed..

HFAY S9 Racer Race 1

Tom Cash,83,08:04.82,StaffordRacersUK,MR-03,HFAY Spec
BomberBri,79,08:03.13,StaffordRacersUK,MR-03,HFAY Spec
TornadoTony,78,08:02.06,StaffordRacersUK,MR-02,Kyosho stock
*DriverDale,66,08:08.36,StaffordRacersUK,MR-02,Kyosho stock
TyphoonTerry,66,08:10.05,StaffordRacersUK,MR-02,Kyosho stock
Digger,57,08:04.37,StaffordRacersUK,MR-010,HFAY Spec
VolcanicAsh,47,08:08.22,StaffordRacersUK,MR-02,Kyosho stock

HFAY S9 Racer Race 2

Tom Cash,85,08:01.94,StaffordRacersUK,MR-03,Kyosho stock
BomberBri,82,08:00.43,StaffordRacersUK,MR-03,HFAY Spec
Digger,74,08:03.01,StaffordRacersUK,MR-010,HFAY Spec
TornadoTony,70,08:06.22,StaffordRacersUK,MR-02,Kyosho stock
*DriverDale,69,08:01.93,StaffordRacersUK,MR-02,Kyosho stock
VolcanicAsh,52,08:05.05,StaffordRacersUK,MR-02,Kyosho stock
TyphoonTerry,45,08:02.69,StaffordRacersUK,MR-02,Kyosho stock

HFAY S9 F1 Race 1

TomCash,76,08:01.10,StaffordRacersUK,F1,HFAY Spec
BomberBri,73,08:00.16,StaffordRacersUK,F1,HFAY Spec
Digger,72,08:03.02,StaffordRacersUK,F1,HFAY Spec
TornadoTony,62,08:07.46,StaffordRacersUK,F1,Kyosho stock
*DriverDale,60,08:00.72,StaffordRacersUK,F1,HFAY Spec

HFAY S9 F1 Race 2

BomberBri,76,08:02.33,StaffordRacersUK,F1,HFAY Spec
Digger,73,08:01.88,StaffordRacersUK,F1,HFAY Spec
TomCash,69,08:05.04,StaffordRacersUK,F1,HFAY Spec
TornadoTony,67,08:02.87,StaffordRacersUK,F1,Kyosho stock
*DriverDale,60,08:10.07,StaffordRacersUK,F1,HFAY Spec

2010.02.11, 07:29 AM
Brian, I checked my hotmail and I did receive them. I'll get them sorted in when I have the time. I'll be out of the country for work all next week, but I should have time before I leave.