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2010.03.15, 09:52 AM

J.B. R/C has jumped on as a sponsor to the event! Our paint jobs were a big hit at the last race for door prizes! J.B. plans to give us something that outshines even the best we had to offer at the last one! I'll be tough to top Serranos killer flame job on that GTR, but Ive seen some of J.B.'s pics around the forums, and hes got the potential to do it!

MBMZR is proud to present its second endurance race event. We will be using the same variable random inclement weather. The race will be held on one of MBMZRs typical elevated layouts. The layout will be designed to try and keep flow moving, while still being technical enough to give the GT cars a shot at victory.

This will be a 4 hour race! It will not be as enduring as the initial 5 hour time frame, but with a lot of folks running solo, it will be plenty hard on most of the drivers :D

Tentative Schedule:
Friday - Track open all day for practice, until 8pm (or possibly later).
8:00 - Doors open, track open for practice.
9:00 - Registration opens.
10:30 - Registration ends, track closes for divers meeting.
11:00 - Qualifying begins.
11:15 - Group Picture, track closed for pre-race maintenance.
11:30 - Race begins.
4:15 - Trophy ceremony.

This schedule should still be good for the one day trippers (coming in and leaving on sat), and will definitely allow travel time for those headed home after.

Tentative Team List:
Team AMP - GT
Team AMP - LM
Hank Escobal/Art Shull - AtlMiniRC - GT
Chad Millward - MBMZR - GT
Steven Williamson - MBMZR - GT
Landon Thompson - MBMZR - LM
Matt Ward - ReflexRacing - LM

If any one is looking to come down and race, but doesn't have a team, just let me know. Ill try my best to facilitate every one who wants to participate. Now, if you want to come down, but don't have a team mate, come on anyway, and run the 4 hours solo!

For those who missed the last endurance event, check out the thread. My race re-cap is posted on page 9. There are a few pics posted on page 10.

Rules attached below :D

There have been a couple of revisions to the rules linked below. We had a cancellation which dropped us to only four cars. In an attempt to fill the field, I and my team mate (Matt) decided to split up and make two teams to put us back at 5 entries. In the explanation phase of letting every one know, a couple of other teams decided to do the same. We have amended the rules for these changes, as the new format brought on some concerns by other interested in running solo.

So Ill put the changes in list form here. All other rules remain the same. If there is any uncertainty, please feel free to post or PM.

Rule Changes:
- This will be a 4 hour race.
- 1 man teams are now allowed.
- Back up drivers are permitted, but must be dictated at time of registration.
- There is no minimum stint per driver of a team.
- There will be no night stage (this eliminates all rules pertaining to lighting).
- There will be mandatory breaks at the 1:20 and 2:40 marks. These breaks will be to allow the solo drivers to have a chance go to the bathroom without penalty. They are not to allow extra time for working on the cars. NO ONE will be allowed to touch the cars, Txs, or pit equipment during this time frame. The breaks will be short, and allow bathroom time only. Should a break fall in a foul weather stage, it will not effect the duration of the weather stage. (example: If the random weather is 20 minutes, then there will be 20 minutes of actual track time with the foul weather tires, even if there is a break in the middle of it.)

In the conversations with every one about the changes there have been a few questions Ive heard multiple times. Id like to address some of them here publicly.

Notable things that will not change:
- There will still be a random chance at foul weather.
- Teams are allowed to have a 'pit man' (he cannot do anything during the mandatory breaks).

All of this will be covered again in the drivers meeting, so we will have time to talk through any situations that you may have concerns about.

Thanks you, and see you Saturday! Ill post an actual pic of the layout once I put it down on Wednesday.

2010.03.16, 07:31 AM
There are two places that are very close and very convinient to the track (less than 2 minutes without traffic). The first is a little better IMO, and its the Hilton Garden Inn.


Its a brand new (less than 3 years) hotel, and even though its small it has all of the five star resort type amenities (pools, spa, resturaunt/bar, internet access, etc.), and is right next to the Coastal Grand Mall. Its location is ideal for this event, as its very close to the track, as well as being very close to a plethera of eateries of all price points, and the mall is right there for significant others.

