View Full Version : 2.4ghz asf f-1 antenna question

2010.03.29, 10:49 PM
kinda newbie question

since the antenna on the 2.4ghz asf f-1 is now a flexible piece of wire...

do you just put on your body... or drill out a small hole in the body and have it exposed? wondering which method is better, or if one method has any added benefit over the other...

anybody have the manual? what does the instructions say?

thanks in advance... :D

2010.03.29, 11:04 PM
I lay it down the nose and put the body on.
No mention of drilling the body in the manual.

2010.03.30, 03:41 AM
how does it run compared to the am version? i still have to read a review of the 2.4ghz f-1... how is the reception? thanks