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2010.02.23, 01:22 PM
I'm Jesse, I just got sucked into Mini-Z's. Bought an MR-02 off a friend for 100 bucks with some upgrades, did an AWD motor swap and bought two Ferrari bodies for it, an Enzo and an FXX.

I have a Ford Probe body I want to fab up and mount on it. It's an 89' GT Turbo and the wheelbase is perfect but the rear offset is way off I'm thinking if I run two front wheels in the back it should fix it......Probes didn't have huge rear tires on them anyway. I actually own three Probes in real life, a 91 LX stocker, a 94 GT with nitrous and a 95 base 4-cyl daily driver.







I have a carbon one coming through the mail, although I might work with this a bit and see how it handles on the track.


2010.02.23, 01:55 PM
^ sweet lookin' H-plate! I remember cutting my own plates using credit card type plastic. :D

Car looks very clean btw. :)

2010.02.23, 04:08 PM
That's one crazy T-plate -- haven't seen people using aluminum ones in a long, long time. :p Car looks very new, have fun with it!

2010.02.23, 04:57 PM
welcome :) not sure about the fascination with the ford probe but good to meet you just the same. i saw way too many of those get tricked back in the 90's, almost as bad as the escorts. can't forget the taraus sho either...that ran with the same bunch and disliked them just the same. i'm sure the car has it's merits but i rarely saw one well done or taken care of for that matter. they were cheap (rice burner) cars for kids who couldn't afford the imports. could be a regional thing to? i just grew to dislike them.

be sure to catch the 'real cars' thread where you can post pictures of your 3 probes.

the enzo looks nice with the fxx wheels.

Action B
2010.02.23, 05:43 PM
I am a DSM guy so it sucks because noone makes Eagle Talon models. Closest thing I can do is make a mitsubishi eclipse model body. Of course, they all look like the one from the fast and the furious. Where did you get your probe body from?