View Full Version : AM 27MHz glitching problem

2010.03.21, 11:32 PM
hello all...

i'm newbie in mini-z awd world :p

i have a mini-z awd (it's used...not brand new)...and it had a glitching problem :(

sometimes it's not running straight..the steering turned on its own...also the throttle sometimes not responded to the transmitter :(
the batteries are all new...

what can i do to fix it ? need help here :(

2010.03.22, 12:10 AM
In your transmitter are you using rechargeable batteries or regular alkaline?

I was having similar trouble with my used MR-02 when I first got it. I was using rechargeable batteries at the time. When I switched to alkaline batteries, all the trouble went away. I got the info from the forums here. As I understand it, the rechargeable batteries provide about 1.3 volts while alkalines provide 1.5 volts. The transmitter works best with the full 1.5 volts, so it's alkaline batteries in the TX.

If you're already using alkaline batteries, then look for anything that's interfering with the transmitted signal to the car; antenna or it's connection to the car, transmitter's antenna, etc.


2010.03.22, 12:14 AM
i'm using alkaline batteries on the tx...

ok ..i'll check the connections...i hope there's nothing major happens....

is there any other reason for glitching....the xtal or pcb problem maybe?

2010.03.22, 12:25 AM
OK, good on the TX batteries.

I assumed (maybe wrongly) that you have already tuned the TX to the car. Do you have the docs that describe how to do that and have you done it - adjusting the throttle and steering trims?

2010.03.22, 01:06 AM
according to your description, the problem should be the crystal not connect well to the socket, Check both Tx and Rx crystal connection.
Steering turned on its own, could be the steering potensio, replace w/ the new one, it's consumable part....
Hope it help...