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2010.02.23, 05:39 PM
i dont know if anyone has talked about this yet but that lightweight steel shaft bends SO easy!! one of the guys i race with bent one on his car a while back so when i got my first PN diff with one in it i was leary. I built up a mod car and raced it in one heat before the servo gears started binding because of rcp gunk. Packed it up and didnt look at it til the other day. I spun the diff and the motor pinion grinded a bit on the diff gear, then i saw the shaft was bend massively, i mean a lot. I don't remember getting hit hard and there were only like 3 cars on the track for the heat. I was running a Mclaren GTR F1 with 2 offset in the rear, the car is made to run 3s. Steel is a soft flexible metal, not something you want to shave down. I'd never have it on a car again, all it takes is the right hit and your race is done. I put the PN aluminum shaft in it, i like that one a lot, stiff and light.

2010.02.23, 06:07 PM
Yes Jace. They do bend easily. I have seen few bent shafts... The best one would be PN ultra light weight shaft. They're much stronger and very light.

2010.02.23, 06:42 PM
Ditto...what TJ said.;)

2010.02.23, 07:25 PM
T Jay said bent shaft..... hehehehe

2010.02.23, 07:28 PM
Sorry guys

When we develop this light weight, want to make one cheaper and light Stainless steel shaft, because in our testing, not too much bend report form my drivers, so we keep to production to market, now we you guys and some customer complain, we already discontinuous this item, at the future production, all the Ball Diff comes with Ultra Light Weight 7075 Alm shaft (What TJ talking about).


Mike Keely
2010.02.26, 03:10 PM
Titanium is a great metal for a diff axle. Light weight and it is like spring steel. It likes to come back to the original shape after bending.

2010.02.26, 04:36 PM
but noone make Ti shaft... The once in the market are not really titanium.

2010.02.26, 05:32 PM
but noone make Ti shaft... The once in the market are not really titanium.

Yes, it is true, I had two real Ti shaft sample on hand, but after sample done, the factory told me, whatever I paid how much, they won’t do Ti shaft to me, it is so difference make it high precision for ball diff shaft, so we make 7075 shaft and don't want lie to customer it is Ti.

2010.02.26, 06:28 PM
but noone make Ti shaft... The once in the market are not really titanium.

TJ, What are the 3R and Kyosho "Titanium" shafts made of then?

2010.02.26, 06:38 PM
Great question Traveler! I don't know either... lol From what I was told, their some type of aluminum but I'm not sure.

I have all "Ti" shaft from 3R-Kyosho... The only thing I use is PN's ultra light shaft. Because it's as strong as kyosho steel but "ultra" light weight of course. :D