View Full Version : Anyone replace the ON/OFF switch on the MR-02?

2010.03.14, 09:45 PM
I just discovered that my ON/OFF switch is bad. Has anyone ever replaced the switch with something better/longer lasting?

I would prefer something that I could turn on and off...not a situation where the switch is eliminated altogether, and the car automatically goes on when all batteries are installed.


2010.03.15, 01:22 PM
I never heard of a faulty on off switch, so better ? I dont know.
I think if you take it to your nearest elecronics shop they will get you what you need.

2010.03.15, 02:20 PM

2013.08.26, 06:53 AM
Mine is broken. It just got stuck. Forced it then it broke.

Atomic doesn't sell that anymore. Where can i find that? Please help

2013.08.26, 07:53 AM
is there not a way to have it hot all the time and you cut it off by just removing the battery?

2013.08.26, 08:06 AM
Yes but then you have to remove the body just to switch it off. Inconvenient

2013.08.26, 12:52 PM
i've never done it myself but i know LOTS of people who have removed the switch. the claim is it's just a weak link in the chain however other responses are any gain is negligible so it's more a personal preference it seems.

2013.08.26, 07:25 PM
ok thanks , i will probably remove it as well for weight saving reason (0.00001 gr :)