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2010.03.27, 11:46 PM
brandon recently replaced burnt fets on my mr-03 and did a spectacular job. i would recommend his services anytime. :)

Dr. Kustom
2010.05.03, 11:09 PM
A while ago, I sent Action B my Mini-Z 2.4GHz PCB to get a 2x3 Stacked FETs and to get the steering repair. I just got the car back today, very clean job on the FETs and the steering works like there wasn't a problem before. Here's some pics of the work that he did on my MA-010.

2010.05.18, 11:00 PM
"Action B" is an excellent buyer as well. Great communication, smooth transaction.

2010.07.19, 11:50 AM
Brandon is tops!
5-star quality, price, service and SPEED. My LHS sent him a package of 4 chassis for FET upgrades and he promptly did the work and returned them along with a diagnostic checklist for each car showing the tests he'd done after the upgrades. Now, my car is AWESOME!
Thanks ActionB!

2010.07.24, 03:17 PM
Big thumbs up for Brandon and his professional work. Would recomend him for fett jobs anytime. Quick with doing the job to.:)

2010.07.24, 03:39 PM
another shot out to brandon, fixed up my 3rd mr-03 for me :) i'm a repeat customer:p

2010.07.28, 02:14 PM
Going beyond his FET work that he seems to be well known for already...

Brandon is a good guy and gave me an excellent deal on an old used transmitter of his, and got everything shipped out quickly. I would happily do business with him again, maybe when I learn how to drive and see myself possibly needing FETs I will :)

Old Crow
2010.08.21, 05:04 PM
Highly recommended for his fet jobs. Great work, very clean. Willing to go above and beyond for his customers. Thank you.

2010.08.29, 10:23 PM
+1 for ActionB.

Fixed up my MR-03 with some new FETs after I bungled it up by lifting a pad :o, and the car is now better than new. Great communication all the way along and would highly recommend his services to anyone - great price along with the exptertise on the electronics = win + win!

Bonus points for the check-list of what was done on the car, particularly the last line stating: "Customer's car is now awesome?" <CHECK!> :D



2011.09.29, 11:22 AM
Simply cannot say enough good things about Brandon's work..fixed my board that I thought I'd fried.new fets.new wires.general clean up and re-solder of old crappy repair work..talk about above and beyond etc..and all for a truly bargain price. A+++++ thank you..