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2010.05.17, 11:10 AM
Are the results going to be posted? I didnt get a chance to look at the data sheets for the mains.

One thing that I think did help me out in the race, was working my way up through the qualifying order. I was used to working around wrecks and traffic.

Right before the main, during practice laps, I started turning laps, and someone (I think Jay) said something to me. I looked at him without stopping driving for a couple laps. I knew that I had the layout imprinted in my head to the point that I didnt have to keep my eyes fixed on my car. I could look almost anywhere on the track and still feel in control of the car.

I try to practice looking either above the track, or towards the center of the track, without following my car for a few laps (not the entire time I am practicing). See how many corners or laps you can do without hitting the boards. If you are fixed on your car too much, its hard to see traffic or wrecks as you come up on them with fast closing speeds. The size of this track made it a little easier, because you can see the entire track without having to turn your head if you look to the center.

Landon, I think you are correct that my big race experience came through in the main. I had to work hard to get into the A mains, and when it came to the mains, I turned up the power, and turned down the aggressiveness, and focused on consistancy. I had to push the hardest in the LM main, with Wade in front about half the race, and we were about the same pace when I was pushing to the limit.

My cars and driving are usually better later in the races, so I knew that the shorter qualifiers didnt show the true pace since that was when I was just getting warmed up by the time the qualifying run was almost over. In the mains, the second half of the race was when I was in a rythem and was able to run laps with less risk that were about the same speed as I was running in qualify with more risk.

Cant wait to watch all of the videos :) Thanks again for bringing down the Giro-Z counter.

2010.05.17, 11:15 AM
Congratulations to all who raced and participated in the Carolina's Cup - Race 2 and congratulations to Emu for winning all three Events. I look forward to seeing all the pictures and vidoes that are going to be posted. It sounds like it was an awesome event. Congratulations to everyone once again.

You know it would be really nice for Al's to put together a team with EMU and Shafiq to join us in this competition. It wouldn't take long and there would be an event at Action.

The super scribe and movie producer that he is I'm sure Landon will get the results up as soon as he can.

Davey G
2010.05.17, 01:46 PM
Who got the longest Novel award? EMU or Hrdrvr ???

2010.05.17, 02:05 PM
Who got the longest Novel award? EMU or Hrdrvr ???

You can put together a small e-book with all the EMU's posts....LOL Something similar to what they did with Big Jim’s Motor Book..

Congrats EMU.....

2010.05.17, 04:19 PM
My camera crapped on me, and all of my pics are just icons :( Hopefully Shafiq can throw the ones up of the trophy ceremony, but mine of the pits and action are lost.....

The video all turned out good though :D Ill have video and results posted tomorrow. Actually you can check out my youtube page later in the evening and possibly see the vids. Ive qued them all up....just waiting for the uploads to take place, then Ill add descriptions.....

2010.05.17, 04:29 PM
His camera ran out of batteries when he was taking the trophy pictures. I will have him send whatever he has your way...

2010.05.18, 04:39 AM
Actually you can check out my youtube page later in the evening and possibly see the vids. Ive qued them all up....just waiting for the uploads to take place, then Ill add descriptions.....

Landon, thank you so much for bringing the video camera and posting the vids. The level of feedback it provides is incredible. I knew my win in the Stock C Main was a close one, but I really had no idea how close until I got to see the replay.

To all, I loved and was humbled by my first "big event" and it was great to finally meet those from out of state (Eugene, Shafiq, Marcus, Larry, Matt). Also good to see the SC faces again, including the new one (Collin), and to get to race with them this time. I'd heard a lot about Collin's skill, but seeing him drive was something else. It won't be long and he'll be winning the "triple crown".

Looking forward to the PN Regional next month.


2010.05.18, 08:19 AM
Marwan, no problem my man. I like watching all the vids back too :D With so much going on, I never really get a chance to watch and enjoy all the races, and I always love to see all my mistakes :rolleyes:

I'm downsizing the scans of the results. I should have them, and the matching videos posted up sometime this morning.

2010.05.18, 08:51 AM
I'm just going to throw these up here in the order in which they were run. A couple of the mains were started a bit late, but it looks lie Andy and I pretty well stayed on top of it.

Stock D-Main


Stock C-Main


Stock B-Main


Stock A-Main


LM D-Main


LM C-Main


LM B-Main


LM A-Main


F1 to follow....too many images....

