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2010.03.16, 09:49 PM
i never though mini-z has a lot of brand for hop-up part.

those who are expert in mini-z please tell me which brand is better.

2010.03.16, 10:19 PM
In general, Atomic, PNracing and 3Racing have full lines of parts for most cars. All three of these brands make quality parts. One manufacturer may have a better part A than the other two, but their part C may not be as good.

Reflex Racing does not make a full line of parts, but what they do make, or convert from a different manufacturer is very good. They are a smaller company, with performance oriented/racing parts that stir up the scene with a different approach to their parts line.

I use a variety of parts primarily by these companies. 3Racing is typically the cheapest, but not necessarily the worst option on some of their parts. Some of their parts are the best, some are average. Their older line was very hit or miss, lately every 3Racing part that I have used has been good.

There are new companies that pop up from time to time, especially in Asia that we dont really know about as much since the parts are harder for us to come by. I avoid TopCad, although they havent produced a part in a while from what I know.

2010.03.17, 03:54 AM
Personally, I think PN and Atomic are a very close second. However, ultimatley, if I can, I buy Kyosho upgrades...

2010.03.17, 03:58 AM
I agree with EMU. The brands he mentions are great.
Add QteQ to the mix and you are set:)

2010.03.17, 01:27 PM
Hi syafiq,
Welcome to the forum! So, the question is "which brand is better?". I personally like: Atomic (http://www.rcatomic.com/atomic/) and PN Racing (http://pnracing.com/). Of course there are others that I use but 3Racing is not on my list. I didn't even know they still make mini-z parts... 3Racing parts is like buying aftermarket intake system for you real car but on ebay.

Atomic: This company has a lot of products and their very easy to buy if you live in Asia. ;). Although, majority of their products are tested and designed for Carpet racing some works very well on RCP track as well. In late 2009 to present, Atomic finally started to introduce new parts in the market for kyosho MR03. They have nice performance upgrade parts that you may consider buying for both MR02/MR03.

PN Racing: This company has TONS of products specifically designed to work on a RCP track. Both worn down and brand new tracks. Most of their products are designed and tested in USA on a RCP track. Some says the pricing is expensive but you get what you pay for... MAX PERFORMANCE! They also have few test drivers all around the world (this doesn't include their sponsored drivers). that tests products on different track condition. If you go to their site, they pretty much have new products every month and their customer service is superb!! Oh yeah, they also sell parts for carpet track. :cool:

Good Luck!

2010.03.17, 03:23 PM
Well said TJ...sounds right on.

2010.03.17, 03:44 PM
pretty much what TJ said as well;
i'm really liking PN Racing parts at the moment, i was originally an Atomic person as this was a step up from GPM/3racing and other "fairly" cheaper products which aren't particularly accurate or manufactured brilliantly. After seeing a few PN Racing products i've now chose the PN stuff over Atomic and have bought new PN stuff just to try it, as i've been so impressive with the build & performance of the other stuff! Again as TJ said, the pricing can be a bit expensive, but the build quality speaks for itself!

Haven't managed to test any of the Qtec parts, though i've heard nothing but good things about their products, more specifically the diff's they do (for being lightweight and well built)

2010.03.17, 04:31 PM
TJ, most of the newest 3Racing parts are at the same level of ATM and PN in terms of quality. I love their AWD CF parts, especially with the RR 96 conversion. I have used some of their F1 parts as well, and they work great. For the budget, it is great. And any manufacturer, I always have to do work to make everything work perfectly. I assume that no part is a straight drop in.

2010.03.17, 05:13 PM

What make the products best are the people that engineers, test and the drivers that uses them at a race. PN has Ben, Chad, DaveG, Philip himself and the entire team. Atomic has Eastcoast drivers, HK drivers and yourself. These are the things that I ALWAYS look for.

2010.03.17, 06:56 PM
I agree with what you are saying, engineering and development make a big difference with the parts. The 3Racing quality is much better than what it used to be (I avoided them), especially seeing that the newest Reflex Racing parts use them (AWD 96 and I assume that WTF2 is made by the same factory), shows that they are a good product as well.

For the price that the 3Racing parts are, I find it worth the price to try the part, even if I have doubt about the engineering behind it. I think that their old MR02 DDS was very good, the only DDS on the market that could be used with every wheelbase possible on an MR02/015. Their motormounts, I never liked the t-plate being included in the design. That limits it functionality.

