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2002.07.06, 02:27 PM
I went shopping with the wife today :)
We went into the "Gadget Shop" and I saw a Tomy Compac Char-G.
Needless to say, I bought one :p The Skyline GT-R
I must admit, it's smaller than I expected.
The run times and speed is pretty impressive too.
Damn, I'm a sucker for RC...

2002.07.06, 02:58 PM
Lucky those things aren't sold around here....
They'd probaply cost a bundle and I'd have to get one :D

2002.07.06, 03:34 PM
yo Mondo, why did you call it Compaq? is it different from a regular Bit char-G? just wondering.....those things are a blast, i love mine

2002.07.06, 04:33 PM

It's a Compac Char-g, not Compaq
I guess it's a result of too many years in the IT business!
Yes, it's identical to the Bit Char-G, but the TX is a little different

2002.07.06, 04:36 PM
sorry i didn't have my glasses on, but how is the controller different? is it just different colors?

2002.07.06, 05:53 PM
Yes they sure looks cool, the "must have" factor are really big :D

2002.07.06, 06:45 PM
I used some excess decals from my Micro RS4 Skyline R34.

The Thunderer
2002.07.06, 10:36 PM

"I'm a sucker for R/C." That's hilarious! It looks an awful lot like my Zexel Bit Char-G. The decal job adds so much to that car! I really liked my Bit-Charg, UNTIL I bought the booster set and the 3.0 motor (both of which really BITE -- not enough range and just doesn't work, respectively). After that, I just put them away.

The 2.6 motor and the original tx work great. There's nothing like tearing across the floor with a mini-mouse sized car. My 8 month old little girl giggles like crazy every time she sees it. Too bad I can't get too close to her -- she thinks she's "Godzilla".

Anyway, welcome to the world of "itsy-bitsy R/C".

Crash Rehven
2002.07.08, 12:41 AM
Funny, I went the other way... Someone at work had a Bit Char-G, and I went and bought one for myself... that lead to seeing the Mini-z, so I bought that too!

Yesterday I bought a Micro RS4! arrgh... watch my magic trick... a dissapearing bank account!

I guess at least I'm moving "up" in the world!

2002.07.08, 05:35 AM

They look like a proper desktop racer. I remember when the mini-z's were first reveiwed they were called "desktop racers". I wonder how big their desks were!

Anyway, whats was the shop and how much?

I think I would like one, may have to pop across to tinyrc.com later.

2002.07.08, 04:53 PM

Originally posted by Mondo
We went into the "Gadget Shop" and I saw a Tomy Compac Char-G.
Needless to say, I bought one :p The Skyline GT-R

And it cost UKú25.00

There is a Gadget Shop at The Oracle in Reading City Centre.

The Thunderer
2002.07.08, 08:15 PM

What is the rate of exchange? How much does that come out to in USD? I have no frame of reference, so $25 english pounds doesn't mean anything to me.

Isn't it roughly 2 dollars to the pound? Or is that Pounds/Kilos? LOL.

2002.07.08, 08:35 PM
Crash Rehven

The saga is just beginning my new friend...............

In the beginning there was 1 Skyline, that bred like rabbits into
4 Mini-Z's
6 AutpScale Bodies
5 Custom Chopped Bodies
1 Purple Every Option Made Clk

The Skyline begot the 360 that begot the Lancia that begot the Clk and its brother Purple and bunches of hybrid offspring.......

1 Dynamite Pocket Racer

Which after very generous amount$ of green fertilizer begot

1 Ratzas Full Option Micro RS4
1 Team Epic Full Option Micro RS4

I believe this family is about 8 months old.

It's only money!

2002.07.08, 08:43 PM
holy cow! let me borrow some money DAMZer

Crash Rehven
2002.07.08, 08:44 PM
It's only money!

Yeah tell that to my fiancee...;)

My family just gained a Mini-x last night... (darn tinyRC shops):D

2002.07.08, 09:09 PM
yeah, It usually start with alittle innocent toy an friend has and you ask them were they get it and you innocently go to that place and check it out and you end up walking out with one. It does not help if one of your buddy is so into it also!!:mad: Yeah i just order a Micro too. Now, i started with a bit-charg and continue with a mini-z and now iam waiting for a Micro.

How did that happened! Need money!!:(

The Thunderer
2002.07.08, 09:10 PM
You know, Damzer... I'm SCARED out of my wits! You started 8 months ago and have that family... I started 4 months ago and (while I'm short a Micro), have an R/C family comparable. Uh-oh!!!! Like Mondo said... MONSTERS!!!

If anyone wants, I've invited Mrs. Nancy Reagan to my house to teach me how "Just Say No!" works. Remember, she started that! LOL. J/K of course! :p

2002.07.08, 09:19 PM
i'm on the patch:p

2002.07.08, 09:24 PM
Than Later..........