2010.05.18, 08:52 AM
Formula1 C-Main


Formula1 B-Main


Formula1 A-Main


2010.05.18, 11:12 AM
I am a little late on the “Thank You”s but I had to get back to work and family for a bit…

I hope all who came out to the Carolinas Cup event had a good time. We had a full day of very close, competitive racing and socializing with friends new and old. I want to say a special thanks to those that traveled some distance to race with us: Marcus, Eugene, Shafiq, Larry, Matt and nearly the entire MB racing group… thanks guys. We had great participation from our group and as a group we want to give a big thank you to Jim and Vicki, the owners of High Speed Hobbies, for letting us take over their business to host this event. I want to give a big thanks to Andy for being our race director, doing a great job of learning the ZRound software and keeping the event moving through the minor hiccups we experienced. I also want to say thanks to Landon for taking time out of his race day to help Andy learn the new software, take over when needed and help solve the occasional problem… not to mention lugging his timing system up from MB for us to use. Thanks too for the videos and posting up the results, I think it is this type of inter-club cooperation that will help this scale grow. I want to thank Marcus for not only attending the event but also supplying prizes for our giveaway. We also had prizes donated by PN Racing (THANKS!) and Atomic (THANKS EMU!). I also want to send out a big thank you to Cristian at Reflex Racing for preparing our handout motors at no cost to us but at a high cost to himself in time spent fiddling with little motors… thanks CT for your support of local club racing. Thanks Wade for getting the ball rolling on the event and all the organizing and of course thanks to Mike for organizing trophies, fronting up cash for the base PN motors and numerous other responsibilities… not to mention putting his house up as a hostel to many of the visitors!
There was some really great racing and probably one of the largest F1 race fields in the US so far! I hope F1 continues it’s resurgence from here! Congratulations to EMU for taking the individual title, top spot in all the classes. He is a great example of the competitiveness of racing in the Northeast, a level which we here in the Southeast hope to match. He is also a nice guy, very helpful and not short of information, just see his brief posts! I was really impressed by Eric’s son Collin, a clean, courteous racer who has a big future in RC racing, and he is only 12! Hope to see him racing MiniZs in the future, even when one of the majors pick him up for big scale racing. Eric’s alright too…

Looking forward to the next one in MB!

2010.05.18, 11:43 AM
Thanks to everyone who made this event a sucess! You know who you are!!!!!!! Great job guys!!!!!!!!!!

I had a really great time, good to meet some new friends and re-aquaint with others.

I can't hardly wait untill the next time!

Hope to see you all soon!

2010.05.18, 12:18 PM
Thanks for the results and videos :) (F1 A-main is up now)

Everyone in the F1 A-main was running fast laps lower than 8.2s. Which was faster than any other class. The F1 B-main everyone was lower than 8.5s, and the winner finished less than one lap behind the A-main pace. The C-main winner (Pedro), had 3 laps lower in the C main, but less than 2 laps difference to the A-main winner after he bumped up to the B-main and had more open track. The field was VERY tight in all classes, but I think that F1 was the closest from the top of the A to the top of the C. One error could drop you down the field pretty quickly. . .

What I try to focus on the most when looking at my stats, is the difference between my pace (mean lap time) and my fast lap. I want them to be as close as possible. If they are wider than one second, my setup may be too edgy causing me to error more... I may want to reduce my fast lap slightly with setup changes to get more consistant pace.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.05.18, 02:20 PM
The racing and getting together with friends was great as usual.
Thanks to Jim and Vicky @ HSH for their hospitality.Thanks to the HSH members that made it happen.Thanks to the sponsers and it was good to meet you Marcus.
A big congrats goes out to Eugene for three big wins and taking home the cup, hope you make it to the 3rd CC Race to race for it again.
Hope to see all you at the PN SE regionals.

2010.05.18, 04:08 PM
I got all the results compiled into the Carolina Cup database, and have the current cup standings available. :D

Here is how the points went down for the day:

Here is the current overall with only MB an HS points:

And last, here is the final individual standings after round 2:

You can see form the days standings that every one was really close form class to class. Eugene put it down with the full 150, which was the highest he could have scored. From Eric, who was in second for the day, back to Chad, who finished tenth, there were only 20 points! Matt finished just 20 behind Chad, and he only ran 2 classes :eek: Personally I don't think our two groups could be much closer, and the out of town guys who came fit right into the mix with us. Ive quoted Ed Check many times to say "We aren't the fastest guys in the nation, but we sure have some of the closest races!" :D

Eric and Wade both took large steps towards the top three, and Rodney and I are even closer than we were coming in. Both of us struggled a bit Saturday, but maintained a small lead over the field form our strong round 1 runs. I went from a 6 point lead to a 2 point deficit :( Chad slipped back a tad, but is still within striking distance, and Wade, Eric, and James are all in contention! Jay held his position, but slipped back a little bit. He is still in a pretty comfortable 7th though.

As far as the team cup goes, HS gained 70 points on MB to make it a cool 100 point difference. That's a one event swing!

2010.05.18, 05:11 PM
Thanks for the results Landon. Things really tightened up in the overall individual standings.

I also want to thank Christen from Reflex Racing for the motor prep on the Cup hand out motors.