The absolute closest place is the Super 8 motel. They sure made it look nice for the internet :D Its not a very clean looking place from the outside (I wouldnt reccomend it for folks bringing their families down), but a few of the guys who came down for the Spring Fling stayed over there, and said it wasnt bad at all. A few more folks stayed at this place for the PN regional, and also said it wasnt bad at all.


A new road has been built recently, and it opened up a few more hotel possibilites. They are a tad further from the beach, and attractions, but no further from us.

The best deal going over there is the Days Inn. Their site and expedia show you can book there for $50 or less. Its about 5 minutes from the track.

I just went and checked it out, and this Days Inn is a little further away (maybe 10 minutes from track), and is in about the sames shape as the Super8. I don't know if Id recommend it for families, but it should be okay for some one who is just looking for the budget minded stay :D

The Holiday Inn listed in that area is right on the inter-coastal waterway, has a nice restaurant next to it, and is about 3 minutes form the track.

Expedia has it going for about $70.

There are bunch more over there in the <$80 range. You can see the search here, and make your call. FWIW, the Hard Rock park is about 2 miutes from our place. Any hotels close to it, will be very close.
Just pop "Hard Rock Park" in the search query at hotels.com to find the list. I tried to link it, but it wouldnt take :D

This should be a good start for you guys coming in from out of town. If you guys are using expedia, or hotels. com, you can plug in the address to see how close your options are to the shop. The street is:
3046 Emory Rd
Myrtle Beach, SC, 29577

If this information isnt enough for anyone, feel free to contact me driectly through PM, and I will gladly help make arrangements.


This has a lot of the local shopping spots listed.

Broadway is a great place to shop, but there are also hotels, resaraunts, night clubs, an aquarium, and a couple of theaters. Its only a few minutes from our track, so it may be a good spot to stay as well :D

There are also all kinds of shows and nightly attractions that you guys may be interested in for friday night if you are coming down a day early.

In searching for a good list of live attractions I came across this MB visitor site that should cover just about everything I didnt. :D

Its got everything youd want to know about visiting MB, so that should be a good resource for wives/families planning to attend.

Another thing, if youve got kids coming, you may be interested in one of the beaches fun parks. :D Ironically, they arent listed on the previous site, but google has a good run-down of them. They are all within 20-30 minutes of our place.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.03.16, 11:26 AM
Five hours:eek:thats sounds like fun:D I am looking forward to racing in this one.:) You may want to allow a little time before the race for people to go out to get something to eat, because it does not look like we will have a cook on the premises.:( Or at least warn everyone to brown bag it and I don't mean BYOB>:p

2010.03.16, 11:33 AM
Thats a good call on eating DR. Ill think about sliding the times back a bit, or put a break between qualifying and the race.

Any one else have input on the subject? Should we all just chip in and order pizza? Pizza Hut grease is the only traction compound we allow on our track :D

2010.03.16, 11:51 AM
Pizza would work unless you can find someone to deliver some Moo Goo Gai Cat or the equivalent.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.03.16, 11:54 AM
The pizza idea seems to be the way to go.

2010.03.16, 03:21 PM
You don't like oriental cuisine? Maybe for the more refined(we know who) in the group we can arrange for some Lobster bites from the Flamingo Grill.

2010.03.16, 03:55 PM
^ Haha. There is a china garden close by. I eat there on occasion, but its questionable enough I wouldnt steer any one towards it without a warning, lol.

2010.03.16, 04:33 PM
I mentioned it because for little or nothing most oriental eateries deliver.

2010.03.17, 09:16 AM
Paytee Laymaw...

Just like saying that in my head everytime I see this thread. (fwench peepo an dare silly accents! ;))

Just stoppin by to say hi to all the SC crew! Wish I could make it down but my private jet is scheduled for maintenance that day. :rolleyes:

2010.03.17, 09:46 AM
Haha, Ed. Wish you could make it down too. Its going to be a fun one :D Im sure we will see you at some point this year. I should make it north bound for atleast one race....

2010.03.17, 10:54 AM
Paytee Laymaw...

