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2010.03.26, 10:31 AM
Is there a list of all supported radios for 2.4ghz mini-zs? I'm planning on getting one in the future, because I'm getting in to some offroad racing also. So, I was wondering what radios can be used on mini-zs and offroad RC cars? I was hoping there would be a sticky for this, and maybe I need to dig around some.

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2010.03.26, 11:23 AM
Here you go:

2010.03.26, 11:25 AM
Thank you!

2010.04.11, 11:42 AM
Sorry for the noobish question but after reading the other thread posted here, I wasn't very clear about a doupt.
I use stick radios so I have a Futaba 3VC with a PK-FSM2.4G module I usually run on a Xray chassis.
Is that module compatible with a Mini-Z 2.4 board?

The radio

and the module

2010.04.11, 12:02 PM
No its not.
But if you transmitter is compatible with a module of a 3PK transmitter it will also be compatible with the mini-z module for the 3PK.

2011.07.24, 09:19 AM
can someone just confirm i've read/unerstood right, the mars ex-i & rf901sm 2.4 ss module will work with my mr03 2.4 thanks (dont wont to buy something that wont work)

2011.07.24, 11:43 AM
If you have a Mars, you need to pick up the KO PROPO Mini-Z RF Module RF-901SM for use w/ your MR-03 (NOT to be confused w/ the non-Mini-Z version which will not work). Let us know if you need one and we'll get it in for you. :) If you don't already have a Mars, check out the KO PROPO Mini-Z EX-1 UR Transmitter 2.4GHz ASF SS set which we are having a sale on right now... :)