In terms of engineering and performance gain of the part, I would say that Atomic and PN develop parts that enhance the performance of the car as the primary concern, and worry less about making parts that just look good. Having a development team that consists primarily of racers makes that possible. 3Racing seems to be a little behind the curve, and produce parts that are very similar to other offerings by PN and ATM, but cut the cost considerably. This is not necessarily saying that their quality is poor, but they dont eat the development cost that PN and ATM do in developing new parts.

I usually test every new product that I see, so that I can make recommendations based on my testing for the local racers that are looking to save $ and have a good performing car. Also, some parts need to be mixed and matched to get the exact setup that someone is looking for. I usually have a lot of parts mix-matched :p

2010.03.17, 07:25 PM
3Racing absolutely has parts that are right up there, and to an extremely good price.
Their MR-02 H plates has been the best ones on our track (Regupol), and the knuckles are very good also. I think every MR-02 driver at our track uses them these days. Not because of price, but the quality and durability.

I have yet to test any of the MR-03 parts yet.
The quality has in my experience been very good. I also think they also are a contract manufacturer for Kyosho among others.

I agree on the engineering part, but that does not make the good parts bad. If it works it works.
I think every manufacturer has some good products, and some that are not so good. The best parts for you is the ones that makes your laptimes faster;)

2010.04.03, 03:26 PM
can anyone give me the list of all brand for hop-up part and which one is the most cheapest.( don't care about the quality)

ocean rodeo
2010.04.03, 04:30 PM
can anyone give me the list of all brand for hop-up part and which one is the most cheapest.( don't care about the quality)

But you should care about quality. All of the companies listed here produce high quality aftermarket parts. Save your money and remember. You get what you pay for.

2010.04.03, 05:20 PM
can anyone give me the list of all brand for hop-up part and which one is the most cheapest.( don't care about the quality)

what are you building a shelf queen???
the cheapest(low quality) will yield a poorly running car......

2010.04.04, 01:20 AM
Most companies that have low quality parts, dont stay around for long.

3Racing has the best bang for the buck, you wont find a similar part at the same price point or lower than the 3Racing parts. Most of the R246 parts look almost if not identical to the 3Racing parts, but at a higher price since it is a Kyosho entity.

The 3Racing parts are produced in the same factory, by the same people that produce the Kyosho parts. So if you can find the part that you want by 3Racing, you will have good quality at the best price. (avoid AWD gears, since the mesh on them isnt very good)

If you plan on racing, you need to care about the quality of parts that you put on your car. If you buy the low quality cheap bling part now, soon you will want to change it for a higher quality part later. GPM and TopCad are companies that I try not to use unless I have to.

2010.04.05, 04:30 AM
i know i should care about the quality but not all part of the car need a quality brand. for example like alu motor holder any brand will react the same. also i dont want to pay more money for something similar. is not like i use all cheap part for my mini z some part of the car i use most expensive brand like atomic.

also can someone give the list of brand for hop up part for mini z so i can look it my self on the internet

2010.04.05, 10:45 AM
for example like alu motor holder any brand will react the same.

I would assume that you're new to Mini-Z.

They will not react the same. If you want cheap, buy used motor pod. I'm sure if you post under the classifieds, you may be able to buy a used pod for cheap. You know what, I have a brand new PN Rear Motor pod that you can have for FREE if you pay for shipping. It is not the best, but it is an aluminim pod. I will throw in few other items like delrin PN wheels, PN motors and such... Just pay for shipping. :)

If you buy parts from US, I think the shipping is whats going to cost more. In a few months, someone in the Philippines will start to hold PN, Atomic and other miniz parts. I think you can buy it there for cheaper shipping price. I will let you know once the website is up.

2010.04.05, 11:06 AM
hi syafiq,

since i think you are from johor, you may want to drive by to singapore which is just across the border, there are 2 shops in total here carrying mini z products one is ACT which is @ Nee Soon and the other is Quantum Racing Hobby @ Balestier. ACT carries full range of Atomic hopups and Quantum carries PN. and i think the drive down would be cheaper the shipping products over i believe.

2010.07.13, 02:08 AM
i never use 3racing before so i want to know if 3racing has 24t for ball diff ver3 and front solid axle. because im using atomic sp tar and the smallest one it has is 26t.

2010.07.15, 03:10 AM
does any one use 3racing before?

2010.07.15, 06:33 AM
I dont think anyone uses 24t on the diffs/solid axle.

2010.07.19, 12:59 AM
I dont think anyone uses 24t on the diffs/solid axle.

so 24t never exist, is it?
if does why there has 3 gear on AWD-24RG Rebuild Kit (Gear) For #AWD-24 and #AWD-25?
what other tooth than 26t and 28t?