Just like saying that in my head everytime I see this thread. (fwench peepo an dare silly accents! ;))

Just stoppin by to say hi to all the SC crew! Wish I could make it down but my private jet is scheduled for maintenance that day. :rolleyes:

Use Larry's

2010.03.17, 11:46 AM
Ok I am tring to plan my car for the event.

The light sets appear to be sold out everywhere.(shop here,kennon,atomic mods) The RCX enduro must have cleaned out the inventroy that was there last week.

1)Anyone seen where to buy a kit?
What is needed to power LEDS? direct power. Even If We buy one the day before the event. I would like to try some night runs in Atlanta before the event with a homemade kit. I saw a atomic kit that eyelets on it that could be powered like the old giroz harness on the battery terminal.

2)How big is your track tiles?
3)What direction will the back straight be running?

Its time to evict the kid's ball pit from the main basement rc room and put up a big layout:)

2010.03.17, 11:50 AM
I believe that HSH has a light kit in stock. I will check this afternoon or tomorrow. I know there was one there but I'm not certain if some from our group purchased it for the same race.

2010.03.17, 12:01 PM
I got dibbs on that light kit buddy. I saw it in the case by the the track last week and forgot to get it with all the ruckass. Hopefully it will still be there Thurs.

2010.03.17, 12:12 PM
1) Ill look around and see if I can find any kits for you. I really havent looked far, but they havent been readily available recently....at least not that Ive seen. I planned on making my own, and powering it with a lithium "coin" type battery. Luckily I recently found one of the Kyosho kits in the marketplace for a reasonable price, and that may be what I use for the race. It all depends on how bad it effects run time, as it hooks to the battery terminals like the ATM one does.

2) Its hard to say exactly how big the track is tile wise, as some of it runs over itself. It only takes up the space of 9x20, but runs like an 11/13x20 depending on how the layout runs. With the projected layout for the event, itll be like 11x20 (9x 20 with the main straight elevated over some sections). See below for pictres :D

3) Um, I think I understand this question :D The track will be run clock-wise. The straight is on the far side of the room from the drivers stand, so it will run left to right. For now the plan is to have a fast section onto the straight coming up the hill, and have a haripin at the end of the straght which falls off to the down hill back to the floor level.

As for the layout, Ive got a few things in mind. Itll be some variation of the ones below. Im going to try and have some good overtaking spots, so Im looking adding a 3 wide section somewhere thats already fast. This will give the proto cars a spot to overtake other than the straight.



2010.03.17, 12:31 PM
Oh, and one more thing in reguards to the night stage. Our track room has a big sky light directly over the track. Unless we have some major delays (and its much later than projected), or its super cloudy, it wont be very dark for the night stage. Its more like a dusk stage I guess :D Also, our pit tables and track are all in the same room, so there will be plenty of ambient light from the pits, as well as the tunnel lights (mounted under the main straght) that I keep running all the time.

2010.03.17, 06:23 PM
I think i found an atomic light set from az tonight for $14. They had spare light wire for cheap also.

hopefully the leds are ok. If not I did find a really old post fron archb from when he made a light kit today. he has a schematic and parts list (including source) for the parts. I have no idea what battery holder you would use for a button battery in the roof. solder a plug to the battery and velco it to the car?

Thanks for the track info. It will definately help me to get use to the high speed sections despite my track being 9x17. I am looking forward to racing some again.

2010.03.18, 05:44 AM
Well my search for a light kit continues.
right after my order confirmation email was the email from MICRORACERS24.COM Sorry we are closed do to extremely sickness. We have never had that happen that our store is closed for more then two weeks..I will go back to normal business as soon as posible and will answer all your emails shortly.

Anyone know where to get grio z female plugs?


2010.03.18, 05:51 AM
PN has them. Part number GZCON2. It is both ends of the harness.

2010.03.18, 06:59 AM
cool I actually should have a pile of those. I forgot they came with the other plug. I will check my lap counter supply box tonight for them.

2010.03.18, 12:40 PM
I think I already mentioned this before but I just want to say it again. That track is AWESOME!!!

Just wondering, what is the use for those white dots on the track?

