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2010.02.25, 02:38 PM
Hi all!

I'm running some ancient intellect 750s. They are still ok, but I'm wondering what everyone uses these days for batteries in this range of capacity. I have the TRP 900's as well, but punch isnt anywhere near comparable.

I read a lot about the R1Wurks etc, but everywhere seems out of stock on these. I guess the general question is: What's the latest and 'greatest' in aaa's?

2010.02.25, 03:40 PM
Try some of the Orion 750 SHO I have in stock or I can order the R1Wurks cells.

2010.02.26, 12:02 AM
What type of charger do you use? This has a big effect on the choice of cell. A hobby grade charger can get those TRP cells punchy with the right settings. Although the TRP cells are more of a voltage/speed cell than a punch cell. R1Wurks cells are typically lower speed and more punch in comparison. Team Scream 900 are my normal race cell. They have more punch than the TRP, and more speed than the R1-990. I recently got 3 sets of Orion 900HV, and was very disappointed with the capacity. The highest cell was in the mid 700 range. Most were in the 600 range. I believe that they are old cells, not sure if Orion makes the 900HV anymore. I have 3 sets of Orion 750HV in transit, which I believe are the replacement for the 900HV.

I have one set of R1 750, they vented a bit at first (1A), but have a lot of punch and no longer vent (2A+). I had 5 sets of R1 990, which are punchy, but a little less punch than the 750.

I didnt like the Orion 750SHO. They are not bad cells, they just cannot be charged as aggressively as I want to charge them. They must be charged under 800mA or they vent. This requires more than an hour to charge between runs, which is too much time for my racing needs. For practice this works fine.

I usually charge at 2-3A for races, and 1-2A for practicing. When breaking in cells I usually charge at 1A and discharge at 3A on a Novak discharger. I use a Maha MH-C9000 to check the capacity of the cells using the discharge function.

If I had to choose a set of cells right now, I would probably go with either the Team Scream 900 or R1wurks 990. The 750 cells have punch, but dont have the consistancy that I like. I still use my Team Scream cells for most of my racing needs.

2010.02.26, 12:29 AM
I run Matched Orion and r1 750's in practice (old red cells) and the new black ones (v2) in races. The new black ones are very, very punchy and as fast as my matched Orions. I would definitely recommend these batteries. I break mine in on my MAHA C-9000 4 times with a 500mAh charge and 1.0 amp discharge. After that my cells are very good.

2010.03.10, 02:31 AM
R1wurks 750's are now back in stock.

2010.08.03, 08:59 AM
I use R1 750 for races and I found them very punchy. I'd like to use Team scream batteries, but I don't know if they are very punchy and where I can found them ?

best regards

2010.08.08, 07:04 PM
www. teamscreamracing .com :D

Yes they are punchy.:D