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2010.03.09, 02:50 PM
I guess there are more people than me who are exited about the 2010 season starting up this weekend.

New rules.
Tire only pit stops.
Slimmer front tires
Ultra light qualifying Q3 (No more fuel burning laps)
New points system. 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1

New teams:
Virgin Racing (a collaboration between Manor, Wirth Research and Richard Branson's group), the Malaysian-backed return of Lotus, and Spanish squad Hispania.

New drivers:
Nico Hulkenberg, Vitaly Petrov, Karun Chandhok, Bruno Senna and Lucas di Grassi all step up from GP2, and Kamui Kobayashi also with a full season deal.
Michael Schumacher comeback after four years away. Pedro de la Rosa back with Sauber, after eight seasons from his last full season.

It looks to be a lot of really competitive teams this season.
Red Bull, McLaren & Ferrari seems very fast in testing. Mercedes GP and Williams also look really good. Sauber is back, and have high hopes with its always light footed cars.

Mercedes GP, and Schumi's comeback is one thing i am really looking forward for. How well will he do, and will Rosberg match him?

Alonso and Massa in Ferrari. Who will come out on top?

Button and Hamilton in McLaren also looks to be a great fight.

Webber and Vettel in Red Bull. Will Webber gain ground since the weight limit has been slightly increased?

Lada backed Renault:eek: How well will Kubica do this year?

2010.03.09, 03:42 PM
Yeah, looks like an amazing season. I'm really looking forward to it! Especially as we now have BBC1 in HD! :D

Provided his Ferrari is running well, I think Alonso will take this years title... He is an amazing driver, regardless to his personality.

I don't know what to think of Schumacher's return... :rolleyes: Under RB's management it could be a repeat of the past, but maybe he's past it?... Only time will tell.

I also think Hamilton will p*** all over Button - his driving is far superior.

SO can't wait!

ocean rodeo
2010.03.09, 03:58 PM
Yeah and Kimi traded asphalt for dirt and it looks like he is not doing so well. The WRC is kicking his arse. My vote goes for Mclaren this year. Lewis and Jenson will be a great team. I am also stoked of Lotus's return. Schumacher is the Brett Farve of F1.

2010.03.09, 05:08 PM
Lotus return is great, but it does look really bad them and theother new teams.
The various reports says 4 - 10 seconds off pace. That is actually dangerous. Hopefully everyone will be up to speed after a few races.

If Ferrari has a good car, my bet are also on Alonso, but Massa has surprised us before.

I think Mercedes and Schumi can make an impression after a few races. They will come out with a big update in Bahrain that they say is good for 0.8 seconds. New diffusor etc.

Mclaren had really good development last year, so they seem to have a good base to work from.

I am really exited to see how things look in Bahrain qualifying. With no fuel stops, the tire wear is more important than in many years (1993 I think it was the last season without)

2010.03.09, 07:22 PM
The really funny thing is i just logged on to start this exact thread!:D My thanks to Rune for being so thourough in his starting discussion points to the season:

Some thoughts about McLaren: it appears they are slightly worried about the legality of their new rear wing package. the shape of it takes advantage of air coming off the intake box and channels it to acheive possibly more downforce than everyone else. They have a backup if the stewards (Charlie Whiting) feel it does not conform to spec.

While following testing it I was able to deduce that the top teams are very close this year with RedBull maybe having the fastest package. Its hard to really translate testing (at easy spanish tracks) to actual raceday but look for a drivers championship to be between 5 drivers ( I've got my picks for the F1 drivers pool amongnt my friends;))

I, like Rune, am really looking forward to Schumacher's return. It has always been my view that Schumi retiring left a huge hole in characterful drivers....love him or hate you had to resect his skill and team loyalty. Hopefully the new Mercedes team can make great use of the Brawn/Schumi mystique and deliver some great race wins!

ocean rodeo
2010.03.09, 07:28 PM
I can't wait until next week! Between F1, WRC and V8 I am a happy camper. I am planning my vacation right now to go to San Paulo for my first ever Formula 1 race. Can't wait until November:D

2010.03.09, 08:27 PM
This is going to be a very interesting season... I hope that its not only two teams running at the front like it was last year.

2010.03.10, 03:19 AM
I can't wait until next week! Between F1, WRC and V8 I am a happy camper. I am planning my vacation right now to go to San Paulo for my first ever Formula 1 race. Can't wait until November:D

You will not be dissapointed!
To see an F1 race live is a really incredible feeling.
I have just been to one race myself, 2002 Belgian GP at Spa. It was absolutely fantastic. We did not have the best seats (ok but not the best), and the weather was cold, but the sound from the cars, atmosphere at the track, to see the cars up close, touch them, walk the track after the race etc was worth everything.

I hope I get the chance this year also.

PS: Bring some good ear protection:cool: The sound really can destroy your hearing.

2010.03.11, 12:26 PM
Besides the sour felling we still have, because of the irresponsible and fraudulent scandal of USF1 and having lost the F1 grid spot for Pechito, our local driver, I think it will really be amazing.

Can't wait to have 5 or 6 guys battling for pole, and on track. Let's hope the old pit stops strategy race, like the one's that Schumy exploted so well, stay in the history books and we have on track duels, like in REAL car racing, beyond technology.

Really disappointing the lack of pace the newer teams have. really dramatic. Perhaps the old 107% rule should make a comeback too ?

We'll see what tomorrow brings when they all go out on track.

2010.03.11, 09:49 PM
:D can't wait for this myself... :D just two days to go... tom is qualifying... :D

2010.03.12, 07:22 AM
I recorded practice this morning. Ill have the qualifying and race set up on the DVR just i n cse I miss 'em. Im reallyl ooking forward to this year!

Does any one have any information about what went down with USF1? I tried googling it, but just came up with a bunch of stuff that was said by Lopez's manager. Never really got the full story of what happened, or is happening to them.

