View Full Version : VDS 2 vs VDS 2.5

2010.03.20, 09:56 PM
I have had the VDS 2 a while back and liked it, so I got the new version (2.5). With my current setup (Reflex front end, 96mm, QteQ diff etc..) the 2.5 is very awkward. I can't get a decent lap in for my life + the fact that it is a lot narrower makes it feel twitchier than the previous version..any idea if I should get the 2 again?

I just tried the 2.5 on the track, same setup as my stock car and it is definitely not working...

2010.03.21, 08:26 AM
VDS 2.5 was developed for the AWD chassis, I have tried it on the 2wd chassis, but it works better for AWD. You may need to change the setup entirely for a 2wd chassis for it to work well.

What tires and springs are you using? Which t-plate? It is very aggressive into the corner, and not as planted out. You may be better off at 94mm with that body.

2010.03.21, 02:01 PM

Yes I was thinking of switching to 94mm for the body since 96 doesn't seem to work out very well. I run PN White lowdowns on the front with no droop, soft top/medium rear dds springs, and the G10 96mm hard.