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2010.02.23, 04:13 PM
I introduce myself on this forum.
I'm French and I often use google taduction to speak English, so PLEASE excuse my English if I speak incorrectly.

My name is Lawrence, I'm 34 years old and I'm a fan of mni-z since the beginning of the MR01.

I have a dozen frames, counting racer overland monster, F1.
It's going to mr-01 mr-01E, through the 015t mr-mr-02 AM and 2.4ghz. And since may, I has got a mr-03, how happy this chassis!!

I invite you to watch my Youtube channel to watch all the videos from my mini-z, and discover underZground the track at my club in France.

You'll also see all my body adapted to mini-z.

The link to my youtube account.


I am also of the scale 1 / 5 track with trucks FG, and Hpi baja 5T.

That is, for my presentation and hope you like it.

2010.02.23, 04:44 PM
Hello Yochyoch, welcome to the forum :D
The onboard cam at the underZground track is amazing!!!

2010.02.23, 04:56 PM
Tanks Fovea3D.

Yes the uderzground track is verry realistic.


2010.02.23, 06:12 PM
Hi Lawrence,

Welcome to the forum! I like your track a lot! I wish I have carpet track at home. :)