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2010.02.15, 10:19 AM
What's the weight of everyone's cars with body + batteries?
my car is oddly heavy at around 163g sans body!
I bet it's my alloy wheels, but that will only shave me roughly around 5g.

however, my setup is pretty standard so i'm curious to see how my car stacks up. it sure seems mr03 is much lighter in comparison.

my setup:

alloy knuckles
shimmed rear diff + front end
alloy toe out tie rod
pn dds
pn 98-102 lcg mount
route246 rays ce28n alloys
intellect 750s
3 racing ball diff

meanwhile, i see mr03's with bodies around 165g! i must have some heavy stuff on there...

2010.02.15, 11:58 AM
LL3's (Me) lightweight MR02 upgrade checklist:

Titanium Screws throughout: Don't dismiss this! I know it doesn't seem like too big a deal, but it the weight savings from 20+ screws adds up:D Trust me.

What kind of front body clip/mount are you running? Stock plastic are lightest. Full-alloy ones like Atomic's are heaviest. PN's new Interchangeable body plate mount is Excellent, but a little heavy. But for racing the PN mount is great.

What shaft are you using for your 3R Ball Diff? If it's the stock Stainlees Steel, then you could drop a few gram by changing just that to a PN Ultralight, which is widely regarded as the best available; ALso, the 3R diff rings are the heaviest of all rings, I've weighed many types. You can polish them down some to shave-off a little (only 0.1-0.2mm total) and polish the rings in the process for added performance. For super-lightweight spurs, Reflex. Also ceramic diff balls are a great upgrade, very light, good for eons:) Check to see which size your diff uses: Most every diff spur use 3/32" balls, including the 3R.

You are right about the alloy wheels:) --- They're heavier than most plastic rims. PN Delrins are a great investment, and PN's regular plastic racing wheels are light and cheap too. Many PNWC's have been running these. Atomic's Disk wheels are good too:D

Alloy knuckles are good, but add a little weight. You could drop a couple grams by switching to 3R's awesome delrin blue knuckles;

What T-plate holder are you using? - Is it a PN or ATomic Alloy? These add weight, but might be justifiable. It's kinda a personal call. For modified cars maybe this is slightly better to have than not, but stock class drivers use these as well. But the OEM T-plate mount is lightest;

The WTF2 is excellent but adds a bit of weight, no getting around that - It is worth its weight all day long though:D And the WTF2's alloy Tie-Rods are also heavier than the stock plastic tierod. Check out Reflex's setup page /Event page. You'll find stock tierods used on almost every non-WTF-equiped car;

The PN 98-102mm Mount is excellent, but I believe (I've been told) it's a tad heavy, maybe by a gram over other 94-98mm Mounts. Maybe someone else on here could chime in on motor pod weights:);

Wheel nuts: If you use Kyosho alloy, these are heavy. I'm not even sure if they're alloy, but rather steel. Light-weight alloy nuts from Qteq are very popular. I use very-lightweight proprietary alloy wheelnuts. Or for a cheap alternative, you could use the OEM Kyosho plastic - They are very good!:D

Spring perches: ALloy spring perches are nice, but for absolute lightest-weight my buddy runs the ATM delrin SP perches, and I actually like the OEM Kyosho black-plastic units too.

Anything alloy is going add weight, and grams can add up. The best racers I know only use alloy parts where there is the most stress, or where performance advantage out-weighs the actual weight penalty:D.

Then you can factor in trued-rubber tires, which can shave a gram off your wheels at the cost of some tire life; Body shaving (Mainly inside/underside the body shell) to eliminate dead weight -Like extra windshield (The windshield that you can't see underneath the roof), headlight lamp buckets (Leaving only the headlight lenses in), and shaving the inside wheel-wells and if applicable, you may be able to shave the rear bottom diffuser/front bumper diffuser (Used for body/rack clearance only, usually; Battery clip modification - Cutting-off the rear battery clip clamp area, leaving the battery clip still effective.

Just a note: Ceramic bearings - Great speed and durability. But these don't decrease weight, at least not from what I've seen. For example, the weight of a ceramic 3x6x2.5 BB is only a couple hundredths of a gram (That's 0.01g) than a high-end 3x6x2.5mm BB like Reflex's ULtra HIgh-End MR02 bearing set.

Whew! That was more than I thought, but I didn't want to leave out stuff that I don't personally do.;) If I forgot something I'll try to add it later. If you have any questions just ask:D

2010.02.15, 08:15 PM
my mr 02 weighs about the same. my set up is about the same execpt for a few differences.

2010.02.16, 12:11 PM
kind of sad...i was expecting a much lower number.
i swapped in some plastic wheels, took out half my diff balls and will weight in to see how the difference is.

I run plastic where possible...just that most upgrades come in alloy, so no choice there!