2010.03.18, 02:15 PM
Just wondering, what is the use for those white dots on the track?


The track looks fantastic. I really like tracks that have elevations like this.

2010.03.18, 03:45 PM
I think I already mentioned this before but I just want to say it again. That track is AWESOME!!!

Just wondering, what is the use for those white dots on the track?


The track looks fantastic. I really like tracks that have elevations like this.

Thanks for the compliments about the track guys. We try our best to keep it interesting, progressive, and realistic :D

Rune is right TJay, the dots are corner markers, or curbs. The ones in the first pic were actually my prototypes. They look more realistic than the ones we are using now, but were a little too tall. I had some outside run offs too, and those really made the track look awesome.

Here is the dot, uninstalled.

Here is a car next to the outside run-off (only used o wide radius corners).

And here is a section of track showing both of them in place.

The run-offs dont really change the driving line, just look cool, and penalize you of you are way outside. The dots on the other hand push the driving line a few inches off of the RCP apex, and make them easier to see in your peripheral. This has really aided a ton in cleaning up or races. We hit the apexes way less than we used to, and it has minimized marshalling for us, which is important when the entire track isnt easily accessible.

FWIW Im using some thin pieces of scrap formica from a counter top right now. Its less damaging on the cars, and is very thin. It still serves the purpose, but throws the cars around a little less, and wont do as much damage of your ride height is ridiculously low.

2010.03.24, 07:50 AM
Okay guys, Im getting excited!! I got a call last night from one of our buddies from NC, J.B. R/C. He is possibly coming to the beach the weekend of the enduro, and was looking to race with us on friday night, before the warm up race at the Badlands (off-road track in MB). Now, we may have another team for the event (has to decide between us and the 1/8th scale gassers), but best of all, we got on the subject of sponsership of MBMZR events. We discussed the posibility of getting a few if his higly detailed bodies for some future events, then he decided he was going to get cracking on one for this enduro! Its quite a surprise, as I hadnt really run down any sponsers, but now we should have something pretty cool to give away, along with the regular MBMZR garb Ill put out for door prizes!!

Here are some links to a couple of his paint jobs I found quickly in the custom bodies section.

As an aside, I also updated the drivers list! I think Ive got every one teamed up who has contacted me, so if you are looking to come, and dont have a team lined up, let me know! We can get you on an existing team, or start building a new one for you. Id really like to see one more LM car atleast.....The field was pretty good last time with 3 GT, and 3 LM cars, but we are one short of that so far. Our track can handle 8, so Id like to see us get a few more teams registered!

So, if you havent raced and endurance race, or you havent raced on an elevated track, here is an oppertunity to come out and experience two great "out of the box" scenarios in one weekend! You wont regret it!!

2010.03.24, 08:07 AM
It's probably to late but I think you should change the name to Le Petite Lemans.

2010.03.24, 08:13 AM
i was contemplating teaming up with brandon and maya for this event but it's the same date as our hfay racing. :( rescheduling for us is not an option, sorry guys. one of these days...

2010.03.24, 09:00 AM
Jay, if I was a litte more versed in french I would have come up with something cooler sounding. For some reason I kept wanted to say (In Eds best frech accent :D) Le Petite LeMan du Myrtle Beach, but some how in my heart, I know its wrong, lol.

Ray, it would have been cool to have you guys down. We need to figure out a way to get more interclub competition going between our two areas. We are too close to not get togetther some time. I hope Brandon and Maya still figure out a way to make it down. Its been way too long since Ive seen them! I know HFAY is big in y'alls area, and I saw in your forum that y'all already rescheduled it once. Hope scheduleing works out in our favor soon!! :D

2010.03.24, 09:10 AM
i see your dad is team up with jay after all. if they win where does the trophy go. a big if as me and steven plan on winning

2010.03.24, 09:52 AM
^ I will see what to do about the trophies. I was thinking about doing two for each spot, so each team member (on the two driver teams at least) could come away with a plaque for their position.

Didnt you learn your lesson about smack talking last friday? You better hope your car ends up faster than your mouth this time :D Id hate to see Stevens back get tired from carrying you for 5 hours.

