View Full Version : Announcement: new dedicated dNaNo area coming soon

2010.03.28, 10:24 AM
Just wanted to let everyone know that we are in the progress of creating a dedicated dNaNo race track/area at the shop.

Features will include a 10' x 16' raised track and dedicated pit space.

We will feature the Kyosho IC Tag lap counting system (which uses the existing transponder on the bottom of your dNaNo) along with the Zround lap counting software (which we also use for Mini-Z).

Pics and other details will be posted later.

2010.04.16, 11:32 AM
The space maybe ready for racing tonight. Still need to mount hardware on the wall, i.e. speaker mounts, LCD monitor mount, laptop holder mount, etc... along with put 1 more coat of paint on the raised table which will house the track.

I will try to have pics posted soon.

2010.04.16, 12:00 PM
i look forward to seeing them.

2010.04.16, 12:14 PM
Great News Sinister_Y :-) I'll prep my Dnano as well so that I can race it too, when i visit you guys.

2010.04.16, 01:09 PM
Sounds good. Once everything is setup, I'm going to revert the car back to stock settings, i.e. tires/ tplates/ springs. I'll keep on the alloy bits and bearings. Then start tuning from there. Continue to check out the MC3 website under the tech tips section as that is where I also post dnano tuning stories.

What chassis/body combo are you running? I'm currently using the JGTC Nissan Nissan Z.

2010.04.16, 01:38 PM
I would love to see some Dnano race videos once you get everything set up :)

Do let us know what you think of the quality and grip of the Real Tracks...

2010.05.04, 10:22 PM
Good news, we're almost ready. Still waiting for our backorder speakers to come in and larger LCD to arrive. Still need to finish doing the rail system and then all should be ready. Pic is attached for reference. Area is 10' x 16'.

For our surface testing, we found we had to clean the track first using simple green and then the stock tires worked like a charm as well as PN 8 deg rear and PN 35 deg fronts. Still need to test various option parts and atomic tires.

2010.05.04, 10:37 PM
Nice looking track. Are there any rails to prevent cars from skipping the track?

2010.05.05, 07:03 AM

As noted, rail system is being worked on. So, yes, there will be rails to prevent cars from skipping the track.

2010.05.30, 12:52 AM
Some pics- also shows the rail system that we are using- super easy to do and cheap. Thanks to Miles (RealTracks) on the tutorial.

2010.05.31, 01:24 PM
Hi Shawn,

The track is really looking good :-) Nice work.

I hope i can go there again sometime soon :-)


2010.05.31, 01:41 PM
Thanks Alex. For sure, hope to see you again.

Also note that I've got my Nissan 350Z hooked up for the track which I know you run as well. Check out my site for my latest dNaNo setup: