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2010.03.19, 01:02 PM
Ok MiniZer's Majs Hobby Shop & PN would like to give you chance to win a free entry to this year 2010 PNWC regional race that will be held at MHS soon.

Starting Friday 3/26 & Sat 3/27, MHS will run a 10 weeks points series race. As done previously, we will drop 3 of the lowest points earned out of the 10 weeks series. IOW, we will use whatever the 7 best point series earned are.

[$15 for the first class, $5 additional for each class thereafter]

Here are the Rules and Regulations:

(Race Classes)
2WD Stock, Pan Car Modified, GT MOD (Friday Nights) PN/MHS prizes
AWD open, Fun class, *Most popular class* (Sat Nights) PN only prizes

(Race Format)
Qualifying: 2 qualifying runs for each class. Each run will last 5 minutes.
For the first run, the starting grid will be staggered in a random order.
For the second run, racers will be re-shuffled into heats based results from the previous qualifier run. The starting order for the 2nd run will be based on the number of laps run in the time allowed.
Top Qualifier (TQ) will be awarded 1 point extra.

Mains:All classes A Main 10 minutes, one driver bump up. The rest 5 minutes.

* 2WD Stock Class drivers will have to purchase a sealed hand-out motor at MHS. Each motor will contain a control number. The control number will be recorded and assigned to the car that the driver has registered to run in the class. Each motor must remain with the car it was assigned to at the time of registration. The motors are to be run as is. Any tampering with the motor will result in disqualification. If any PN Race official suspects motor tampering, the driver will be subject to disqualification. Each class drivers can buy 3 more extra motor.

* Modified Class can be use any Brushed motor.

* 2WD Stock Class, GT Modified and F1 Modified MUST be use the Kyosho PCB AM, 2.4G and KO AD brand only. Any modification allowed.

* Pan Car Modified Class,Any ESC or PCB may be used. Any modification to the ESC or PCB may be used. Any transmitter and receiver may be used. Examples include AD, AM, FM, Spectrum ,2.4G

* 2WD Stock Class - 90mm to 102mm Wheel Base
Kyosho Mini-Z MR01, MR015, MR02 and MR03 only. Kyosho colored chassis may be used.
* GT Modified Class - 90mm to 102mm Wheel Base
Kyosho Mini-Z MR-01, MR-015, MR02, MR03 and MA010 only. Kyosho colored chassis may be used.
* Pan Car Modified Class - 94mm to 98mm Wheel Base
Kyosho Mini-Z MR01, MR015, MR02 and MR03. Any after market 2WD chassis allowed.

** The rest of the standard rules apply from the PNWC rules **

TOP 6 will be getting prizes!!

Winner of each points class get a free entry to the PNWC 2010 at MHS.
****(only one free entry per driver)****

The fun class will be getting the new PN 80t motor for free when you enter that class. (one time) Rules soon to come.

2010.03.19, 01:06 PM

2010.03.19, 01:07 PM
sounds like this is gonna be a blast... cant wait... and how friggin cool is that 80t motor gonna be in 90mm...

2010.03.19, 07:09 PM
I'm interested in running the Fun Class. But how much fun are these 80T motors? Has anyone tried them? Is PN running 80T in their stock classes this year?

2010.03.30, 09:26 AM
Just wanted to say thanks for all the guys that came out for the opening Points race....;)

Here are your results for the first week.

2010.03.30, 09:34 AM
thanks for posting the results so quickly...

i worked on all my cars yesterday... so no flipping in stock this week or tires comming off in mod either... hahaa... im ready to get my name back at the top ...

2010.04.26, 01:39 PM
Ok we are half way there....

Here are the current stats:

2010.05.18, 09:36 AM
Here are the current stats.....