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2010.02.12, 08:30 AM
I don't like posting threads like this, but I feel like this is something worth warning/informing people of.

I used to be one of the writers for the online RC blog Bigsquidrc. I volunteered for the position, helped write content as often as possible, and did my best to contribute to the site. I would spend about 2 hours a week looking around for new content, writing press releases, and slamming their logo on every image I would post. I didn't ask anything in return.

At iHobby this year, a company came by and gave us a number of their products to sample. I asked the site manager, Brian, if I could grab one to use. Honestly, I could not hear his reply because of the noise at the event, so I figured it was ok.

I keep writing posts for the site and doing the images, but none of it got posted. A month later I get an email from the dude telling me he "did not appreciate watching me pocket one of the samples from the company" and "he will no longer be dealing with me". He also told me he had just gotten 8 Futaba servos he would have been willing to share, had I "not been so greedy at the show."

To me this says a few things: This dude is too selfish for his own good to let a 18 year old with a low paying job have a little bit of the free swag, and therefore everything should go to him. It also says he can't handle a simple misunderstanding. And he has inadequate people skills. It would have saved me 7$ postage if the moron just confronted me at the event.

I promptly boxed it back up and sent it to his mailing address. I assume it made it there, but he never emailed me to inform me so. I hadn't even used it yet. And that was the last of it. Or so I thought.

I'm poking around on the site out of boredom, reading some "write the editor" garbage. Some guy wrote in and asked if he could do reviews for them. This is a direct quote from the reply from the site:

"Our problem is- everyone who wants to be a part of [site name] wants the fame and fortune, without actually doing any F’n writing. [...]Otherwise, don’t be like the other wanna be posers who want all the uber swag but are too lazy to write anything."

This really ticked me off. I could care less about the fame and fortune, I just wanted to gain a little more reputation in the RC world and set myself up for a job in the industry some day. From the day I started until the day I was "fired", I was doing work for this blog. I strongly doubt I'm a poser, the jerk who runs the site DOESN'T EVEN WRENCH ON HIS OWN CARS. I've witnessed this and heard multiple accounts of his laziness from other people.

But wait...it gets worse. One of my buddies IM'd me and said that they were at it again... and boy am I ticked off now.


I must say, we’ve got some real “winners” as readers. Our first letter of the week is proof positive.
I just want to let you know the heat sensor came. I also want to tell I will no longer be send any pictures for this contest. I have a funny feeling that the savage and the rest of the nicer prizes went to your guys. I have been watching your site there has been NO posting of these prizes that you site receives. ALL YEAR good luck with your site.

please don’t respond back because I don’t care.
Brian M#########
Ok, ok, so this one wasn’t addressed to me personally, but I just love hate mail. What this Brian Mis b***hing about is the FREE prize he WON from BigSquid. BigSquid always has contests going on where all you have to do to enter is to submit a pic of your pimp’n ride with a BigSquid sticker on it. It seems this guy is ****ed off that he won a prize. LOL He also thinks that all the “good stuff” is given away to to predetermined people. Well, I can tell you first hand that Brian (editor at large) at BigSquid is always freak’n because some guy in Sweden won this or that and it’s gonna cost 80 bucks to mail his prize to him. LOL. Now I know Mr Brian M won’t be reading this reply, but if you do happen to accidentally read this, your next hate mail really should have much rougher language and at least one threat if you hope to have any shot at making hate mail of the year. Thanks!

I'm trying to contain myself here.... but WHO THE ____ DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?! Professional trolls and con artists? I've been under the impression that this Brian hogs all the good stuff for himself. Here's a video of one of the last contest drawings, held HALF A YEAR AGO when the claim is monthly drawings.


Just look at the friggin wall behind him. Does it look like he drives ANY of those?

I'm not trying to troll this board, I'm not trying to get even with Brian, I'm just trying to get some of my frustration out and warn the RC community at the same time.

2010.02.12, 01:04 PM
sorry to hear that happen.

we could always use more staff writers:) contact the admin if your interested.

2010.02.12, 06:39 PM
Thanks for the offer! I'll give it some thought, between being a lead in the school musical, college stuff, and getting the transmission in my 1:1 fixed, I probably don't have the time at the moment to do any serious writing. I'll get back to you when things aren't so hectic.

2010.02.12, 10:38 PM
Sucks what happened to you but I won the grand prize for his sticker contest a few years back as well as a couple monthly drawings. I have had 0 problems with the guy but what happened to you sucks big time and sorry to hear.

Edit: that video you posted was the one I won for June.