2010.03.12, 08:51 AM
I recorded practice this morning. Ill have the qualifying and race set up on the DVR just i n cse I miss 'em. Im reallyl ooking forward to this year!

Does any one have any information about what went down with USF1? I tried googling it, but just came up with a bunch of stuff that was said by Lopez's manager. Never really got the full story of what happened, or is happening to them.

Long story short (according to them): Their sponsors didn't come through, and they ran out of time due to the lack of funding. Last I'd heard they'd applied for a deferred spot in 2011 and have been denied, pretty well ending any chance they had of resurrecting the team. It's a shame that spot didn't go to one of the better equipped/organized teams like prodrive or even StephanGP (who probably would have gotten in by now had they been slightly more diplomatic about the situation).

@Leonen: I think you'll find that most fans of F1 in the US aren't too impressed with the way that was handled either. Hopefully he will get another shot. I'm not that bothered about having a US F1 team, but I'd love for us to get a US race again...preferably one that isn't in Indianapolis.

@Programmers: I agree that Hamilton is the better driver, but if I remember correctly, he hasn't always been the best at taking care of his tires (or even his tyres :D). I'll be surprised if Hamilton qualifies worse than Button at any point this year, though (outside of freak occurrences).

2010.03.12, 07:12 PM
The first practice sessions over. I had recorded them since it went down when i was at work.

It is still extremely hard to work out what team that has the upper hand.

Alonso really impresses during long runs. Very stable lap times etc.
Schumacher seems reasonably fast, but he states that he doesnt yet have the speed for one hotlap. He is satisfied with the longer runs.
Rosberg is really fast on one lap, and seems good also in the longer runs. The MGP team will offer some great battles within the team I think.
Button are actually the one in McLaren that struggles to get the tires to last. Surprising. They seem quite equal in the longer runs.
Hulkenberg really impresses in his first outing. I think rubens will have a hard time matching him, but we will see tomorrow.
Renault( Lada), are faster than expected.
Sauber really good in long runs.

Hispania are 11,5 seconds off pace:eek:
Lotus some 5seconds.
Virgin 6,5 seconds off pace.

Hopefully these will up the pace tomorrow, if not please bring back the 107% rule.

McLaren knee operated rear wing stall system is much debated. A lot of the other teams are angry that this was approved. I dont think we have heared the last of it yet.
I see that MGP have placed a snorkle like this kind on the side of Rosberg's car, although i cant understand how it will work when they dont have the shark fin all the way back to the rear wing.
(here is a link to an explanation of the system)
Click here (http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2010/03/lg-tech-report-part-1-mclaren-wing-ferrari-wheels-and-cool-fuel/)

Now. Bring on the qualifying:D

Edit: As for info regarding USF1 there are a lot of good (and bad) info here: Click here (http://forums.autosport.com/index.php?showtopic=124909&st=0)

2010.03.14, 12:15 PM
Taped the race and I'm at half distance:

1.thought I was watching a slomo repeat of the start the full fuel start is painfully slow

2. Tire changes only means no fuel disparity on track and it makes for boring mid race action

3. Will the end race be interesting with low fuel and power differentials?

4. I've bet 2 cars run out of fuel.

2010.03.14, 12:45 PM
fantastic race, just a bit unfortunate for Vettel, but nevertheless a good race, and can't wait for the rest of the season :D

2010.03.14, 01:29 PM
I'd have to disagree:

I felt that overall it was a weak first race of the season. No refuelling looks like a bust to me with no real position changes unless there are realibility/mechanical issues. I'm very happy with the Ferrari one-two finish of course but since I'm not a huge fan of Alonso I guess I'm going to have to get used to seeing him in scuderia colours

good work to massa for coming back from a near death experience last year to return to awesome form

kudos to vettel for holding fourth with a serious power problem. If he hadn't had a cracked exhaust I think he wouldve held his lead....

A big thumbs up to lotus for being the only new team to keep both cars rolling almost the whole distance.

2010.03.15, 07:00 AM
Yeah, I thought it was a boring race too. I miss refueling already. :(

I really feel for Vettel though. It's a shame their new "genius" exhaust system wasn't so genius afterall...

However, I had to laugh at Rosberg's failure to pass Vettel despite his limping car. If that had been any of the other fellas behind Nico, Vettel would have finished 5th lol.

I bet he was kicking himself after the race!

2010.03.15, 09:14 AM
The exhaust didnt break spark plug did:)

Exciting it being the 1st race boring in regard of action thank to the further development of the diffusers.

2010.03.15, 05:23 PM
I never liked the idea of no-refueling mid race. I think it really dulls down the race. Yea, pit stops are fast, and the commentators are trying to make it sound good. But I really think it makes the race very dull. If you have a slight problem, and it makes the car less fuel efficient, you cant run race pace.

It was interesting to see Schumi running a consistant pace, and Button and Weber behind running much less consistant. They looked faster, but looked like they were using their tires up too much trying to find room to pass. This is more of what I think we will see without pit stops. It will be very difficult to pass with all of the added weight of fuel, and qualifying will be ever more important, as will the starting tire choice.

I had thought that the front runners were going to run a 2 stop strategy, but from what I could tell, everyone in the top 10 ran a single stop strategy.

Should F1 mandate a minimum pit as is done in DTM and other forms of racing. Fuel doesnt dictate pit stops anymore... I felt that this was worse than last year, which was a let down for me.

2010.03.28, 12:36 PM
I have to start this by saying that wet weather races are probably the only way of making an F1 race interesting/exciting.

Long story short:

vettel has another great start and gets hampered by failure
button gets a bit lucky with tire choice and gets a treat jump up the field
massa struggles but persevered to claim a podium
kubica picks his way through the field to get a good potsition and during the tire changes makes his way to a second place

all in all, an interesting race.