I just wanted to show you guys the car I think you need to watch out for. :D I didnt want to show anything under the shell, so this is all y'all get.
http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv77/MBMZR/Members%20rides/Landon/IMAG0109.jpg (http://s671.photobucket.com/albums/vv77/MBMZR/Members%20rides/Landon/?action=view&current=IMAG0109.jpg)

2010.03.24, 10:15 AM
scheduling at hobby works can be a pain so i set our calendar for the entire year back in january. it's not easy to reschedule a date for many reasons and i prefer not to unless absolutely necessary.

you are correct, we are close enough that we should be doing more micro regional events like we used to do with the pa guys. we've begun doing more local interclub events which has been great. in general though, our club doesn't travel much outside our local area. we have a few from each local club but a majority don't for whatever reason. we are fortunate to have at least 3 local (within 60 miles radius) clubs in our area at the moment.

2010.03.25, 01:35 PM
You all are lucky to have a few clubs right there together. We make the most of what weve got with the NC crew, but you guys are close enough that we should get y'all in on the action too. Maybe we can get your region in on our Cup challenge next year. With the racers I have met from y'alls area, we should all match up pretty well. :D

2010.03.29, 11:51 AM
is MBMZR having a club race on april 9? Is so what are the classes , start time and expexted end time?

I need to plan my testing around committing to the wife and kids to take them to the beach and pool:)

2010.03.29, 12:14 PM
^ Art, there wont be any club race run on friday night. The track will be open all day for practice though. Our office opens about 8am, and Im sure some one will be here til 7pm or more. You can come in any time in that window, youll just have to park out front if its before 4.

2010.03.29, 12:23 PM
Do I need to ask you to reserve the same pit space I used last time.

2010.03.29, 01:14 PM
Hank has told me his horror story of getting his car to handle the transitions.
I elevated my home track back straight this last week and I have not been able to roll my 03 yet. It was funny to see the miniz do jumps before I put some wood over the boxes on the ramps.

I would like to have my tires and body confirmed before race day so race day is much more relaxed :)

Is 70T offically BYOM now? if so I need to add one to my orders this week and get it broke in.

2010.03.29, 02:36 PM
The transitions aren't that bad to deal with, it's all about the lines you take trought them. Once you get there just start trying different lines and watch some of the locals and fast guys to see how they are getting through the corners. The last time I was there at the end of the straight there was a high speed sweeper, with a 70t it was possible to keep it full throttle through there but it would cause the car to bounce and it would slow you down so it was actually faster if you let off for a moment. Most of the time you won't be able to hug the wide radius turns when they go up or down because there are bumps, if you stay out about 6 inches from the rail you can go through smooth. Just try some things and you will find the way to be fast around it.

2010.03.29, 02:46 PM
Matts got it right on. The lines are a little further off of the walls on the transitions, and ride height needs to be a tad higher than uber low, but most of it is all in the Tx/hand combination :D

Hank usually pics tracks up pretty quick, but I didnt see him running as many practice laps as he normally does. I think having his girl with him hurt him on the transistions more than set up :D

2010.03.29, 10:05 PM
landon 70t is now bring your own motor?

2010.03.30, 07:07 AM
^ That is correct Art.

Motor rules:
a. GT Class: unopened, unmodified PN 70t motor. Brushes may be changed, but must be stock-type.

2010.03.30, 12:46 PM
Hey, has anyone tried driving on the dark with the headlights yet? I did two 8 min races last weekend with the lights turned off. I left my small pit light on and the monitor since Landon said there would still be a few lights on it the room. It was still dark enough that when I was on the straight I was following the car by only the lights.

I have one of the cheap atomic kits and they are actually very bright and illuminate big spots on the wall from only a few feet away. It was alot of fun and something completly different, it was a little hard on your eyes to focus on the car at first but it got easier the more I did it. The scary thing was that I was just as fast in the dark as I was with the lights on. I think it is going to be alot of fun to finish this race in the dark.

2010.03.30, 02:47 PM
Ive done it in our track room! I did it with the Kyosho kit lights, and honestly, they arent very bright. They light up the car, but not really anything in front of it.

