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2010.03.09, 09:04 AM

I searched through all forum and I didn't find how cand I dissasemble an one way diff and change its gear.

May be you can help me.

Thank you.

2010.03.09, 09:40 AM
what make is your one-way?

atomic has and o ring to fix the gear, 3racing has some small screws

2010.03.10, 05:35 AM
Atomic. This is the link:


but I tried to drag or to push the gear but it doesn;t move at all. It seems there are something made from rubber near gear but i cannot have access to it. If nobody can help I will post close up pictures.

thank you very much

2010.03.10, 07:06 AM
thats the atm one,the rubber ring just needs to be pulled out and you can then replace the gear

2010.03.10, 07:39 AM
the "rubber ring" it is only half(may be less) of mm width and I am afraid that I will cut it. There is a special technique to pull that ring out? I didn;t see any of that rubber ring in the stores.

Please guide me,

Thank you.

2010.03.10, 08:07 AM
where the ring sits there is a flat section for you to remove it,a toothpick will do it

2010.03.11, 04:49 AM
Indeed there is a rubber ring and it is very thin, I managed to break the ring and now I don't have another one and I didn;t find something like that in store?

May be you could help me again.

Thanks a lot.