View Full Version : New RCP Bridge

2010.03.10, 01:29 PM
We are working on a bridge so users can create layouts similar to below pictures. The bridge is better suited for our new one piece tiles found at link below, but can be used for the original 30cm tiles as well.


The bridge will be made of EVA foam and will go together quickly. The height of the bridge will be better suited for 2.4 frequency cars with no antenna, but can be used with mini-z's' and other small scale RC cars with antenna's. Slight modifications to the antenna would be recommended by just bending it down a little, so it clears the bridge.



Here is a preliminary drawing of the bridge support. The design allows for a smooth transition over the lower track. The bridge support is connected together under the top track via rail PINS.


2010.03.10, 06:17 PM
I can't wait to get this into my home track! Realy ups the fun factor.

Eta on arrival?

2010.03.10, 07:52 PM
i can second that, i did a bridge last time i set up my mini96 with misc stuff. much more fun. its great to have a RCP designed bridge.