2010.05.18, 05:40 PM
anyway to get the qualifier standing going into the mains. might be neat for everyone to see just how close the time were going into the mains

2010.05.18, 10:05 PM
Interesting to see the numbers. Even though I haven't made it to the A mains yet the points are encouraging. (Interestingly enough 7th corralates directly with about how many (7x1000) thousands I have spent on Mini-z's in the last several years:eek:) Still by far cheaper than smoking crack.:)

I realize that some people have less points because they have run less classes and perhaps haven't been to all the events. None the less points is points either way you look at it. So whats my point, who knows? :confused:

One thing is for certain I love racing mini-z's!!!!!!!!!!! For now I will just keep practicing untill I get there!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has graciously helped me along the way!!!!!!!!!! If I would have just listened more I would probably be there by now!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember if you don't want to get wrecked.

2010.05.19, 12:32 PM
Got some of the trophy pics... waiting to get more. The Camera shut down midway through the trophy presentations, so we wont have all of the trophy pics.


2010.05.19, 01:08 PM
A few more pics...

2010.05.19, 02:26 PM
I missed out on this... been missing out on too much racing lately. :o

Getting my race report via Larry right now... sounds like the racing was excellent, and the crew was fun as always. Dammit... I hate missing these events!

Ok, I'm not out of racing... just an extended break I guess. Was downstairs last night cleaning up the track a bit... guess I should cycle some cells before they go completely dead! Sure I'll be seeing you all again sometime this year though.

2010.05.19, 03:08 PM
You were missed as you always are when you don't make it. There was room at Fawlty Towers for a couple more so plan on it next time. We will be at the Beach for the next round and back here for the one after that. You could always field a team from your local group and even host an event. Though it will always be the Carolina Cup we see it spreading beyond the Carolina's.

PN regional at the Beach June 12th. Come on down and talk about it.

2010.05.19, 03:18 PM
Definitely missed having you around Ed. We had no advertisement in the videos, and you definitely would have had some great battles :) Everyone had someone to battle with.

Larry really stepped it up in the third round of qualifying in F1. Going from the 'C' to P2 in the A with a good clean run. I got nervous for a second, since he was on TQ pace, but scrubbed a couple boards late in the run. You can definitely get some F1 setup from him, his car was working good ;)

Much like Monaco, there was little room to pass on the track, so qualify position made a huge difference. There were a couple good passing locations, but you had to get a good run through a few corners to work the speed up to get your nose in deep enough to make the pass. I definitely learned a thing or two this race, and I hope that everyone that attended the race did as well. Take every race as a learning experience, wherever you finish, and use that information for the next race.

Jay definitely had the speed, but sometimes pushed too hard. I think in time you will make the A mains, but just remember, that pace is what counts, not really the fast lap. Back off a little, and you will have more consistent runs. Although, sometimes a conscious decision to slow down a little will make you scrub more, since the rhythm is off.

2010.05.19, 03:58 PM
I need to give my thanks to CT and Reflex for taking the time and making the effort to make this event the success that it was.

Thank you. I truly appreciate it.

2010.05.19, 04:11 PM
I would like to thank Atomic, MantisWorx, Team Scream Racing, 3C Grafx... High Speed Hobbies for hosting the event, Mike for letting me and Shafiq stay at his place and showing us around, Shafiq for driving 12 hours each way, and Reflex Racing/Cristian for the handout motors. :D

2010.05.19, 04:23 PM
I'd like to thank the BBQ man! :D

2010.05.19, 06:22 PM
That was the best BBQ that I ever had in my life!!! Worth the trip just for that.

I have more pics that I will post when I get home and can resize them. I will try to update the posts above to keep all of the pics consolidated.

2010.05.20, 07:11 PM
well a little late on the thanks, i've been in charleston. thanks for a great race you guys put on. me and collin had an awesome time.we got home about 12ish.i think i had the camper sideways on the backroads:D.

congrats to everybody that raced:D. there was some fast dudes there:cool:.

EMU, can't thank you enough for letting me use the f1. bump from the B and finish 3rd in the A:cool:. i had to use some jedi powers;). good job on all your finishes.

whats up with that,collin laying down the hot lap in the LM Bmain:D. if i could just get him to practice as much as i try to,he would be screamin for 12 years old:D.

hope to cya guys at the regional. thanks again eric. might have to get an f1:).

2010.05.21, 01:28 AM
Eric, that car always finishes on the podium ;) Im glad you kept up your end on keeping it that way :p

I was really impressed by how fast everyone was. I was expecting good competition, and thats what happened. When we were running Nascar Oval up here, people told me that I should put a 48 on my car, I do a pretty good job of staying out of the wrecks :p

Tonight we had our cash race night at Action (1 open class), everyone is very proud of what I accomplished. With a little work, I may be able to get a team together for the next Cup, a few are interested now but who knows how the schedules will work...

