View Full Version : Extreme Hobbies, Miami.

ocean rodeo
2010.03.06, 07:05 PM
I have been going to the track for the last couple of weeks and been having a great time. If you own a Mini-z and live in South Florida you should come by and check it out. The hobby shop has a lot parts too. The track is a mini 96 with two expansion kits.

2010.03.06, 07:15 PM
is it close to south beach cause i got an apartment down there and would like to go down there and want to know where it is located

ocean rodeo
2010.03.07, 08:35 PM
It's about 10 miles south of SoBe.

Finley M. Brook
2010.03.10, 09:50 AM
what about if you dont have a race car is it enjoyable to watch?

ocean rodeo
2010.03.10, 03:58 PM
Yes it's fun to watch. Come by on the weekends they're a couple of guys that run. The hobby shop has rental cars to try out.