On a sidenote, I have to laugh about hamilton's choice of words in radio transmissions with his team at the end of race. A second tire change from a podium spot and some super fast laps and all he can do is complain once he catches the ferraris. Yes he mightve held his podium but he was two seconds a lap faster after his tire change. It's not the teams fault you can't pass in the dirty air of Alonso...classic whining!

2010.03.28, 05:09 PM
It was nice to see Hamilton shunted from the track after all of his whining on the radio... He was focusing on being annoyed by the teams decision instead of focusing on the pass that he should have made. Weber showed some good Aussie hospitality :rolleyes: After Schumi pitted and got his 2nd set of slicks, his pace dictated McLarens decision to stop Hamilton again.

It was an interesting race, but I dont know if we are going to see a 2 stop strategy work this season. The tire degradation is not high enough against the drop in fuel mass... By the looks of this race, they could have completed the entire race on one set of option tires, and the loss in track position for the tire stops is too large to want to pit. Maybe on tracks that are more abrasive, we will see winners that complete more than one tire change. By the time the drivers make up the track position they have lost, they have used the tire to exhaustion as Hamilton made known in his radio transmission.

I was very disaponted seeing Vettel DNF again, he is a great young driver, and has seen more than his share of malfunctions this season. It was definitely the left front brake, as you can see in the replay. It looks like it exploded :eek:

I felt that Alonso had more pace than Massa, and could have finished 2nd if his teammate was not in front. He showed his want to pass, but restrained since it was his teammated where he could have pushed a little harder if it wasnt.

Are we all going to be hoping for weather to spice up this season? If not, it may be pretty dull, with little to no overtaking during the race (especially if we only see single tire stops by the leading teams). This season will be won by the driver that can drive fast while managing his tires the best. And qualify is more important than it used to be... if your not near the front row, it will be nearly impossible to get there. Kubica really surprised me, but I think that is the extent that you could expect in movement for the season.

2010.03.29, 04:43 AM
What a race aye fellas? Excitement from the first to the last lap.

It's a shame Hamilton can be so unsporting because he is such a good driver.

I think Button was smart yesterday. We were shouting at the TV, "what are you doing!?" and thought it was his stroppy way of responding to Hamiltons pass. Clever decision though - I wouldn't say luck.

Vettel was really unlucky however, it's a shame his car wasn't there for him... Again!

I think Webber was desperate and it was a shame Hamilton had to be the victim to that.

Alonso, as mentioned, was clearly held up by Massa and could've walked away a potential second in my opinion.

Annnd Kubica is an awesome driver - very pleased to see him doing well again.

2010.03.29, 05:51 AM
Nice summaries.

Vettel, Kubica and Alonso are very impressive.
Button drove a great race.

I feel bad for Hulkenberg. Hopefully he will be able to drive a bit longer on the next outing.

MS still needs time to get back to his old self. I think he will get there soon.

2010.03.29, 04:57 PM
MS still needs time to get back to his old self. I think he will get there soon.
That'd be interesting because I think him and Alonso have a very similar personality.

2010.03.30, 06:47 AM
I think it was a far better race than the first one, and it was cool how pit strategy came into play. I think, like Cowboy points out, that the stronger strategy was shown, and I dont think we will see too many people running 2 stop races, unless the track conditions really dictate it. Thatll make for more boring races for this year Im afraid. I wont be too quick to judge, so maybe we will be surprised :D Ony time will tell......

2010.04.03, 12:57 PM
Well, the weather is going to be an exciting factor in tomorrow's race in malaysia...

Webber and Rosberg make up the front row and three previous champions dont make it out of Q1 session(both ferrari and both McLaren failed in q1 session.)

I hope that the weather is so changable tomorrow that we actually see some tire pitstops and some change in the filed.:rolleyes:

2010.04.03, 03:02 PM
Yeah, no matter what, tomorrow will be good.

If it's dry, those at the back such as Massa, Alonso, etc, will have a better chance and need to fight to the front.

If it's wet, well, we all know what it's like when it's wet... :D

I should think it will be wet too. I read that it's forecast heavy rain until at least next Friday.

2010.04.03, 03:22 PM
I think it should be a very interesting race... The wet shouldnt last as long as the slicks, so even if it is a wet race, I would expect to see more pit stops than we have been.

If it is a wet race, the drivers in the front should have the better wet setup. A dry race, who knows. . .

It was interesting to see how long Ferrari and McLaren took to get out of the pits in Q1.

In Q3, the best track conditions occurred when Schumi was changing his tires... Thats when all of the fastest laps were set. By the time he finished his outlap, it was getting too wet, and grip had gone down.

If it is dry, it will be interesting to see what tire choices are used to start the race. I assume that they will have to use both compounds, unless there is enough rain to mandate inters or wets.

They continue to run the races, right at the time that it usually rains in Malasia. Primarily for European audiences to be able to view it live. I watched qualify live last night... and Im glad I stayed up for it (started at 4am).

2010.04.04, 01:49 PM
Well, I just finished watching:

vettel finally has a car hold together to the end and his move into turn one off the start gives him the win
redbull score maximum points for a one two finish
massa leads the drivers championship by being the least terrible ferrari. Alonso struggled with some serious downshift problems and blew his engine with two laps to go
rosberg scores a podium for Mercedes. Steady driving by the youngster who fortunately didn't have the same failure schumi did....

I'd have to say an average race overall. I sat through watching drivers lack of defense against hamilton's advance through the field until Adrian sutil was able to give him a tough go. Thankfully the force India was able to defend.

I spent the whole race waiting for the weather. It couldve been very exciting to see the shift in the field with the weather scramble

some good passing but not the best race ever. The goal of fuel and tire saving really is contrary to the concept of "the premier class" of racing

2010.04.04, 08:56 PM
It would have been very interesting if it rained while Hamilton was in 2nd...

