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2010.03.12, 11:02 AM
I have an M11 and i have the KO module. I love the radio but I know it is a bit advanced for me even though i am learning more how to use it each day. I have a reverse issue that is different from many of the previous.

----The Issue---- I have a brand new MR-02 2.4ghz. I have paired it successfully with my M11 with the KO module. I have the same issue in regards to not being able to get reverse but I know how to fix that I adjust the throttle trim. The problem is when I adjust it incrementally until it begins to get reverse I then try to go forward and when i lift off the trigger the car still has forward throttle for a few moments afterwards. other than adjusting the throttle trim what else can I do to try and fix this reverse problem. It has to be a difference radio adjustment.

----Disclaimer---- I have already adjusted the throttle trim as low as I can to get reverse but when i do that and go forward if i pull off the trigger the car still powers forward for a second which is obviously an issue. I know that the MR-02's had an issue with reverse and my 2 MR-03's dont have this issue. There has to be another way to fix this as I have so many hop ups for the 02 that I dont want to simply junk a brand new car.

2010.03.12, 11:54 AM
The neutral point on the radio has to be the neutral point on the board. if not the board never senses it no throttle set point to allow reverse. You can audible here the motor go silent (no whining noise) in this area. center the trim setting in silent band of the motor.

Different motors affect the drag brake(roll) of the motor Kyosho and PN speedy 07 motors has less then the atomics stock and PN 70t.

The 03 board has a virtual inertia setting that can do what you are describing. I am not sure If the 02 board has that on the ICS settings.
Can someone chime in?

Make sure both radio trims are set. The button one in the menus and the quick acces one for while you are driving. I have a M8 and it has 2.

2010.03.12, 12:20 PM
hpgod thanks for the heads up, I will try it when i get home later. To answer your question I am running a PN 70 turn that has been broken in, and I will also check both trims. I love the radio but i think its a bit over my head as i described.

Also as far as setting end points for steering and throttle i heard that for mini Z's the max you can go is 70 on anything or half , so that you dont bust the steering gears. I am at work now so I am not checking the end points but i believe they some go up to 140% and some to 100% I could be wrong but like i said im having a hell of a time setting the radio up for this car, but i love the M11 regardless. Any suggested End Point numbers would be appreciated and I know they might be different for different cars and setups but im looking for a ballpark. Thanks again

2010.03.12, 01:45 PM
As for steering start them out low (20% travel). I did bust a gear on my mr03 setting the trim but never on an 02. Hold the car up in the air and turn the steering wheel to max then increase the travel point til you get max throw. IE just below you hear the servo motor whine. Then do the other side.

If the left and right are to out of line, you can adjust the pot(plastic + scre on the board.) on the board. to recenter.