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2010.02.18, 03:39 AM
I came accross this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c91I1nbYDg&feature=related I was trying to do the reverse, use an RC transmitter to race on my Xbox... I dont have the space for a wheel, but cant stand the lack of precision around the deadzone that the Xbox controller has.

I thought it was pretty cool, probably just rewired a KT-18 PCB to the Xbox controller... They are wired controllers, so, the wires probably only connect to the triggers and the left analog stick pots to send the signal to the KT-18 PCB...

2010.02.18, 04:04 AM
interesting idea,i picked up a cheap usb controller for VRC a few years ago,wonder if it will work on the xbox

2010.02.18, 04:29 AM
interesting idea,i picked up a cheap usb controller for VRC a few years ago,wonder if it will work on the xbox

My thought is no... without modification. I suppose that you could rewire the transmitters pots to the Xbox controllers PCB. I dont know enough about it right now, but something along those lines may be the only way to do it. Then your still left with the deadzone issue. The xbox 360 racing wheel electronics may have to be used instead. And buttons would have to be added to the transmitter to allow gear shifting and a look behind.

I have thought about trying to approach an RC company to see if they may be interested in developing a transmitter like device with a wheel, two throttle triggers (gas and brake, so you can use both at the same time), and buttons controlled by the left thumb to shift/look behind. Its a longshot and I really dont know where to start...

2010.02.18, 04:53 AM
maybe try an old xbox controller with plugs coming out of it to wire up the pots in the tx to?
i see the problem with the throttle/brake,r/c games would be fine but not for anything else

2010.02.18, 02:07 PM
wow, using an rc remote on a xbox/ps3 would be amazing

2010.02.18, 04:30 PM
Thats how I feel, I think I can be just as precise if not more precise with an RC remote than a full race wheel. Which for the 360 you really only have 2 options, the $100 M$ crap, or the $300+ Fanatec Clubman Porsche wheel... If I do get a wheel, you can bet that its not going to be the M$ one. Which means I would have to sell a couple Z's...

2010.02.18, 05:19 PM
if anyone can figure out how to make it work its gonna be u eugene

2010.02.19, 06:17 AM
if you are looking for a wheel for the the 360 to play fm3. go to the bay and get the logitec drive fx pro. its 10 timebetter than the ms crap. get that and and a seat and your good to go. everyone in my mini z club has a wheel and seat. lots of fun

2010.02.19, 11:02 AM
Thanks for the tip... I will look into that. I have always used Logitech wheels for my PC, and they are very good for the money. (Wingman GP ->Wingman FF (old) ->Wingman FF (new) -> Momo -> Momo Racing) I used a Thrustmaster Ferrari wheel for a couple months, and it failed. Shifter lever broke off just after the warranty period expired. I will not buy another Thrustmaster product. Ever since they were sold to Guillemot, their products became very cheap. I had 6 computers setup in my parents house, networked together. It was a gaming utopia, all had a race wheel and my brothers and friends would all have lots of fun :)

While a wheel would be the best option, I really dont have space at my computer desk right now for one. I use my 24" monitor for my Xbox, and my biggest problem, is that there is no space for the pedals. Which is why I wanted a transmitter style controller.

I had something similar for my PSone back in the day. It wasnt shaped like a transmitter, but it did have a wheel instead of an analog stick... So the steering was basically the same as a transmitter. This was before I was racing RC, and I felt very comfortable using it.

2010.02.19, 06:03 PM
That's awesome! If I could drive my real car with an xbox 360 controller I would be such a better driver!

Finley M. Brook
2010.03.19, 04:00 AM
if this did happen the joy of driving would be lost. I hope this doesn't ever start to happen the steering while is our pad thats the way i like it