View Full Version : Mixing tire compounds

2010.03.23, 10:33 AM
hello all I was bored this morning and was thinking back to my off road days.
i had some old tired laying around and decided to make some front tires. i took a kyosho 20d slick and a 30d slick and put them together. I cut the tires in half equally and glued them together. So I had a 20d on the inside and 30 on the outside.well to my dismay the tire worked great i had more turn in.will post pics up soon

2010.03.23, 11:41 AM
we used to do that for our awd with pn 8 75% of the rim and fill out the rest with the auto scale fronts... we would then true them down.... eliminated all traction rollig isues....

2010.03.23, 03:42 PM
Good idea Tim, I might have to try this out.