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2002.07.08, 12:48 AM

Notice anything different on this page? ;) Wonder why they didnt put the other bodies on there yet.... hmmm. its like they dont konw wich Mini-Z page to edit first ;)

2002.07.08, 01:05 AM
.......come again?

2002.07.08, 01:26 AM
Pay note that the last photo is a RED HONDA FIT, not a vitz ;)

2002.07.08, 01:30 AM
I saw.........but what about it?

The Thunderer
2002.07.08, 03:40 AM
Isn't it supposed to be "Toyota VITZ" and "Honda FITS"? I can't see two different companies using the same name on their products....

2002.07.08, 03:57 AM
only point was it wasnt there before, I was bored posted it... and it use to be called the Fitta... but for reason known to the swedish language, they chagned it ;) (search other "fitta" posts)

The Thunderer
2002.07.08, 05:37 AM
Sorry, Drac... I hadn't seen the webpage before. They're WAY behind in updating the page. Too bad! More "eye candy" would create more purchases!

2002.07.08, 09:22 AM
Oh i was supposed to click on the Fit? Cause i just saw the japanese name and it was right so i was like ?_?

2002.07.08, 05:15 PM
WAY behind, not only are they behind but until recently they had 4 different Mini-Z pages! They recently deleted the old .com page, so there is 2 japan-server pages, japaneese and english, and one USA server page in english of course... I wish they would get all the body photos up in the US server format... uniform almost white background that works with the random body photo in top right corner of my site :D

2002.07.08, 11:23 PM
Good eye Drac! Now why would they have the unannounced Fit listed but not for example the 355?!