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2010.03.17, 09:58 AM
I have been continually improving my F1 over the past few months and although its getting better I still dont like the front end. Right now I have some brand new GPM 0 deg. knuckles on polished king pins (not sure what brand). The problem is that no matter what I do one of the knuckles seems to bind on the king pin when I depress the front suspension. So for example when I push down on the middle of the nose the left side (with car facing me) seems to have pretty smooth action, while the right side "sticks" or binds and wont move. When holding the car and checking the travel of the knuckles individually they seem about the same smoothness. I've tried reeming out the hole the king pin slides through and also some king pin oil. I'm not really getting anything to work very well.

So I thought I would buy some new knuckles. I really want some of the Kyosho brand alloy knuckles (MFW10?) in a 1 degree camber. But I cant find any. Does anyone have suggestions or opinions? What have you had good luck with? Any ideas how to improve what I already have? Etc.? Does anyone have some Kyosho brand knuckles they want to sell? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

2010.03.17, 12:10 PM
I have had the best results with the Kyosho 1d knuckle.

Are you using a Kyosho front spring as well? I have had binding issues using other companies springs. Also, if the spring is not completely straight, it will bind. So check that the problem is the knuckle, and not the spring before you go replacing the knuckles. I have seen people have great results with the GPM knuckles.

2010.03.17, 02:18 PM
Not sure on the brand of the springs, but changing them from hard to soft or left to right doesnt change anything. I think its more of a "grabby" knuckle or something on the right side. The only thing I cant change from left to right is the knuckle itself. I'm glad to hear you have had the best results with the Kyosho brand knuckles. Briankstan likes them as well. Now if I could just find a set.

2010.03.17, 04:25 PM
The Kyosho part number should be MFW010 (0d), 010-1 (1d) 010-2 (2d). In most lists it will probaby list them with a part number of MFW10...

I cant even locate them in the Japan source that I usually use. Its been a while since there was a production run... You may have to 'settle' for something else. Let me see if 3Racing makes a set... Cant find any of those.

I found a set by Eagle Racing, but they look pretty similar to the GPM, including the brake... Let me know if you want the URL for them.

Atomic may be the most accessable knuckle in the states if you dont want to order from Japan.

-just found a set of Kyoshos at a UK site... http://www.bleedingedgeracing.com/product_p/k.mfw10.htm

as well as http://www.ultimatehobbies.com/istar.asp?a=6&id=KYOMFW10!1012 dont know where that site is located though. Looks like it is US based.

The shop here has 2d Kyosho knuckles, but I know you were looking for 1d specifically... http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=16847&cat=0&page=1

One thing that I like to do on my knuckles, is use a dab of polish on the kingpin and chuck it into a dremel, then use the slowest setting on the dremel and hone out the inside of the knuckle to work well with that specific kingpin. A few seconds make a huge difference in smoothness. I do the same to my MR03 kingpins where the ball joint is.

2010.03.17, 05:53 PM
Wow!! :) Thanks for the reply EMU. I really appreciate the effort you put in.

I have ordered from Ultimate Hobbies and they are good, but the shipping is $9 :eek: Might do it anyway if I get desperate enough, but it doesnt say what degree they are. I might have to call.

I tried polishing them and then doing the slow setting with compound on the king pin and running that in the knuckle. It does help. I wonder if maybe I went too far and reamed the hole out so much that the knuckle has enough slop to bind. :confused: Not sure.

Thanks again

2010.03.17, 06:47 PM
Just checked the link for Ultimate again, and it is a 0d. They also have 2d http://www.ultimatehobbies.com/istar.asp?a=6&id=KYOMFW10-2!1012 but I dont see 1d.

I would expect that Kyosho will make another production run soon, especially since they have released 2 new chassis sets for F1 since they made their last run.