Rosberg on the podium :) Schumi DNF due to wheelnut failure :( Alonso drove a great race, and blew it up with a lap to go :rolleyes: Vetel and Weber 1, 2 :D Both cars finished the race, for the first time this season. Great run into turn 1 for Vetel. In general, I felt he was the fastest guy on track.

Algasuari did a good job blocking the champions, even Hamilton had a tough time getting past him, but he wasnt going to fight too hard, and get taken out... Massa and Alonso couldnt get by. He learned a LOT since he has started racing in F1!

The best part about the race; Bob Varsha was not in attendance. What a relief. He annoys me more than any other announcer. He rarely knows the material he is talking about, so he fills the time talking about the very basics of the sport. As David Hobbes pointed out at the start of practice, "its good to be working with a pro (for a change)".

I think that they should mandate a 2 pit stop rule like DTM, should make it MUCH more interesting on track... more pushing to pass, people driving hard instead of conserving tires.

2010.04.18, 11:53 AM
So I'm just about two thirds the way through watching the Chinese GP and I have to start a discussion point here:

I feel that Lewis HMilton is getting too lenient treatment from the stewards for his aggressive driving. In this race he:

1. Did a very aggressive pit entry to attempt a pass outside the pit lane line
2. Gets released and tries to force Vettel into a mistake exiting the pit.
3. Gives Webber wheel to wheel contact and forces him off the road onto the pit straight after a safety car.

All of these incidents would normally incur some penalty...what is going on with the stewards?

I'll be replying shortly about the race.

2010.04.18, 12:26 PM
So I just finished watching and I have to say again the weather makes a boring full fuel procession an exciting event. With the strategies thrown out because of tire choices ( both good and bad ) there was some definite grid position swapping and some close racing with tires going off/ lack of grip.

1. Kudos to Jenson Button for making calm championship quality desicions and making appropriate tire changes to get the lead and maintain it. He never looked stressed once everyone made the poor early switch to inters and cruised to victory at the right time.

2. I don't think Hamilton deserved his second place finish. See above discussion point.

3. Way to go Rosberg for showing maturity at the appropriate moments to keep a podium position viable. He surely is making an average car something to watch in the uncertain weather races.

4. How about Alonso? 5 stops including a drive through for a jumpstart and still finishes 4th...who says poor weather doesn't make for a big mix in the action?

Overall, I'm pretty happy with today's race. I wish Hamilton had in incurred some penalty for his reckless flouting of aspects of the rules and I wish Schumi could find a good race setup on his car but overall it was worth watching

btw, im really sick of my iPhones spell check ...lol

2010.05.09, 12:41 PM
So....another snore of a race until the last few laps.:rolleyes:

RedBull/Renault were shown as the class of the field this weekend with Mark Webber scoring a pole position, fastest lap of the race and the top step of the podium in decisive fashion. Once turn one was safely negotiated it was clear sailing with a superior car.

Vettel was not as lucky with a poor first pit, clashing with Lewis hamilton at pit exit and suffering a loose wheelnut near the last third of the race and dealing with failing brakes in the last ten laps....and still finishes in third position.:eek:

Alonso (the home town hero) gets promoted to second position after hamiltons failure and drives home to a podium he shouldnt have expected. The Ferrari's were severely outclassed in overall pace but their F-duct modification has given them a straight line 5mph advantage over the field....now to improve their technical corner balance and it shoudl show a resurgence of the Scuderia. ferrari stands second in constructors due to Hamilton's failure.

My drive of the day (and the only interesting part of the race watch) was when M.Schumacher overtook Button in the first pit window and fought off a clearly faster car to keep his 5th place position (at the time). He showed some classic car placement at the key overtaking places to show some masterful defense of the racing line. He wound up finishing 4th with a car that is still 1.5sec slower than the rest of the top contenders.

The "HaHa Karma is a b1tch, isn't it?" goes to Lewis Hamilton...by being so aggressive in the past couple races and getting some obvious penalties overlooked by the stewards made his head and driving ability better than his car could actually handle. With 40 ish laps on a set of tires (just like all the other leading drivers) and some aggressive driving gave him an epic tire failure through turn 3 at 150ish mph. Into the wall at speed and what should have been 18 points went "poof". I have no sympathy for the McLaren driver and hope that his overly aggresive driving style nets him more failures....petty thoughts, I know but he just rubs me the wrong way.:D

2010.05.10, 06:00 AM
If you don't want another Snore of a GP, then you need Hamilton.
"Racing is about racing, overtaking and excitement," he told The Express. "This year I've driven my heart out. I always want to be seen as a fair driver and a careful driver and I always drive with minimum risk; I don't understand why people are making a fuss - I've not put anyone in any danger."

ocean rodeo
2010.05.10, 06:36 AM
I CANNOT BELIEVE HAMILTON BLEW OUT IN THE SECOND TO LAST LAP!!!ERRRGH. and put that little weasel "Vettle" on the podium. Till next week:D

2010.05.10, 11:47 AM
The best part of the race for me was watching Button playing a game of chess with Schumi. Schumi placed his pawns perfectly, so Button had no place to land his pieces for an attack. Schumi was driving defensive lines from the first lap. He knew what his cards were, and had to play them from the start otherwise he was going to drop down the field.

The change in chassis by Mercedes definitely helped Schumi, but did it hurt Rosberg more than it helped Schumi... I think so. Next week I assume there will be a return to the short wheelbase chassis for both drivers, being that Monaco is so tight.

Brawn was very strong at the beginning of last season, but as the other teams made changes and cought up, they couldnt match the development pace and were not winning races like they did in the beginning of the season. Red Bull made the fewest changes in drivers/setup going from last season to this season, and they were able to pick up this season where they left off and didnt have to re-develop the same part to give a driver a different feeling. Brawn did very little development during the season last year compared to the other drivers, and starts behind many of the cars that did a lot of development during the season.

The Ferrari wing stall duct definitely helped Alonso. Wtih Massa being stuck behind the Schumi and Button battle, we couldnt really see much of an effect. You know he was faster than Schumi, but its hard to say whether he was faster than Button.

