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2010.02.16, 11:54 AM
I would suggest you all avoid any transactions with this guy. I recently traded an xtruck with z pcb fitted for an mzm with him. We did the trade and i sold the mzm on.He then contacted me saying the truck didn't work properly(it worked 100% fine when i boxed it up). He did not ask to return it so i could fix it,or even advice on how to fix it(jittery steering he claimed) he just said he was going to post the truck back to me and demanded i send him 60 (he was selling the mzm for 50 that he traded me). After i refused to do this,he then left me feedback loaded with insults and accused me of threats and intimidation.Anyone who knows me will know that just isnt true about me.

Bottom line....Avoid doing any dealings with this guy.
Just thought i'd add a couple of pics of my 'perfect' MZM


2010.03.13, 09:07 AM
got two xmod chassis form him they were just as described