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2010.03.20, 11:24 PM
I needed a place to start posting M11 Setup issues with the PN-Racing 2.4 GHZ adaptor Plate.

My Car set up is a Mr-03. Some settings may be different for other cars.

First issue, lack of reverse / Spuradic reverse. I have noticed that the only way to get this to function is to set the Sub-Trim on the M11 to 100 towards the brake side. I attempted to use the standard Trim to get the reverse to engage, but to no avail. Sub Trim seems to be the setting.

The EPA, (End Point adjustment) I started with the recommended setting the little slip of paper that came with the Adapter. (32%) I was able to get mine as high as 40 % with out servo chatter, be careful. This can strip your servo gears.

D/R - Dual Rate. (I miss read this). The Max Setting from the Slip is 150. I have just reset it to a factory setting of 100. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't able to turn at all.

Other settings to follow. (once I can test them)


2010.04.08, 07:11 AM
I have had the same issues. I bought the M11 but it is way too advanced a radio for me and so many people out there. The issue you have with reverse I have as well but on my MR-02 with my ko module. It works fine on my MR-03. When you turn the sub trim down to the brake side all the way the problem is that the car rolls after taking your finger off the trigger which would be expected. There doesnt seem to be a happy medium. I spoke to airtronics and it wasnt much help, they said they are not familiar with the proper mini z settings. I am also waiting to hear back from Kyosho customer support. If you want you can email them at cs@kyoshoamerica.com I will check back and post on this thread if they give me anything that works. Good luck but I might be making the switch to an ex 10.

2010.04.08, 10:57 AM
Take my word for it... you won't take advantage of the precision/speed of the ASF Mini-Z's with the PN adapter + M11. The best way is to simply switch to a KO Radio.
And believe me, i LOVED my M11, never gave me problems with the AM cars or with biger scales, but with 2.4 it just isn't good enough for me.
I have tried 3pk/Helios/and M11. Same module, same car. I had to change the ASF settings to even drive the car with the M11. The response with the M11 was so slow, that I had to put all the steering setings to the max to get the servo with a drivable speed, and then I lost a lot of resolution on the steering.
To make it work 100% I think you would have to redesign the PN adapter...

If you are just a casual racer and want to have fun, it's OK, but if you want maximum performance forget about it.

I don't remenber my settings, but sub trim was the key to get it to work. Also try and set the throtle dead band to wide/midium seting, that helps out with the reverse.

2010.04.08, 10:59 AM
I had the same experience with my M8. Reverse was inconsistent, had to set the trim full brake to even get it to work. I gave up and bought a KO...

2010.04.08, 11:50 AM
thanks for the input anyone want to buy an M11 that was used only a few times?

2010.04.10, 07:50 PM
Sorry for the delay. But i didn't see the great response. Work has been hectic.

Today's update. The Radio is still fighting me. Or me the radio :)

So I let the other guys try it, and they said oh my god its like driving a mack truck. No wonder you can't turn at all.

So i'm looking into a KO radio. Question is do i eat the adapter and module price and just get a KT-18 or do just eat the adapter.

So the info for any one doing a search. I'm going to keep trying to get it to turn.

Newest settings. Dual rate is down at 60% Ouch!!!!!!! it became some what drive able there. I was able to get the EPA on steering up to about 50% with out servo whine. Oh I had to turn down the EPA on throttle to get the speed down enough so I could turn :(

A headache.

I will post more I have to unpack the cars.


2010.04.11, 11:18 AM
Laxracer - If you are going to get into Mini-Z fairly serious, I would highly recommend skipping the KT-18 and going straight for either an KO Propo EX-1UR or an KO EX-10 Helios. Or if you the absolute newest Tx, KO just released their EX-10 Urus, the same design as the EX-10 Helios but with upgarded electronics and KO's new D.D.S. system. Many people (Not all of course), but many people would agree that the KT-18 is a beginners radio. Adjustment is much, much finer and more precise with a KO radio.

If you race other scales like 1/10th or 1/12 Pan Car, I've heard the M11 is a great Tx.

I've had my Helios for a long time, over 3 years now. It is a great Tx, and specifically for the Mini-Z, but still a very, very capable Tx for larger scales if you want to use the KO 2.4SS system or Spektrum module.

The EX-1UR is a smaller unit but very nice. I was itching for a long time to try one so I bought on a few months ago. The differences are mainly the Tx size, the EX-1UR is better for smaller hands (Or so the majority of people say). The EX-10 Helios has adjustable Wheel spring tension also for a tighter feel for steering. The EX-1UR has a fixed, lighter tension feel to steering.

There are other differences too. But as far as functionality goes, you can;t go wrong with a Helios or EX-1UR, and both use the 2.4gHZ ASF 901-SM Mini-Z module.

Hope this helps :)

2010.04.12, 11:31 AM
Thanks for the input. I'm a long time racer, so its tough to have to invest in an additional Radio system, when i'm already invested in my M11. So the question is one I can only answer, the K18 least amount lost / invested. Or get a new KO system, which would put the biggest hurt on my wallet.

So much fun.


2010.04.12, 05:59 PM
I loved the M11... and to be honest still am not 100% used to the EX-1UR... but since i currently only race Mini-Z's it was a no brainer.
Even now when I hold an M11 i have that old nostalgic feeling ... the M11 is the PERFECT radio for me, unfortunately it's not good with the ASF mini-z's :(

2010.04.12, 10:01 PM
z3zihno, Laxracer, and tbar1981,

I have heard from people who own an M8 or M11 that they love their radio. It is too bad the response-rate with Mini-Z 2.4gHZ isn't as good as it could be. I am maybe going to try out some other scale racing and if I do get another Tx it will be an M11:)

2010.04.14, 09:31 AM
I would say if you already have a Ex10 or something in that range. Stick with it for larger scales. No need to invest in additional radio :) not to mention the M11 is showing its age.

It looks like the KT-18 is going to be in my future. I just can't justify 200 bucks plus for another radio.

2010.04.16, 03:45 PM
rcmini-z.com seems to still have a good selection of helios ex-10 products.

2010.04.16, 05:04 PM
Thanks Arch
i'll take a look

Mike Keely
2010.04.16, 08:35 PM
I would think of it this way. If it is going to cost you $80 for the KT-18 the other $120 is well spent to give you a much bigger edge. I have used the KT-18 and done well at big races with it. It does not have as high of quality steering and throttle pots. They wear out fast and you will be in the same spot your in now, ( needing a radio ).

2010.04.17, 09:44 PM
To bad I went in a different direction.
The Route 246 adapter just got restocked at a store.

Oh well hopefully someone with a M11 can use it. I will hold on to my PN adapter, so if anyone needs help I can still try.