View Full Version : my mini z AWD isn't tracking straight? What can I do?

2010.03.07, 08:19 AM
Dear fellow mini z racers,

I and few friends of mine purchased few mini z awd cars recently:). The cars are bone stock ones except that we replaced the plastic wheel bushings (8) with ball bearings.

The problem is we have noticed the stock cars do not run straight but instead they seem to turn (slightly) towards right or left, more or less randomly. We have tried to trim out the problem but this does not seem to be possible..:confused:

Further, we have noticed there is considerable slack on the wheel assembly (front and rear) althought the plastic bushings have been replaced with ball bearings, as I said earlier. This means the toe in/out changes when the car accelerates /decelerates.Can this slack or slop be causing the problem in question?

So what after market parts should we use to make the cars run straight?

Changing knuckles and front tie rod? Changing the rear toe bar? What?

We are running on RCP track with stock tires (50) and wheels. The body is "Alfa Brera"

Any help to solve out this problem is highly appreciated!

best regards, Artto

2010.03.07, 05:12 PM
I have the same problem, I trim the car to go straight and after a couple of corners it doesnt go straight anymore and I have to stop and retrim.
Also, in order to trim it to go straight I have the trimmer set almost all the way to the right.

2010.03.07, 05:17 PM
Dirty servo assembly, overhaul it. Could be dirt in the drivetrain in general, so try cleaning driveshafts and etc

2010.03.07, 05:19 PM
The differential may cause some issues as well... Make sure that the wheels arent too tight.

Check that the servo saver recenters. I have had a few AWD cars that the servo saver never fully went to center, and that caused me to have to center it with the wheel. After replacing the saver it helped.

I have yet to have an AWD that drives completely straight. There are so many parts involved, and it can get close, but not completely. Especially with an aggressive steering setup for racing.

Are these cars AM, or ASF?

2010.03.07, 05:37 PM
Thanks for the replies.
My car is 27Mhz

The wheels seem to recenter correctly as I release the steering (tried with car upside down).
I have stock diff both front and rear.

I just red a post where it says to dremel the servo saver cover because the gears can rub on it. i dont have a dremel so I will have to try another way to do it.

2010.03.09, 05:07 AM
Thank you guys;

I will check the matters that you brought to my attention.

I also noticed the original plastic wheels (rims) do not sit properly but they seem to have worn out:(. Are there more durable plastic rims available or is the aluminum the only way to go?

thanks again,