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2010.02.25, 04:43 PM
I have a ZRound Suite test version compatible with Robitronic Lap Counter.
Thanks to Led for his support and serial port dumps. I cannot try with a Robitronic system but It should work.

If you are intereseted in testing please contact me at jesus@zround.com

Direct download avalable here - ZRound Suite 1.9.6 - ROBITRONIC TEST (http://www.zround.com/request.php?35)



Red Team
2010.02.28, 03:34 PM
WOW...this is the second independent support for Robitronic Counter since years when we've got the system and I found them both in the same day...what happened ? I guess our prayers were listened :D

Thanks Jesus...great to find out that somebody is supporting this system. Thanks for your efforts.

We'll try it and let you know...however don't expect this to happend anytime soon, since our race track it's open only in weekend and most probablly I can't go next weekend, but thanks again and do not worry, when I have some feedback I'll post it here. Maybe somebody else will respond faster than me.

2010.02.28, 04:39 PM
... and thanks to Led who owns a Robitronic Lap Counter and give me information about how this system works and the serial port dumps needed to complete the job.