View Full Version : Video of 36 dNaNo's racing at once ""Crazy"" a must see

2010.02.11, 02:27 PM
Found this video of 36 dNaNo's racing at once on an RCP Track in Japan. Pretty funny. Looks like a swarm of bee's. Listen to the timing system try to keep up with all the cars.

I wonder if we can do something similar at RCX this year, but with mini-z's. Need most of the drivers to be running 2.4.


2010.02.11, 05:05 PM
i saw this too a while ago. it's somewhat insane and funny at the same time

2010.02.11, 05:36 PM
hahha! that's cool! We do this too for fun. Driver and Marshall at the same time but not 36 drivers! That's insane! Man that looks so cool!!!

2010.02.11, 06:15 PM
that is a bunch of money racing around the track:p

2010.02.12, 01:30 AM
that is a bunch of money racing around the track
dang... i didn't think of it that way... hate to hear ''don't anybody move... this is a stick up"...

i saw that video before too on a japanese site... i think they were trying to go for the max 40 car mark as kyosho claims...

here's the link... dnano 24 minute endurance race in f u k u o k a (http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http://ameblo.jp/kyoshoblog/page-13.html&rurl=translate.google.com.ph&usg=ALkJrhhH8ohykAsR_cxGmPUqt3Ht-6dmcQ#main)

it did mention of 40 pre entry teams... also if i understood it right... the computer that was in charge of the lapcounting software... turned blank after the race... lol and they had to wait for another 10 min because it was still counting laps way after the race was done... lol...
can anybody confirm this?

google translation...
TOKYO - It seems the start of the marathon.
かなりグチャットなっておりますが・・・・。 We have become quite Guchatto.

私は実況を担当させて頂きまして、 I was much for them to be responsible for the person;
24分の半分、12分経過時に髙橋さんとドライバー交代! 24 half-minute driver change and 12 minutes elapsed when Mr. Takahashi! ! !

そう、私も参加したんです(笑) Yes, I took too (laughs)

しかし、アナウンスを聞いていたら、計測の様子がおかしい。 But if we hear the announcement, things seem strange measurements.
どうも、トラブルが発生の予想・・・・。 Apparently, predicted trouble.

途中から手動でレース時間を計測し、 Race time manually measured from the middle,
24分経過時でレースは終了。 After 24 minutes when the race ended.

気になる結果は? Results will be worry? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

慌ててパソコンに駆け寄ると、 And rush to the PC in a hurry,
画面が真っ白! Blank screen! ! !

でも、計測通過時の「ピッ」って音が鳴り続けています。 But when measured through "lane" What is the sound wailed.

そう、ICタグ ラップカウンターは計測しているのですが、 Yes, IC tag is wrapped counter that measure,
通過台数が多すぎて、計測器からパソコンへのデータ転送が遅延! Through too many units, data transfer from PC to delay the instrument! ! !

遅延したデータがレースを終了した後も転送し続けられているのです。 I have been going forward even after you quit the race was delayed data.

レース終了から約10分。 Approximately 10 minutes from the end of the race.

まだ、データの転送が行われています。 Yet, the data transfer is done.

残念ながら、レース結果を発表できないことを皆さんに告げようとした瞬間、 Unfortunately, the moment Bye and you can not announce the results of the race,
パソコンの画面にはレース結果が表示されました! The computer screen displays the result was the race! ! !

2010.02.23, 01:29 PM
Lol we gotta do that. most I ever raced at once I think was like 6 Mini-Z's. that is a LOT of money I've seen how much those are at Hobbytown, there's probably 8-10 G's flying around that track with 36 racers.

2010.02.23, 04:48 PM
$7,200 based only on $200 estimate of car plus battery/tires. that is indeed a lot of money running around on a race track.

2010.02.24, 02:38 AM
but the fun they are having is priceless:)

2010.02.24, 02:42 AM
but the fun they are having is priceless

:D :D :D lol good one...

2010.02.24, 03:32 AM
Lol that's awesome! How close did they start to each other...

And one of them went backwards! :D

2010.02.24, 05:58 AM
This may sound weird but the first thing that came into my mind was "Fleas running around a track", must be loosing my mind lol. :p

2010.03.23, 05:53 PM
Wow this is like watching rats abandon a sinking ship lol

2010.04.14, 06:50 PM
Hehe, leave it to the Japanese to entertain us. Before you know it, you not only have 36 cars on the tracks but also 36 jump joyous Japanese. I'm surprised there wasn't a giant bunny with goggles popping out of the blue.