FWIW, weve got a big sky light right over the track, so unless its cloudy, it wouldnt be hard to drive the cars without the lights at all. The lights will be more for effect, and an added tech/endurance element.

2010.03.31, 06:27 AM
Landon rule clarification. 70t brushes (stock type) orignal part number for motor(pn carbon v2) or are silver (same type clip on) brushes allowed?
Just want to make sure I breakin the right speced motor :)

2010.03.31, 07:12 AM
PN 10CR50 ONLY in GT class! :D

2010.03.31, 09:56 AM
Here is the drawing of the planned layout for the event. The yellow tiles are ones that are elevated over the regular colored ones beneath. If you look back at the pictures I posted of example layouts it should be pretty easy to figure out the flow of the track. The arrows for up and down designate the "ramp" sections.


2010.04.05, 07:13 AM
Art and Hank,
I sent you guys PMs last Thursday and haven't heard back from you. Could you guys check 'em out and get back to me? I'm about to send you follow up messages, but would like a response before making the changes to the first post. :D

Thank you!

See every one soon!

2010.04.05, 09:32 AM
Landon I check the forum but didn't log in over the weekend. I am ok with it. I sent Hank an Email and left it up to him to run as a team or solo.

I guess I do not need to wire up the LEDS tonight.

2010.04.05, 10:04 AM
Just go an email from Hank

We will stay as a TEAM.

2010.04.05, 10:27 AM
Cool Art, no problem. I should have dropped a post here saying I sent one. I do the same thing a lot of times (especially when checking from my phone), so I should have assumed others do to :D Ill update the front page.

No need on the LEDs. With us grabbing some extra cars I didnt want them to have to go through the hassle last minute, especially with the lack of avaiability of pre-made kits.

Weather will still be a factor, so be prepped to run on ASC tires :D It will be totally random, so there could be a chance of clear weather the whole race, or we could race an hour or more under "wet" conditions :D

2010.04.05, 10:42 AM
i see only 2 for hsh is this correct?

2010.04.05, 10:50 AM
I know that there are two from team AMP.

2010.04.05, 10:57 AM
Yeah thats right Chad. Call me and Ill let you know how it all played out.

Mike, I tenatively put you guys down as HSH teams, but I will change it to team AMP for you. Just let me know the official drivers when you decide. If you dont decide until registration that is fine with me.

Once I make that change, I think the first page will be an accurate representation of the event :D

2010.04.05, 11:28 AM
you spelled my name wrong, again. no wounder i cant get sponsored, they keep looking for the wrong person.

2010.04.05, 01:05 PM
Ive known you for like 5 years, and Ive never heard your last name, lol. I got this spelling from the CPU at 843 so I should have known I needed to verify it :d The fact is, Ive posted it numerous times, and spelled it like this at every one of our events, and youve never said anything! :D Let me know how you want it written, and Ill see what I can do about getting it changed :D

2010.04.05, 03:08 PM
it wasnt to far off. millward. now watch the offer start pooring in.

2010.04.08, 09:05 AM
The family and I are headed out this afternoon. Hope to see the track tommorrow for a pack or 2 to verify car setup.

2010.04.08, 02:13 PM
Cool, drive safe! I think a few others are coming tommorrow, so every one should hit the track tomorrow.

Ill try and get a pic up in the next few minutes so every one can see the layout.

I had to leave early and didnt get to run on it much for our club race last night. The guys said it was fun :D Ill get some time in tomorrow for sure!

2010.04.08, 02:26 PM

2010.04.08, 06:59 PM
looks like I'll be coming in on Saturday morning instead of friday

2010.04.08, 07:11 PM
just a few pics so everyone knows what it looks like sitting still


2010.04.09, 07:09 AM
What happened to Steven's comment? :D

Car looks pretty good Chad. I still think it needs some black detailing. The windows, Ill have to see in person :D

See every one today and tomorrow! Travel safe!

2010.04.09, 09:04 AM
Good luck to all the teams racing tomorrow! Wish I could be there.

2010.04.09, 09:15 AM
p.s. Track layout looks awesome. Look forward to running on this type of layout one day!

