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2010.02.17, 09:26 AM
Hi folks,
I recently founded the UK Micro RC Affiliation (http://www.ukmrca.co.uk) (UKMRCA).

With the UKMRCA we are encouraging club and store collaboration in order to help the community grow by producing a single, large network of affiliates.

The UKMRCA is non-profit affiliation run by volunteers only. There are no joining fees, no renewal fees... Nothing!

Our mission is to increase the amount of micro RC racers in the UK and that's all.

We are achieving this by providing clubs and stores with a free medium to advertise; as a result, generating the UK's largest micro RC network making it easier for potential racers to find retailers and places to race.

So I thought I'd post this here to gather some interest - and perhaps some feedback!

Constructive criticism and ideas are more than welcome!

Kind regards,

2010.02.17, 11:33 AM
i wish you much success. i was very happy to see so many uk clubs sign up for hfay this season as well.

2010.02.17, 04:05 PM
Thanks! :D

2010.02.17, 05:08 PM
How are you clasifying micro Tom? You've seen some of the micros I race, and they're a lot bigger than Z's.

2010.02.18, 04:00 AM
Up to 1:22/24th, I think...

2010.02.18, 04:05 AM
dont forget 1:32 ;)

2010.02.18, 06:14 AM
Of course not Matt, it's basically 1:22 downwards lol. Like, 1:24, 1:28, 1:32, 1:43...

Unless these are mini RC not micro RC?

2010.02.18, 10:04 AM
We're now linking international stores!


Just post links on this thread if anyone thinks I've missed a good one! :D

2010.02.18, 10:12 AM
Miracle mart,

dont think i can see either? :]

the two best shops for UK buyers except for BERT :)