Hope she's understanding!!

Congrats and good luck.

"Neither a borrowerer nor a lender be"

Yeah, a bud said let's look at these Mini-Z thingies. I bought one and then 4 months later bought his. I need some one to race with now!!!! Sob, sob.......

A sick addition, thanks Mini-Z for supplying the legal fix.

2002.07.09, 06:46 AM
The THunderer.

UKú1.00 = US$1.55
US$1.00 = UKú0.64

So, the BitCharG cost me: US$38.65

For future exchange rate info, look here: http://www.xe.com/ucc/


My collection is also growing.
That second Micro RS4 dedicated to 140mm wheelbase is tempting me.
As is the ABC DTM, Kwada TRipmate....

Yes, after all it is only money and if we cant spend it on something we are passionate about, why earn it at all?

2002.07.09, 06:54 PM
We've talked about this before, but it is worth another mention.

This is a way to cleanse the mind, create goals that you can achieve, challenge the mind and your imagination and have some freindly competition. It costs a little to do it, but only as much as you want or can afford.

I've seen guys dump a hundred a night on drinks for 3 nights running. They have the fun then pay the bodily price. I can take that money and stretch the enjoyment for weeks or several months, with little bodily harm. (Note to self, never let the wife see this forum).

I digress.....


The Thunderer
2002.07.09, 07:02 PM
Originally posted by DAMZer
(Note to self, never let the wife see this forum).

ROFLOL! Damzer, if my wife were to browse this forum, I'd be more than just a dead man, I'd be a heartless man too. She'd reach right in and.... well. You get the point.

LOL! She is surprisingly supportive, but if she knew how much...... Hence she is NOT ALLOWED on this board!


2002.07.11, 04:15 AM

My 40MHz Blue Skyline arrive this morning. :D

Just look at that motor. It is tiiiiiiiny!!

I bet NML struggles with them boys...:p

2002.07.11, 01:34 PM

Welcome to the world of multi-RC car ownership :)
This is only phase two in a long addiction that has more phases than a Cray Research System could ever calculate!

Enjoy it.

Crash Rehven
2002.07.12, 02:41 AM
after all it is only money and if we cant spend it on something we are passionate about, why earn it at all?

Amen to that!

2002.07.12, 03:07 AM
I enjoy it already. Our cat isn't to impressed though. :D

The Thunderer
2002.07.12, 03:18 AM
Its funny that you all mention cats... our next door neighbor's cat comes by whenever I drive my Micro. He loves watching it. Once he attached it, but when I gave it the juice, he gave up. Now, he sits and watches purring the whole time. When we leave, we wave goodbye and he trots off... until next time!

2002.07.12, 04:27 AM
My mini-z it too much for that cat and she hates it. But the bit char-g she is goes mad for a while then paws it on its roof so it can't move. Then she gets bored and walks off.

2002.07.12, 05:37 AM
Originally posted by butler
Then she gets bored and walks off.

Sounds like my wife when it comes to the Bit Char-G!

Butler have you customised it at all?

The Thunderer

The guy at the end of my row of houses has this long haired ginger cat.
I amused it once or twice with my Mini-Z.
I scared the bejeezus out if it with my Micro RS4!

2002.07.12, 06:23 AM
Ha ha.

I am looking at cutting higher slots in the body to lower it.
I guess I will have to order a selection of motors for it from tinyrc and a machine set.

I would like to get some stickers.

I need another one for my brother thats a different MHz so I will have to add that to the order too.

Plus I maybe will be order some mini-z stuff

2002.07.12, 06:23 AM
Then after all that I will get bored and buy a micro rs4:p

2002.07.12, 06:27 AM

We don't want to go off-topic here but...

The Micro RS4 is incredible!


2002.07.12, 10:36 AM
Yeah I bet. But at a cost. I might subscribe to yourmicro.com anyway. :D ;)

2002.07.12, 12:01 PM
I need another one for my brother thats a different MHz so I will have to add that to the order too.

Plus I maybe will be order some mini-z stuff

Butler, email us before you order and we'll show you how to combine items from MZR and TRC to save on shipping.

2002.07.25, 03:40 PM
hey Crash Rehven heard u got a mini-x.
How do u like it?

Crash Rehven
2002.07.25, 08:44 PM
It's great!
Although since I've gotten into Micro RS4's and My Mini-z is all souped up It feels a little slow... I have to buy the 6-cell batts... everyone tells me that will boost the Mini-x to unbelievable speeds...
I'll tell you though the handling on the X is incredible!... I just have to stop painting my lexan bodies (for my Micro...) long enough to order the hopups for the X!

Oh, by the way... I wrote a little review for it at TinyRC.com
check it out!