Hamilton loves to add excitement to races by taking himself out near the end. I thought he drove a good clean race, and deserved the position that he had 'earned'. In previous races he did some shady tactics, and I feel should have been penalised.

In the beginning of the Speed broadcast they did a bit of talking about the stewards and possible changes in penalising drivers actions. De La Rosa had mentioned making it similar to soccer, with a yellow/red card... and possibly being able to exclude yourself from the next race. I dont know how much I like that idea. I personally dont like time penalties or exclusions. They also mentioned allowing half the tire allotment as a penalty... I personally would prefer the stewards to use weight penalties instead of grid or time penalties. It would make the race pretty interesting. Especially because this season strategy has much less effect, the car will have a grid penalty effect because of the added weight, and will remember at every lap that they are slower than what their pace should be, why they have that increase weight ballast. 20kg can make a pretty significant difference.

I think that we should have testing reinstated, and have 20 grid positions for the race. Teams should have to qualify in. Hamilton was whining about the back-markers, which at first I thought did a good job, but reviewed the move, and Hamilton had to concede the position that he would have had if the backmarker did not stop on the track and force him to make a wider line. I thought that Hamilton would have had that position after the first sequence of corners. All that the backmarker had to do was stay to the right side of the track, and off the left apex... instead of basically being at the right apex when the two cars were going by.

The slower teams may make it very interesting in Monaco, where teams have to choose their overtakes wisely. I think a few will not make it through clean... and some may have offs due to it.

2010.05.10, 12:26 PM
[QUOTE=EMU;383499]Hamilton loves to add excitement to races by taking himself out near the end. I thought he drove a good clean race, and deserved the position that he had 'earned'. In previous races he did some shady tactics, and I feel should have been penalised.


Emu, thanks for making me laugh and neary spitting out my coffee! Hamilton drove an amazing race, but at the cost of his tires, and that's what took him out. I'm sure it kills him to be behind int the points to Button.

I agree about Button and Schumacher. Button was faster, except on exiting that last turn before the front straight, and that was really the only place it mattered. I thought Button/McLaren showed great maturity in backing off, saving the engine, and taking the points they could........of course, they thought they had a podium with Hamilton........

2010.05.10, 12:47 PM
I think that may have come across the wrong way, I really meant he should have finished on the podium, he had actually earned it this race. Although, Hamilton isnt really known for being easy on his tires with his aggressive driving style.

I dont think these tires were really designed to go 2/3 race distance... and that what is being expected of them now. If my memory serves me correctly, in the dry every race was won by a single stop strategy. There is no excitement as there was in previous seasons where different strategy by teams left you guessing the entire race if it was going to pan out, and the last 10 laps you were on the edge of your seat waiting to see the last pit-stops put everyone in their real running order.

Before you werent necessarily racing the cars that you were near, you could be racing the leaders while you are in 5th place driving at a slightly slower pace and making less stops... now, you need to follow the pace set by the leaders, knowing that they are only making one stop.

2010.05.10, 07:20 PM
two comments i need to disagree with wholeheartedly:

Mach says we need Hamilton to make an exciting race. If by exciting you mean cheering for his failure when he finally throws one over aggressive move to many and crashes then yes that was exciting....

I honestly believe that in the past drivers that have shown such disregard for their opponents position have been penalized to the fullest. If Schumi (or any driver last year even) had tried to pass someone over the white line into the pits it would have been met with at least a drivethrough penalty....suffice it to say his statement of "not endangering anyone" is only due to the pure professionalism of his opponents. If it had been me he had been weaving in front of along the Malaysia straight i would attempted the repass into turn one with the full intention of hamilton moving off line or else.:rolleyes:

Oceanrodeo: I dont know how you cant like Seb Vettel!?! The kid has progressed into a true racer and shows epic car placement skill in both wet and dry conditions. How you see him as a "weasel" is beyond me....he's my favorite driver who's not a Ferrari alumni.:D

2010.05.16, 05:53 PM
Holy snapping bad driving batman?!?!

Monaco shows us again that mistakes are deadly:

4 safety car periods
Red bull and mark webber absolutly drive a flawless race
Schumacher steals 6th from Alonso at knowls corner!
Alonso gets almost a perfect strategy to get from a pit lane start to finish 7th.
Renault get the last podium spot with kubicas stellar drive

other than the intermittent exciting crash and safety car, Monaco still is a race to watch for masterful driving skill rather than competitive racing.

My WTF? Move of the day goes to trulli for skipping his car over the top of Chandock....unbelievably stupid mistake for a veteran of his caliber.

There may be a classification change if the stewards don't like Schumi's pass at the end...stay tuned.

2010.05.16, 07:36 PM
...and once again the FIA rules are stupid.:mad:

Apparantly, Schumi has been given a (after the fact) drive through penalty for his pass of Alonso on the last corner of the last lap. It seems that the new rules stipulate that cars can now pass on the safety car line instead of the start/finish 9which is what Schumi did) but not on a last lap safety car period.:confused:

Dont ask me....

Schumi gets 12th and no points until the appeal is heard.

2010.05.16, 08:55 PM
I think one of the dumbest thing was Mclaren's pit crew forgot to remove some cooling device off Button's car before grid and end up making his car over heating.

2010.05.30, 01:05 PM
....and lap 41 ruins it for RBR.

Long story short, i almost fell asleep after the start because the "follow the leader" thing going on yet again. It showed that redbull has an answer for mclarens top speed and f-duct( it does sound dirty Emu) but the drivers for redbull need to have a big debrief with management.

Vettel did get ahead but was too aggressive in taking the line.
Webber left him just enough space to make his move into turn 12 so if it was to work vettel had to make it work where he was.

Vettel was clearly wrong but management will most likely remind them that the team effort is more impportant than who's in the higher moral racing position.

