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2010.03.09, 11:23 PM
until now most people tell me to change differential gear and tyre. what i want to know is toe and camber for the back and front of the tyre. i have less information about this toe and camber.

my friend tell me to make the back tyre toe-in and negative camber for front tyre. is this setup really for drifting. please tell why.

I'm using ma-010 awd.

2010.03.09, 11:47 PM
To be honest, all 0s and plastic tires are fine. 2 degrees of camber and wide rims/tires help, but aren't really necessary. Never played with toe because I never saw a need to.

2010.03.10, 12:57 AM
I agree. I'm happy with 0 degree toe and camber.


2010.03.10, 01:59 AM
rear toe will still give a drifter with hard tyres a little stability.
camber on the front will give less steering(it will reduce tyre contact patch),use camber when you want even less grip than the plastic tyres give.

both help to balance the car out:)

2010.03.10, 03:16 AM
When I had a go at drifting, I used 2* toe in rear and 1* toe out front with 1.5 camber all around. That shiz was stabbbble!

2010.03.10, 09:48 PM
"the back tyre toe-in and negative camber for front tyre"

so is this setting really for drifting?

2010.03.12, 02:07 PM
On Kyodho website there are two drift setup data sheets, one for narrow tires and other for wide.

Though they are in japanese you can read it says to use 0 camber an all wheels if you go narrow an -1.5 on rer tires if they are wide.

Also in both cases it tells to use 1.5 toe in on the rear an if I'm correct 2.2 on front.

There are lots of things written about suspension limiters, diff settings, type of springs ecc, but it is all in Japanese and I can only read the numbers and the pictures!