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2010.03.04, 01:50 PM

Just wondering if there are any plans to expand the additional monitor support?

My shop is using multiple monitor setup with Zround which is very nice. From race central, I see the race setup/run details and the racers see the live results (best lap time/ # of laps etc...).

I was inquiring to whether it would be possible to output a combination of the track layout (showing simulator cars/markers going around the track) and the current lap info on additional monitors.

For newbies and guests, it is nice to show them where cars are (estimated based on average speed I guess) graphically on the monitor along with details (like normal).


2010.03.04, 02:09 PM
I thought about this when I was working on the raceplay option but there is no room to put the track layout without loosing lap/time area.

Of course, if you have a really big display it could be used a smaller font size to make room for the track layout and it could look cool.

I will add your suggestion to my to do list. Regards,


2010.03.08, 10:17 AM
Thanks for the reply. I was studying our multiple monitor setup at the shop last Friday and you're right.

Having both output (track and laptimes) would be too tight.

I think the best option would be the ability to toggle which to output to the secondary monitors; either the real-play screens (i.e. track and car icons going around the track) OR the standard screen (i.e. racer name, lap times, etc...)

Thanks again