Hamilton wins....which burns me most of all.

2010.05.30, 01:08 PM
Another d*ck move by Weber. For McLaren / Button / Hamilton fans everywhere I say "Thanks Mark, keep up the good work"!

2010.05.30, 01:48 PM
Honestly, I would put the blame more on Webber than Vettel. Vettel's move was aggressive, but he was in there side by side to make the pass, and Webber continued to shut the door and gave him no track. He should have moved further out side of the corner, and try to do something more similar to what Hamilton and Button did.

They are a team, and while each do want to get their win, you have to be man enough to look at the entire picture, and know when to concede the position to make another battle. If Webber had let him take the spot at that corner, Webber could have gotton a better run through the corner and taken it down the next corner.

At least it made the race interesting.

My most annoying part of the race was watching Nicole Scherzinger jump up and down in the pits. I really dont like how she gets so much attention in the pits, I want to see the cars on the track, if I wanted to watch her, Id watch MTV.

edit: after further review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiIc-A--iNU I do put more of the blame on Vettel, but still they are both at fault.

2010.05.30, 09:26 PM
So the hilarious part of this all is Marko (redbull owner) and horner both blame webber for the incident. They both feel that vettel should have been let through because of the pressure vettel was getting from Hamilton.

Very flawed logic if I say so:

if you allow vettel through then you come under pressure from Hamilton. The pass was mostly done but webber kept his line and had no real reason to allow any more room than he already did. If vettel tries pass on the dirty side he needs to take the consequences of the lack of grip.

Anyhow, my view is plain...webber is in the right but the team needs to be consistent in their approach to dealing fairly with both drivers. If not, they'll likely lose webber which would be a great loss totheir future championships.

2010.05.30, 10:56 PM
Ive been posting in the wrong thread :eek:

Yes, Vettel did pass with very little space and drift right after he thought he was clear (or just to back Webber off). Leaving absolutely no room opens the door for contact. And thats what Webber did, so I put him at fault as well as Vettel. You must protect the car, especially when it is your teammate that is attacking for the lead. You drive for the team, and taking out your teammate, even if he made an aggressive move, still puts you at blame. Vettel did not steer aggressively to the right, if you look at the wheel, there is almost no movement before the incident.

Webber cut down the road, after Vettel had already made his move and was pulling up beside him. There really was no wiggle room. Which is not a good thing to do at 200mph. The airflow can easily disrupt how the cars handle, especially with open wheel cars. One tiny touch was all that they needed, and thats exactly what happened. I was surprised that Webber was able to finish 3rd.

I have a feeling that this will not be the end of their battles this season...

I just dont think that Webber was perfect with his actions, and Vettel was the sole contributor. Webber could have done something to prevent the incident, but didnt.

2010.05.31, 12:52 AM
Weber should have given him more room. He purposefully came out of the race line in an attempt to block Vettel. Who had a hell of a run on Weber. I think it was cheap and unsportsmanlike. Oh sure Vettel should have held his line. The contact was Vettel's fault, but Weber put him into a difficult position. Which I feel was completely unnecessary and totally avoidable. Weber was being myopic and selfish. Hard to believe they are team mates after that display. Reminded me of Johnson and Gordon in the NASCAR series. Later in the race Hamilton and Button showed how team mates should race each other. Very clean and professional. That was exciting to watch. MSC had a good day. On the road to a come back?
EMU: I feel the same way about Nicole Scherzinger.

2010.06.27, 12:08 PM
Well, I'm a couple races behind and I honestly have to say that the McLaren team have pissed me off so much that I'm almost uninterested in keeping up with this thread:

In Montreal last round Hamilton flouted the grey areas of qualifying and was able to push his car into scruteneering so retain just enough fuel for testing. That move gained him the pole. A deliberate act to be lighter than everyone else should have given him a grid spot penalty nets him pole and the win.

Today in Valencia after a huge crash by webber he flouted the safety car rules and passed it as the car exited the pit lane. He got through the whole pit procedure and 9 minutes back into green racetrack before they (the stewards) looked into the incident completely and gave him a drivethrough. With this delay Hamilton was able to gap third enough to keep his p2 position in the field.

I honestly feel that Lewis Hamilton is getting preferential treatment. So many races in the past have these critical errors in judgement that have been glossed over by the stewards to be entirely coincidental.

Anyhow, vettel wins and I'm super pissed about the Ferrari results. Alonso follows the rules and gets ninth and Hamilton ignores them and stays second.

What can you do?

2010.06.28, 05:41 AM
Hamilton + Mclaren + Bernie Ecclestone + Charlie Whiting = MAFIA (FIA).


2010.06.28, 05:45 AM
I do love the radio transmission of Alonso's boo-hoo to the team on Hamilton's no position change after his penality drive through plus the Sushi Chef overtake him at the last lap. Now is Ferrari's turn to whine once they are down.

2010.07.27, 11:19 AM
So another poor decision makes me pull more hair out at F1 races. Long story short, a year to the day that massa is almost killed and Massa is leading the race for Ferrari...and he's not so cleverly told that Ferrari management see more benefit from Alonso winning. Massa does "the right thing for the team" and let's Alonso pass.

At least in the post race Alonso had the decency to look embarrassed.

The only high point of this past weekend is a possible return to form and pace for the Scuderia...let's hope they can get some results to make a good showing for a three team showdown.

2010.07.27, 12:12 PM
I like this article since it sums up his past.

2010.07.27, 12:29 PM
So another poor decision makes me pull more hair out at F1 races. Long story short, a year to the day that massa is almost killed and Massa is leading the race for Ferrari...and he's not so cleverly told that Ferrari management see more benefit from Alonso winning. Massa does "the right thing for the team" and let's Alonso pass.

At least in the post race Alonso had the decency to look embarrassed.

The only high point of this past weekend is a possible return to form and pace for the Scuderia...let's hope they can get some results to make a good showing for a three team showdown.