2010.04.09, 10:03 AM
Thanks Marwan! I hope you get a chance to race on it too. :D Maybe a little side trip will be in order for regional weekend :D

JB just posted a thread with pics of the body he is donating as the main prize in the raffle. It very may be my favorite paint job Ive ever seen on a miniZ. Ill be buying extra tickets this round for sure!!!!


2010.04.10, 09:42 PM
Thanks again to the Thompsons for a great event, lots of fun! Too bad your car smoked up Landon, it would have made it even better if we could have diced with you longer, you were fast though, we might not have been able to keep up!!!
It was cool racing with Matt, Chad, Art, and Steven. Congrats to Chad on the GT win and Art, who won that cool JB body, it was spectacular!
I think we gave up a little speed in going with an 02 Porsche but we chose it for reliability and it worked out for us. It gave us a relatively trouble free run and we had a good battle with Matt in his 03 Mazda who dropped back after he had a couple of problems. The rain sessions were fun too, I think we made a bit of time up in one when Matt got a bad tire draw.
I had fun running with Wade and Rodney as a team. We are usually at each other pretty hard as competitors at HSH and it was cool to be working together. Thanks to Mike, who was the LM car owner and pit man, GREAT JOB and thanks for a reliable car!
Hope to do it again!


2010.04.11, 10:27 AM
^ Its always fun running with you Pedro. You are so clean and smooth, its easy to be right in close to you with confidence. I think I did get into you a bit coming through the last carousel once. Other than that though, we had a bunch of clean laps in close quarters and traffic. It was awesome!

I wish my car would have held together atleast long enough to get some positions established so I could have seen how I would have done. Its tough to know considering I had to pit before lap ten, and had major catastrophy before the ten minute mark :( My set up was good though. I was holding killer corner speed even 200 laps down running a 70t :D I was getting down into the low 9s more frequently than y'all or Matt later in the race. There were times I was making up good ground on both of y'all, but y'all were both killing me in the pits. Even though I got some good rain tires the first stint, I still lost a lot of ground on the tire/wheel swaps. I only completed one lap in the second stint (short stint with a long pit), and lost as much in the pits as I did on the track. Thats when my spirits finally became broken, and I wanted to let DR get some wheel time. I think he needed a break from the grueling marshalling task we had him doing :D

Ill have some official results posted tomorrow with some pictures, and some short videos too.

For now though, here is the final running order:
Pedro Campuzano/Rodney Combs - Team AMP - LM
Matt Ward - Reflex Racing - LM
Chad Millward - MBMZR - GT
Wade Smith/Rodney Combs - Team AMP - GT
Steven Willamson - MBMZR - GT
Art Shull - AtlMiniRC - GT
LandonThompon/Andy Thompson - MBMZR - LM

It was a very fun and fast day of racing with great friends! Some had troubles before the race, some had troubles during, but every one had fun the whole time!! Hank we missed racing with ya. Hope your eyes are better! Hope to see every one again soon!

2010.04.11, 05:25 PM
who won the body???
I want to be jealous....:D

Im glad to see all you guys had a great enduro.....

2010.04.11, 09:18 PM
Congratus to the winners. Berm, Art Shull won the body ;) Sounded like a fun enduro, whether you won or not! We are having a small enduro next week during our intermission between point series seasons... Im not sure, but I think teams will be two or three man teams, and from what I understand, one driver must be from the A main division, the other from the B main division from the championship season... this will keep the teams well balanced. New drivers are also welcome, and teams will be decided on the day of the race (saturday).

I wish I could have made the race, I just didnt have the funds or time to go... Maybe next time...

2010.04.12, 08:23 AM
Great race wish I didnt have the couple mechanical issues the first hour( popped a tie rod out, motor unsoldered 2 times, and tweaked my knee getting off the driverstand (still hurts). I think I held my own the second half of the race. Great job to all. It was definately an iron man race.

I wish the rain stages were a mimum of 20 minutes long just due to the down pit time. Turning down the EPA was definately the best way to handle the rain stage.

The wife wants to come back without the kids( which in turn should improve my driving too).

