View Full Version : New Magnets? Or am I going crazy....

2010.03.06, 10:21 AM
Hey guys,

I can't tell reality from fiction anymore:confused:, so here goes:

Did I see somewhere that either PN or ATOMIC (I think it is PN) is coming out with a brand-new type of magnet for motor cans? Some type of magnets that will be taking the place of Neo magnets?

Now I could have just dreamt this, it might have all been a dream.... No this isn't a joke BTW....

Anybody shed any light on this? :confused::confused::confused:


2010.03.06, 11:39 AM
i heard something from philip the other week:)

2010.03.06, 02:52 PM
I really don't know i I just dreamt about a brand-new motor magnet coming to market, or if I saw a photo and real info online.... :confused::D
I could have sworn that I saw a picture and a price-tag of some new special-formula motor magnet that would take the place of Neodynum magnets And that these "new" magnets weren't cheap either, like $15-$20/pair. Maybe the details are all in my imagination....

Thanks Matt for the post. Any info is very much welcome and wanted please!:D