Massa was going to get passed anyway he was a few tenths slower and would have burned the tires off trying to keep Alonso in front of him. i think the team knew that Alonso get s very impatient with slower cars no matter what team they are on. what about the jackazz move by SV????? once Again his poor choice lost another race for him, what a tool! now his dumbazz wreck with webber makes more sense! Ferrari looked back in form although i do wonder why Massa's car was so much slower than FA. judging by this past race it looks like Mclaren is behind the ball a little bit, i think Ferrari may have found out what Red Bull already knew!

2010.07.27, 07:13 PM
I really wish I could be a tifosi. Just for my own sanity. :rolleyes:

2010.07.27, 08:21 PM
Massa was going to get passed anyway he was a few tenths slower and would have burned the tires off trying to keep Alonso in front of him. i think the team knew that Alonso get s very impatient with slower cars no matter what team they are on. what about the jackazz move by SV????? once Again his poor choice lost another race for him, what a tool! now his dumbazz wreck with webber makes more sense! Ferrari looked back in form although i do wonder why Massa's car was so much slower than FA. judging by this past race it looks like Mclaren is behind the ball a little bit, i think Ferrari may have found out what Red Bull already knew!

I think you were watching the fuel savings section of massa's laps. After the pitstops for new hard tires, Massa got heat into his tires and knocked a bunch of fast laps. He then eeked out a lead on Alonso who was running his fuel savings section to allow for tires and fuel to make the end of race. Massa then had to allow the gap to close for his fuel savings strategy....

If it came down to it and they were racing for position, I believe Massa had the necessary skill and car to stop Alonso from passing....but then again we'll never know.:rolleyes:

As for vettel, he truly showed his age off the start and by focusing on one competitor he allowed the gap to open for Massa...tough break but it happens when your start is not the optimum of traction and revs.

2010.11.13, 09:59 AM
So I havent posted in this thread for a while but my hopes for a Ferrari drivers champ may come to light(no jinx!!!)

Alonso leading the points and with Webber behind him (closest contender) he just has to finish on the podium without webber winning the race to take the drivers title.

Who would have thought I'd be cheering for Alonso.:eek:

Go Ferrari.;)

2010.11.13, 12:01 PM
Alonso surrounded by McLaren and Red Bull (RB 1/5, McLaren, 2/4). This should be a good race. Webber did not get the qualifying position that he needs to contend for the championship. He must win if he has any shot... Vettel will definitely be a thorn in the side. While he has a chance for the championship, it is a long shot.

Alonso grew on me with Ferrari a little. I didnt care for him much with Renault, although admired his abilities to develop the car. Which he took to Ferrari and brought them to championship contention. Massa struggled most of the season, although had times that he was on pace.

In general, this was the year of the Red Bull. If they had more consistency, they would be the only contenders. If Alonso wins the championship, everyone will be looking at the Turkey GP as the turn of the championship.

Rosberg showed good pace in qualify, however he dropped off a bit later in the session and wasnt able to drop his times as the top guys did later in qualify. I think it will be interesting to see MSC and ROS battle it out on the track off the start.

I think it would be a shame if Hulkenberg is not an F1 driver next year. While he did not have the spotlight rookie year that Hamilton had, he definitely showed that he has what it takes to wheel an F1. Especially after grabbing the pole position last week in changing conditions which usually are difficult for newer drivers.

The final race looks like it will be very exciting. While I would like to see Alonso take the championship, due to his hard work and consistency. I honestly would like to see Webber win this years championship. It may be his only shot. He has shown that he is an above average driver, but not the fastest. It was a very weird year for F1, with all the new teams, which werent as much of a factor as I expected.

2010.11.13, 03:40 PM
Had to stay off this thread in case of spoilers but finally finished watching quali on my DVR just now so it's safe! :) I'd love to see a Hamilton miracle (:rolleyes: ?) but barring that I'd like to see Vettel take it! :cool:

2010.11.14, 11:21 AM
Alonso...........Ha! Ha! Ha!....

2010.11.14, 01:17 PM
Alonso...........Ha! Ha! Ha!....

Had to watch live today - overjoyed by the results: Vettel takes Drivers' Champs and Lewis shows strength with second, Button further proves the McLaren chassis w/ 3rd, Alonso's Team Orders points have nil effect - awesome closing to a really great season!!! :) :) :) :cool:

2010.11.14, 02:09 PM
After the first lap safety car, there was little that Webber and Alonso could do. Renault played a powerful role in the final GP as well. Too slow to make forward progress, but fast enough to keep the fast guys behind....

2010.11.14, 02:21 PM
good race although a late safetey car with the R30's out of the way would have been more exciting! SV did what he needed to do and a hamilton miracle wasnt in the cards! Alonso and Webber didnt seem to have any spunk.

2010.11.14, 03:48 PM
Next season I hope to see Mercedes battle up front... It would be interesting if Renault continues to make progress the way that they have been as well, and we could have 5 different teams swapping grid orders each week.

This year we know that Red Bull was fastest in the corners. McLaren was fast in a straight line. Ferrari was a comprimise between both. There will be a lot of development going into next year with the tire change, aero changes, driver changes... I was never really excited in most of the races this season. I think the lack of pit stops took away from the show. Next season with the Pirelli tires that are supposed to have more drop off... it should get interesting again.

2010.11.14, 04:46 PM
Love the youngster breaking all records like Vettel winning the world champion.
Also great ending result for Mclaren & oh well for Ferrari.
I don't think boo hoo Alonso will complain since he got out drive by rookie Petrov.
Too bad for Webber missing out at his age and better for Schumacher hang up his racing shoes again in loosing more faces for a horrible season come back.
I think no one will remember his 7 times world champion instead one year of his lousy come back. Mercedes GP needs more young blood with no fear from GP2.
Now I do wish Kyosho make so updated F1 Bodies but most likely no hope
since it is another dieing part of the Mini Z series in Japan.

