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2010.03.09, 08:32 AM

Anyone found info's about the New Kyosho Li-Fe yet, i got my hands on a pair, but on the instruction sheet that's coming with the Li-Fe there arn't much infos about the Li-Fe it self. The Route 246 Website is in Japanese ;) .
Since i don't know much about Lipo in general.....not sure how to use does.
It sux do have a new Toy and can't use it :)

Only think i know the have 3,3 V..... and should not be charged with more then 0,8 amp.

How much mAh the have?
Does Li-Fe need a Balancer ? can you use same as normal LiPo ?
What about does Li-Fe Motor ? or can i use the normal Chilli.

all help is appreciate,


2010.03.09, 11:23 AM
check in with MC3 here (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33806).