View Full Version : Module

2010.02.16, 08:28 PM
Does any have an extra 2.4 module that I or Rodney can borrow for a week or two until my new one shows up?


2010.02.16, 08:49 PM
I don't! Sorry! But glad to see you going to 2.4. On second thought, maybe I'm not :)

2010.02.16, 10:19 PM
Don't you have mine? Or are you looking for another?

2010.02.16, 10:43 PM
In need of a second one. Rodney picked up his 03 today. I ordered a module from ko last Thursday and they didnt notify me until today they are out of stock for at least five weeks. I did a lot of searching this evening and finally found one at Ampdraw.com. It should ship this week. i know it wont be here til next week....

2010.02.17, 05:58 AM
I have one Wade but I am in Detroit this week, let me know if you still need one next week though.