2010.11.14, 04:50 PM
i have to say im dissapointed that Ferrari didnt come through and win the drivers title but the way Alonso showed disdain to Petrov after the race was over clearly shows Alonso needs to grow up and show some integrity.

Alonso lost due to poor management of the tire strategy. By covering Webber and not thinking about drivers that pitted during the safety car (Rosberg being the biggest threat) it put too many cars that didnt need a stop between him and fourth place...all he needed for the title. To suggest that Petrov was his downfall was only part of it and my hats off to a seriously mature drive to keep Alonso behind him.;)

I hope that Mercedes has the measure of the front runners next year and I can see both Schumi and Rosberg up for some serious poits hauls...I really want to see everyone eat their words about Schumi being to old to contend with todays drivers.

So both my racing series (MotoGP and F1) did not go the way I'd hoped...lets bring it in 2011.

Go Schumi!
Go Rossi!:D

2010.11.14, 04:50 PM
...and better for Schumacher hang up his racing shoes again in loosing more faces for a horrible season come back....

Not just losing face - he's lucky his entire head wasn't taken clean off! :eek::eek::eek::p

2010.11.14, 04:57 PM
I think that Schumacher did very well this season after 3 years of drastic changes came to F1. The cars are completely different than what he knew aerodynamically as well as grip from the tires. If he came back last year, I think he would have fared better with the larger front tires. While he did not win any races, or get on any podiums... the car was not what it was last year as the Brawn GP. The Brawn GP car was developed on Honda budget, the car this year was developed on Brawn budget, next years car is being developed on Mercedes budget, so I think it will be a front running car.

I think we need racers like Schumi and Barrichello to continue racing. While the newer GP2 drivers are very fast, being fast doesnt make you into a great racer. You have to have patience and strike at the right moment. Vettel is a world Champion because he was fast, and was able to finish enough times in the front to get the title. There were quite a few times this season that he did not finish. Without the older racers to teach the younger ones the trick of the trade, they will have to learn the hard way.

I like Schumacher more now than when he was with Ferrari, and hope that he stays with Rosberg on Mercedes next year. The two would make a good team if they are able to get front running pace out of the car being developed.

2010.11.14, 05:01 PM
Petrov for MVP.

Seriously, I'm happy with this result, I was pretty much of the "anything that involves Alonso not winning another championship will make me happy (and the way Alonso acted towards Petrov shows why I don't like him to begin with...)" mindset, but I'm glad it went to Vettel as I feel he was the best driver in the best car this year.

Seriously a Hamilton fan though, I hope McLaren can be strong from the start next year :)

2010.11.14, 05:54 PM
My hat goes off to Petrov. He remained composed, and didnt give Alonso anything even when he was being pressured very hard. He made Alonso drive his tires off to the point that if he got by Petrov, he still wouldnt have been able to go far.

So, who do you guys think will have the best start next season? I assume that Red Bull will continue where they left off, but who will be able to rise up to have equal pace? RB didnt win every race this season, but nobody could really match their pace consistently.

2010.11.14, 06:16 PM
I thought the race was pretty exciting. I was really pushing for Ferrari, but I'm also glad that it worked out the way it did.

Although Ferrari (Alonzo) couldn't get past the Renault of Petrov, neither could Hamilton get past the Renault of Kubica. in the end is showed that you have to have a car that performs well everywhere as the two kind of offset eachother. The Renault had the straight line speed and the others could gain it back in the corners, but then loose it again in the straight. Also luck and strategy as to who you are racing against. The Redbull had the slowest car in on the straight but when out front it more than made up for it in the "twisty bits" Pretty exciting Season, Looking forward to next year.

2010.11.14, 08:40 PM
So, who do you guys think will have the best start next season? I assume that Red Bull will continue where they left off, but who will be able to rise up to have equal pace? RB didnt win every race this season, but nobody could really match their pace consistently.

If the year Brawn started is any indication, I think that any big budget team that wrote off this season will have a powerful car next year becasue theyve got a head start on development.

With Mclaren, ferrari and RedBull all fighting for continued pace this year and focusing the majority of their efforts for this seasons championship, I'd say Merecedes and renault have a real chance of boosting their next season with their jump start on next years car.

With no F-Duct, KERS resurgance and new tire supplier it's anyones guess how it'll really play out.

2010.11.15, 01:12 AM
How much of McLarens straight away speed due to their F-duct and diffusor tech? They definitely seemed low in downforce even at higher settings compared to most of the other cars in the corners, but almost always they were very good in the speed traps and high speed sections where RB were not.

I think Mercedes will be good. Red Bull will be good as well, being that they were one of the last front running cars to get an F-duct and were still strong. Ferrari and Mercedes always seem to be above average, but continue to get better throughout the season. Alonso got lucky with most of the wins he got this season, with a few being gifts.

I dont think that Lotus (whatever it will be called) will be anywhere near the front runners, but I hope that it will be able to find more pace and be able to keep up with some of the mid level pack. Who knows where the new teams will be next year. They gained a lot of data this year, I hope that I am surprised by their performance.

I really dont know how many cars will use KERS. The only way to really make it a worthwhile investment is if the FIA would mandate a higher minimum weight limit for the cars.

The Pirelli tire change will also make things a little difficult for the first few races since there is no testing. Especially since they are supposed to degridate faster than the Bridgestones they replace. This could mean possibly 3-4 pit-stops in the race to strategize with data learned in practice, qualify and during the race. I did think that most of the races were a little lackluster due to them only having a single pit-stop and parading around the track. A few of the racers changed their tires on lap 1, and were able to go to the finish on them... and Vettel used the soft tires for an entire race, pitting on the last lap. I hope it changes, but I also dont want to see cars looking nearly undriveable either. These could be tires that the drivers really dislike, but it will bring the smoother drivers to the front.