View Full Version : wide tyre effect on drifting

2010.03.28, 01:52 AM
i confuse, isn't it using wide tyre at the rear will increase the grip. why so many people using rear wide tyre for drifting, what is the effect using wide tyre?

2010.03.28, 03:26 AM
For drifting, wide tires give you more surface area to work with, so the car can glide over bumps rather than skip over them -- it's mostly a subjective feeling, you can make an AWD RC car drift with any kind of slippery tires.

2010.03.28, 03:02 PM
thats beacuse when you add negative camber the contact area on a wide tire is reduced more than what would do a narrow tire....
This effect let the rear wheels lost grip and make the rear start sliding easier....