I tested the ATM 94mm v6 mount with an F50 on an MR02 with ATM Stock-BB (yellow label), and by the mains, I got the car working real good. The nail in the coffin was some good front wheels I got down in North Carolina :D I took it as a test day, and went for hot laps in the mains to see what the car could do... Before the front wheel change in qualifying, I was getting 9.8s fast laps, after I got 9.52s fast lap in the main with qualify cells that were trickling for a while. The cars steering increased, but the steering response felt like it doubled. The car had a little push (I like it that way), but I could carry a lot more speed through the tight sections, and transition faster. The F50 has some clearance issues, and with new tires, the tire rubs a little of the body. With these wheels, its not an issue.

I plan to run this car at the NYRC 1 Year Anniversary race on Sunday. I still have to run my points series races at Action RC on Saturday (Wide (stock-BB),Narrow (70t), and LM (ATM USA/Standard), so I have to conserve batteries on Saturday, probably use my practice cells for qualify, and my qualify cells for mains so I dont get too many runs on them before the trophy race. ATM Stock BB for 2wd stock, Mod 2wd, and AWD Stock BB. I tried for F1 :( Maybe next time ;) Its going to be a lot of FAST racing, I prefer technical.

I learned a lot at the Carolina Cup, and it will take a little while to utilize what was learned. I feel that was the most important thing that I took from the race.

I know you cant win every race, so I told myself going into the stock and LM mains, that my goal was 3rd place. These werent my primary classes, so I didnt expect too much out of them. F1 was my target, and the one that I really wanted to win. It seemed to work well for me, since I didnt pressure myself too hard, and just drove the race that unfolded. My most nervous run was my first stock qualify, after that, it got a little easier since I stayed as calm as I could :p

2010.05.21, 07:51 AM
nervous? dude did you see me shaking in the first qualifier?:D. marcus told me to try some zink:D or maybe a beer or two:eek:.

2010.05.21, 09:30 AM
For those of you that missed the Carolina's Cup, you missed some of the best racing I've ever seen. But, just to give you an idea of what you'll be up against next time I snapped a few pics of the participants :eek:.

The man to beat was EMU.....


When he showed up wearing a hooded robe and swinging a light saber, I knew we had problems :confused:. He played those darn jedi mind tricks all day and beat us like red headed step children :p. Congrats on sweeping the field master.

I also got a pic of Landon....


Little did we know that since construction is still a little slow, Landon is preparing for his role in the made for TV movie The Return of Grizzly Adams :rolleyes:. Good luck on your movie star endeavors buddy, but don't let it interfere with the Mini-Z Racing.

The only other pic I can find right now is one of MBMZR's finest. You know who it is! Your buddy, but not mine :eek:. That freakin' Eric...........


Holy crap, dude! You've always looked a little rough, but sleeping in that camper really did you in :p. Eric does have a beautiful smile though, doesn't he?

Anyways, I had a great time guys. Thanks to all that made it happen, especially Jim and Vicki of HSH. Fast racing, stiff competition, and good friends.........that's what HSH is all about. Can't wait til next time.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important THANK YOU of the race. A big thanks goes out to all the MBMZR members for LOSING the cup to the HSH crew :eek:. The universe feels more balanced now that the cup has returned to it's rightful home.

2010.05.21, 11:12 AM
Great post James. Cracked me up.

I dont know which picture is the funniest...

2010.05.21, 05:45 PM
Too funny James!

2010.05.21, 08:54 PM
dude,that is funny. i went to a halloween party as him one year.i walked around with a light bulb in my mouth :D. don't hate me cause i'm beautiful,hate me cause i made all three A mains:p.

hope you guys make it down for the regional,except james:p,he hurt my feelings.he's playing jedi mind games. cya soon:)

2010.06.02, 08:29 PM
Heres a little writeup about the Carolina Cup on the Atomic home site. Hope it brings a few more teams to the battle next time around :)


2010.06.02, 09:12 PM
nice write up emu. hope to get to race with you again at the next one

2010.06.03, 07:05 AM
Thats a very nice article. The only thing I dont like about it is, youve got my trophy sitting in front of you in that picture :D

Just kidding. I hope you do come down and let us have a shot at taking back fairly :D

2010.06.03, 11:44 AM
Landon, it will always be your trophy, your name is engraved on it forever ;) Although mine is right next to it...

Have you guys decided when and where the next race will be held? I definitely want to defend the cup, and try to get a team together to shoot for the team trophy as well.

2010.06.03, 12:25 PM
Sadly enough, if you wouldn't have been there, I still wouldnt ave defended it properly :( Eric and a few others out-shined me pretty good....

Ill start to work on a date and promotion for the next event after our regional (June 12th). If things work out like they are supposed to, the next one will be at our home track in Myrtle Beach. Ill make sure and have as much informaiton as I can as soon as possible.