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2010.02.14, 03:33 PM
I have found a german company that makes 1/24 resin bodies for slotcars.

Ditech-Produktion (http://www.ditech-produktion.com/html/resin_bodies_1_24.html)

I just received a Dallara Fiat X1/9 that fits the 575GTC settings.
The body is tough (tougher than plastic kit bodies). The design is good and accurate but the surface has to be sanded and prepared before priming. There is more work than on a white body, this includes building the body clips.
The bodies are designed for slot racing, and so the nose and side walls are moulded thicker.

The weight of my Dallara is 34 grams (equal to Mc Laren F1).

There are more unsual bodies, a lot of them are euro racecars from the 80 era.
Check the dimensions if you plan on ordering one because some are quite big for a Mini-z chassis and have a very long wheelbase.

On the datasheets on Ditech website:
Lšnge = length
Breite = width
Radstand = wheelbase
Gewicht = weight
Karrosseriehalter = distance between sidewalls where the mounting clips are located

More pictures of my Dallara project here (http://www.nanospeeders.com/forum_z/index.php?showtopic=1474)


2010.02.14, 04:37 PM
961lm !!!!!!



let us know how strong these bodies are:)

2010.02.14, 04:57 PM
Hi Matt :)

961lm !!!!!!



It is Wiiiiiiide... Maybe OK with a LM diff.
I am eying the Spyker right now :eek:

et us know how strong these bodies are:)

Will be testing mine on the track before sanding and painting.
We have "kamikaze drivers" newbies at the club currently... Lets see if it survives.