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2010.03.02, 06:09 PM
Hi you all, i am from PORTUGAL (sorry my english)
This is my first thread because i buy today one litle used stock MINI-Z MR-02 RM (mercedes AMG).

But i have a problem, i cant put the mini-z stoped, every time i put remote ON it beguins to work in full power... i even regulates in the remote the TH-TRIM and it stops, but is only for a litle time... :confused:

What should be the problem?
Can anyone help me?

Thanks you all... :)

2010.03.02, 06:30 PM

Does it stop when you squeeze the trigger on the Tx? Can you control the steering? Is it AM or ASF?

Just trying to get an idea of where to start helping. :D

2010.03.02, 08:21 PM
Olá :D

When the throttle goes mad does the steering work properly?

If it doesn't then it probably comes down to broken antenna wire(or nor properly tighten antenna screw), damaged crystals or a faulty transmitter.

This problems are always hard to troubleshoot. If you have the cars instruction manual check it out. It should help you eliminate all of the most common problems.

PS: Se fores da zona de lisboa diz qualquer coisa, passas na pista de almada que isso resolve-se :D ;)

2010.03.02, 09:29 PM
Sometimes I forget to change the crystal in my transmitter to match the crystal in the car and have a similar problem.

2010.03.03, 01:25 AM
Hi you all, thanks for the fast answers:

HRDRVR: My mini-z is a mr-02 with a "AMTX 1" green cristal in remote control and the cristal in the car has a crome paper it said "RX AM 26.995 -02- KYOSHO"
I can control the steering perfectly and nice, very smoth, all steering controls sims to be work fine... Some times, when i turn the TH. TRIM ajuster um control i can have control of the MINI-Z, but then it remember to be in full trothle and smack in to wall :confused:
It doesnt stop when i pull the trigger, and then i shut down the remote control AND THE MINI-Z just continues on full acelaration :(

Z3ZINHO: Hi, a protuguese partner :rolleyes:, my mini-z i guess its original because the last owner just play alone at home, and dont ever put upgrades in the MINI-Z...
The Antenna wire (white wire) is not broken and the screw is very fix...
Damage crystals: how can i see that???
Faulty transmitter: i already open the transmiter and wires seem firmly attached...
In the manual said if this problem "exists replice your remote bateries"
PS: sou de coimbra, se pudesses adicionar-me no msn era optimo: glariator@hotmail.com, pois nao existem lojas aqui e estou mesmo ŕ nora... ;)

EMAN: i guess the crystals are all stock... in remote is "AMTX 1" green cristal and the crystal car said "RX AM 26.995 -02- KYOSHO"

With this new discribe what can be the problem??? :confused:

2010.03.03, 07:22 AM
Have you taken the top cover off and looked at the PCB? I was thinking along the same lines as z3zinho, but having perfect control of the steering kind of rules that out.

My next line of thought would be somehting with the FETs. When they start to go bad, all kinds of wierd throttle problems have been known to occur. The FETs are two small black components on the board, just in front of where the motor wires attach. Youll have to flip the board over to inspect them, as they are on the bottom of MR boards. Youll be looking for any loose connections to the board (each FET will have 8 legs attached to the board), and any discolerations or imperfections on the top of the FETs. It would probably be wise to see if there are any numbers on them, so you can be sure if they are upgraded or not by the previous owner.

2010.03.03, 10:22 AM
"AMTX 1" green cristal in remote control and the cristal in the car has a crome paper it said "RX AM 26.995 -02- KYOSHO"

tx 1 rx 02... looks like you may have mismatched crystals...
pull out your tx crystal from your controller & see if it matches your 26.995 rx crystal... there should be a 26.995 tx marked on it...

hope this helps

2010.03.03, 04:02 PM
HERMAN: Hi the crystals are graved with this:

Crystal of controler:t26.995 t.q.c.

Crystal of miniZ:rx am 26.995

It seem it mach :(

hrdrvr: My miniZ only have one FETs and all the 16 conections seems to be good conecting... :(

I go send the MINI-Z to the last owner and he goes to send the mini-z to a technical men in a store... I'll give you news when i have my mini-Z rolling...

Thanks, Thanks you all!!!

2010.03.04, 09:05 PM
my next guess would probably be to check the batteries of your tx and in the car...
next would be to check out a different set of crystals in your car and tx...
next would be to check your chassis out with a different tx(controller -a tx that you are certain that works) with your crystals...
next would be to check your chassis out with a different tx(controller - a tx that you are certain that works) with a different set of crystals...

doing the above would determine if your
- batteries are the problem;
- tx is the problem,
- the crystals are the problem
- or both (tx & crystals)

if you have access to another chassis, you could check out your crystals on that working chassis, check out your tx and crystals on the working chassis as well... this will determine if your chassis is the problem...

hope all of this helps... good luck and let us know what happens... :D

2010.03.05, 05:06 AM
really sounds like a bad FET job, i did some fetting before and thats exactly what happened.
After i perfectioned my fetting skill, no more of such problem occurs.:)

2010.03.05, 04:48 PM
Hi, i already send the car to the store of MINIZ, i am away 200 kms of a store, and i have no extra material to test it...

Hope they resolv that...

I remember other thing, i live close to "fire depart" (30 meters) and they uses radio frequency 30mhz - 50mhz, could this be a problem???

2010.03.07, 09:01 PM
let us know what happens, and what their findings were... :D