Daddy Rabbit is now the proud owner of the beuttiful lemans body. Amazing body. I dont collect bodies and I knew how much he would enjoy it. It has a home where it can be on display:) Landon please tell the painter it is some amazing paint.

2010.04.12, 09:28 PM
thankyou all for all the body resets on my car. I found th issue tonight, The top lexan peice on my pn body mount is gone. It was brand new for the race:(
a good dusting off,a few screw resets, relubes and the car was ready for practice again tonight. I even fixed the wing with ca and silocone adhesive.

2010.04.12, 10:25 PM
what a great race. i had a blast trying to stay in front of team amp gt, and trying my best to catch matt racing for rr. i got to within 1 lap down of matt but he slowing pulled away. amp gt had a problem late in the race a caused them to drp back a bit. im sure landon will get the final results with pics up soon. all in all for a 4 hour race everyone was close.

2010.04.13, 08:17 AM
As the owner and pit man of the overall event winning car I have nothing but great things to say about the event, it's organizer's and all the competitors that participated. The MBZR group and principles have no equal that I have found yet when it comes to organization and hospitality. Their attitude is something we can all learn from and build on. You should not miss or pass up on an opportunity to race with them. It will definitely be your loss.

The pressure of competing in one of these events is unimaginable. The months of testing, tweeking and general preparation that is necessary to at best help insure that you run trouble free. Have you selected something tried and true or have you opted for the new lite weight sweetheart that show's so much promise but is yet untested at times and distances over a few minutes The driver selection comes to play. Have you assembled a team that understands the concept of endurance racing and can run at 85% but pick up to 110% or drop back to 75% if needed to catch up or maintain. All of this can come to a dead stop at any point during the race when we hear that dreaded sickening CRACK that comes from an impact at just the wrong angle. The one that makes you afraid to look at the car for fear there will be pieces that can't be re attached. Then comes the strategy of reading your competitors to see what they might be holding back in an attempt to spring it on you during the dash for the flag or during a time that you are being hampered by the inevitable gremlin that hitches a ride during the middle portion when you are trying to gain, maintain or hold position. If you have done everything else correctly the next thing is motor choice. You have to have power to spare but you must have great efficiency to win. The entire process gets a lot easier if you get the MEMO. Without it you are at the mercy of the motor Gods. Do yourselves a favor and make sure you get the MEMO. It will give you one area that won't take constant attention during your race.

Mullins Endurance Motors Online provided great power, torque and above all economy with run times of up to an hour while still being able to run at a qualifying pace. All I can say to all of you is do yourselves a favor and make sure you get the MEMO. It will make your endurance racing experience a pleasure. Saying "I didn't get the MEMO" will be a sad excuse for failure. Coming soon to a single distributor near you.

2010.04.13, 12:40 PM
Im slacking on the pic/video upload/edit process, but here is the first page of the results print out. It shows the final standings, the position chart, and the first handful of laps.


Im pretty surprised at how close every one was as well. Another rain stage or a few more rounds of pits could have changed the final out come among the leaders.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.04.14, 10:47 AM
Thanks to everyone for coming and participating, it is always great to see all you guys.
Look forward to seeing a lot of you guys at the C Cup Race at HSH.

2010.04.19, 08:20 AM
Delayed with poor production value....but hey, its a video :D Its my first ever "edited" video, which is edited more than just trimming the ends off, lol.


2010.04.19, 08:50 AM
Congratulations to Cecil B Thompson or Landon B DeMille on the production. Super job

2010.04.19, 01:05 PM
great job landon. thanks for not showing to many of my wrecks.

2010.04.19, 01:31 PM
^ I had to edit a lot of them out, lol. Just kidding. I actually tried to put as much raw footage as I could. I had to eliminate some clips because of me running around marshalling in the middle of them. One time I actually videoed my hand flipping a car over, lol. Other than those, I put them all in just as they were.

Its all in chronilogical order too, except for the last two sections with you, and the LM weeners. :D

2010.04.19, 02:02 PM
My stupid phone won't load the video. :mad: guess I'll have to wait until I get home from work to see it.